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100 Questions on EastEnders! Quiz was created on the 25th March 2015.
Quiz by MarvellousDazza
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Which year was EastEnders first brodcasted?
Which channel in the UK is EastEnders shown on?
What is the name of the pub in Albert Square?
Queen Victoria
Who were the first landlords of the pub?
Angie & Den
Sonia learned to play which instrument as a child?
At which landmark did Jim propose to Dot?
London Eye
What were Bradley Branning's final words?
Stace, run!
Which characther has had the most "Doof Doofs"
Phil Mitchell
On which day did Dirty Den present divorce papers to Angie?
Christmas Day
Which object was Archie Mitchell holding when he was killed?
Snow Globe
Which country did Kathy jet off to with Ben after Phil developed his drug addiction?
South Africa
Who holds the record for most failed marriages?
Ian Beale
Who was guilty of shooting Phil in 2001?
Lisa Fowler
On which public holiday was Lucy Beale killed?
Good Friday
Which business did Max buy for Tanya to get their relationship back on track?
The Salon
Who caught Max kissing Stacey on the DVD which was filmed on her wedding day?
Lauren Branning
Who helped Tanya drug and bury Max in a coffin?
Sean Slater
Which day did Ian and Mel get married?
New Years Eve
Who accidentaly shot Ian's wife Jane causing her to need hysterectomy?
Steven Beale
What was the name of Phil Mitchell's father?
Eric Mitchell
Which fiancée of Phil's threw themselves off a building on their wedding day?
Stella Crawford
In 2010 who lent Alfie the money to lease the Vic of Phil?
Michael Moon
What was the name of the duty manager Alfie posed as to originally work at the Vic?
Chris Wright
In what type of car did Alfie and Kat leave Walford when they left in 2005?
Ford Capri
What is the name of Kat's baby that Alfie has accepted as his own?
Which other Slater did Alfie once date at the same time as Kat?
Little Mo
How are Jake & Danny Moon both related to Alfie?
Second Cousins
At what age did Ronnie Mitchell give up her daughter Danielle?
Where did Ronnie & Roxy both live prior to moving into the Vic?
Who did Dot discover had killed her best friend Pauline?
Joe Macer
How did Dot's husband Charlie die?
Lorry Accident
What is Dot most famous for saying?
Oh I Say
What was the name of the baby Dot found abandoned at a church?
What's the name of Masood's granddaughter?
Which resident of the square did Masood develop feelings for whilst married to Zainab?
Jane Beale
Who did Stacey Slater blackmail after sleeping with him?
Spencer Moon
For whose murder did Stacey give Zoe Slater an alibi?
Den Watts
What medical condition does Stacey have?
Bipolar Disorder
What is the name of Stacey's daughter?
Who did Stacey claim had raped her?
Archie Mitchell
Where was the dead body found where Lucas Johnson claimed it was Denise's?
The Canal
Who did Denise Fox think was her father until a paternity test proved otherwise?
Patrick Trueman
Who was Denise's boss at the Post Office?
Zainab Masood
What was the name of Derek Branning's daughter?
Alice Branning
What was the name of Derek Branning's son?
Joey Branning
Who did Derek warn off from having a relationship with Carol?
David Wicks
When Bianca left Ricky to go to Manchester, what was she going to study?
In what year did Bianca marry Ricky?
What was the name of the market stall manager that Bianca once had a fling with?
Tricky Dicky
What was the name of Bianca's mother's fiancée - who she had an affair with?
Dan Sullivan
Who is the father of Bianca's child Morgan?
Ray Dixon
What is the name of the actor who plays Mick Carter?
Danny Dyer
Who raped Linda Carter in the Queen Vic?
Dean "Deano" Wicks
What is the name of the Carter's pet bulldog?
Lady Di
Who ran over and killed Tiffany Mitchell in 1999?
Frank Butcher
What's the name of the road which runs between Bridge Street & George Street?
Turpin Road
What are the names of Kat & Alfie's twin boys?
Bert & Ernie
What's the name of the barmaid who rarely speaks?
What's the name of the local newspaper?
Walford Gazette
Which character carried the Olympic Flame around Walford in the build up to 2012?
Billy Mitchell
What was the name of the punk single mother in the show's original cast?
Mary Smith
Who killed Reg Cox?
Nick Cotton
Who killed Barry Evans?
Janine Butcher
Who killed Dirty Den?
Chrissie Watts
Who killed Dennis Rickman?
Danny Moon
Who killed Andy Hunter?
Johnny Allen
Who killed Heather Trott?
Ben Mitchell
Who killed Lucy Beale?
Bobby Beale
Who is the father of Sam Mitchell's son Richard?
Jack Branning
What is the name of Janine and Michael's daughter?
How is Shirley Carter related to Mick Carter?
What adopted name did Stacey Branning use for her new identity?
Which character discovered Lucy Beale's purse after her murder?
Denise Fox
What catchphrase is Peggy Mitchell famous for saying?
Get Outta My Pub!
How did Steve Owen die?
Car Explosion
Little Mo hit Trevor with what object?
Who owns Bridge Street's Launderette?
Mr Papadopolous
What nickname did Den always call Sharon?
Who was Danny Moon about to shoot until Jake shot him?
Grant Mitchell
What was the name of Johnny Allen's daughter?
Ruby Allen
What was the name of Den & Michelle's daughter?
Vicki Fowler
What is Fatboy's actual name?
Arthur Chubb
What is the name of Tina Carter's daughter?
Zsa Zsa Carter
What was the name of the guy who sexually abused Whitney Dean?
Tony King
What was the name of Jay Mitchell's dad?
Jase Dyer
What is the occuptation of Les Coker?
Funeral Director
What was the occupation of Lee Carter before he moved to the Square?
What's the occupation of Donna Yates?
Market Stall Holder
What was the name of the Detective who dated Max Branning?
Emma Summerhayes
Which Carter was seen attempting to get married in her first episode?
Nancy Carter
The storyline between Sharon, Phil & Grant was known by which name?
The week long storyline in which Grant & Phil were searching for Johnny was called?
Get Johnny Week
Who was the last man Pat Butcher married?
Roy Evans
What was the name of Billy Mitchell's second wife?
Honey Edwards
Who was the father of Heather Trott's baby?
Darren Miller
In what country did Ian, Phil & Grant find Cindy?
Who raped Kathy Beale?
James-Willmott Brown
What does the plaque on Arthur's bench read?
He Loved This Place
Which two people created EastEnders?
Julia Smith & Tony Holland
What anniversary did EastEnders celebrate in 2015?
30th Anniversary
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Oct 25, 2017
Considering I don't watch it - 77/100 is not bad
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