DragonBall: Name All Opponents that have been killed by the character?

Name the character that defeated or killed the opponent in the dragonball series. Some are pre dragon ball and some are Dragon Ball Special : Bardock - Father of Goku.
Quiz by Justin123
Last updated: June 20, 2021
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Who killed Supreme Kai of the West?
Majin Buu
Who killed Supreme Kai of the North?
Majin Buu
Who Killed Supreme Kai of the South?
Majin Buu
How was Dai Koa defeated by Majin Buu?
After being sealing Majin Buu in a ball, Who killed Bibidi?
Supreme Kai
What character blew himself up after losing control of his powers and destroyed the planet he was on?
Original Super Saiyan
Was Sealed away in infinite darkness were he presumably died there, as he, unlike his son, is not immortal.
Died in a fight with young roshi and shen?
King Piccolo's Sons
Also Died in fight with young Roshi and Shen?
Killed by Bardock with ki blast.
Killed by young Vegeta
6 Saibamen
Killed when Frieza threw a supernova at Planet Vegeta.
Crushed under Great Ape Goku's foot.
Grandpa Gohan
Cut in half by Yajirobe with his katana. Yajirobe later cooks and eats him.
Who kills King Piccolo with a single punch to the chest leaving a hole and then exploding?
Fist slammed through him by Vegeta, then energy wave blasted through his chest, sending him flying into the lake to a watery grave.
After being knocked out by Goku, he was killed when Vegeta shot him with an energy blast, though his corpse was later shown to be completey intact.
Completely destroyed by Vegeta with an energy wave to the face, point blank, after being seriously injured by a kidney shot that shattered his ribs.
In a sense, was destroyed when Guru died, but came back when Guru was wished back to life.
killed by fat buu with a ki blast that hit him to the ground.Revived by kibito.
Blew himself up in an attempt to kill Buu, turning him to stone and sending him crashing to the ground below where he shattered to pieces. Was later wished back with the Dragonballs.
Turned into chocolate and eaten by Super Buu. Was later wished back with Namek Dragonballs.
Mr Popo
killed by vegeta as he pulled out his head,causing him to turn to a liquid.
Super buu
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