Survivor Trivia (Seasons 1-41)

first names are accepted for castaway answers
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Last updated: December 8, 2021
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The location of the first season
The winner of that season
Richard Hatch
The merge voting strategy that took the name of one of the tribes
The first person who was medically evacuated
Michael Skupin
The winner of that season
Tina Wesson
The location of that season
The number of days of that season
The amount of returnees from Survivor: Africa
One of the three returnees
Lex, Ethan, Tom
The winner of Survivor: Marquesas
Vecepia Towery
The Survivor legend that came from this season
"Boston" Rob Mariano
The only returnee from Survivor: Thailand
Shii Ann Huang
The winner of a season before All-Stars who quit on All-Stars
Jenna Morasca
The two-time winner got her first win in this season
Survivor: Pearl Islands
This contestant in Pearl Islands had a pet snake
Rupert Boneham
This season was the first in Survivor history to have 3 starting tribes
Survivor: All-Stars
This tribe was the first ever dissolved tribe
Saboga (Survivor: All-Stars)
This contestant was proposed to by Boston Rob, and later won their respective season
Amber Mariano
The winner of Survivor: Vanuatu
Chris Daugherty
The tribe that lives in infamy for dissolving so fast that there was no merge
Ulong (Survivor: Palau)
The first hidden immunity idol was in this season
Survivor: Guatemala
The player that found this idol
Gary Hogeboom
The winner of this season
Danni Boatwright
The first season to ever have 4 tribes
Survivor: Exile Island
The winner of this season
Aras Baskauskas
The player from this season who returned for Survivor: Cambodia
Terry Deitz
The holder of the hidden immunity idol this season
Terry Deitz
The last season to ever have 4 tribes
Survivor: Cook Islands
The winner of this season
Yul Kwon
The player from this season that returned in Survivor: Phillippines
Jonathan Penner
The player from this season that returned in Survivor: South Pacific
Ozzy Lusth
The season where 18/19 players were recruited
Survivor: Fiji
The winner of this season
Earl Cole
The player who was "carjacked" this season
Yau-Man Chan
The one who did the "carjacking"
Dre "Dreamz" Herd
The winner of Survivor: China
Todd Herzog
The first boot of China's nickname
The winner of Survivor: Micronesia (Fans VS Favorites)
Parvati Shallow
The person who gave up individual immunity to Natalie in this season
Erik Reichenbach
The person who convinced him to do so
Cirie Fields
The winner of Survivor: Gabon
Bob Crowley
The victim of his fake idol
Randy Bailey
The one who had the real idol
Jessica "Sugar" Kiper
The winner of Survivor: Tocantins
J.T. Thomas
The person who sent themself to exile island so everybody else could have their loved ones back at camp
Taj Johnson-George
The winner of Survivor: Samoa
Natalie White
The infamous villain that came from this season
Russell Hantz
The player who was medically evacuated who returned in Survivor: Philippines
Russell Swan
The victim of Russell's idol play this season
Kelly Sharbaugh
The winner of Heroes VS Villains
Sandra Diaz-Twine
The person who gave their idol to Russell Hantz, mistakenly believing the girls were running the Villains tribe
J.T. Thomas
The person voted out because of this mistake
J.T. Thomas
The winner of Survivor: Nicaragua
Jud "Fabio" Birza
The amount of quits this season
The winner of Survivor: Redemption Island
"Boston" Rob Mariano
The winner of Survivor: South Pacific
Sophie Clarke
The person that flipped on Savaii at the merge
John Cochran
The winner of Survivor: One World
Kim Spradlin
The only two-time quitter
Colton Cumbie
The winner of Survivor: Phillippines
Denise Stapley
The person that said "It's 600 grand by the time Obama takes it!"
Jeff Kent
The winner of Survivor: Caramoan
John Cochran
The person that broke her teeth
Dawn Meehan
The winner of Survivor: Blood VS Water
Tyson Apostol
The returnee from Survivor: Borneo that played in Blood VS Water
Gervase Peterson
The returnee from Survivor: Pearl Islands that took her place at Redemption Island
Rupert Boneham
The winner of Survivor: Cagayan
Tony Vlachos
The woman who returned from Cagayan to Game Changers, and won
Sarah Lacina
The amount of players from Cagayan seen on Second Chance
The winner of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur
Natalie Anderson
The other show Natalie and her twin Nadiya were seen on
The Amazing Race
The winner of Survivor: Worlds Apart
Mike Holloway
The first ever extra vote was held by this person
Dan Foley
The winner of Survivor: Second Chance
Jeremy Collins
The player who set the record for most votes nullified by one idol
Kelley Wentworth
The player voted out of the first ever "no-vote" tribal council (Due to Wentworth and Jeremy playing idols)
Kimmi Kappenberg
The winner of Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Michele Fitzgerald
The player who chanted "Faith in Buddha" at an immunity challenge
Tai Trang
The juror removed by Michele's advantage
Neil Gottlieb
The amount of medical evacuations this season
The winner of Survivor: Millennials VS Gen X
Adam Klein
The new advantage introduced this season
Legacy Advantage
The winner of Survivor: Game Changers (Mentioned before)
Sarah Lacina
The player who tried to play an advantage that wasn't theirs
Cirie Fields
The player blindsided this tribal
Michaela Bradshaw
The player who was eliminated by default due to everybody else being immune
Cirie Fields
The winner of Survivor: Heroes VS Healers VS Hustlers
Ben Driebergen
The winner of Survivor: Ghost Island
Wendell Holland
The first ever finale tie vote was tied between the winner and who?
Domenick Abbate
The winner of Survivor: David VS Goliath
Nick Wilson
The player evacuated on day 3
Pat Cusack
The new advantage played by Carl to take out Dan
Idol Nullifier
The robotics professor who did the slide puzzle in less than 10 seconds
Christian Hubicki
The winner of Survivor: Edge of Extinction
Chris Underwood
The news anchor who nearly won the season but lost in firemaking to the winner
Rick Devens
The winner of Survivor: Island of the Idols
Tommy Sheehan
The player ejected at the final 6
Dan Spilo
The player who lost in firemaking to Dean Kowalski, the runner up
Lauren Beck
The winner of Survivor: Winners at War
Tony Vlachos
The player of the 50/50 Coin
Michele Fitzgerald
The victim of the Extortion Advantage
Tony Vlachos
The "Queenslayer"
Denise Stapley
The first person voted out and the runner up
Natalie Anderson
The new type of advantage in Survivor 41
Beware Advantage
The person who held the Knowledge is Power advantage
Liana Wallace
The person who they misplayed it on
Xander Hastings
The new advantage at tribal council that allows you to sacrifice your vote for a 1/6 chance at safety
Shot in the Dark
Level 55
Aug 27, 2022
Nice trivia! Although there were 4 Cagayan players who went in Second Chances, not 3. Woo, Kass, Spencer, and Tasha
Level 25
Aug 29, 2022
Ah, my bad. Fixed it now! Might update this at the end of 43/44.