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1,0002015-04-08Most populated countries in Africa (top 10)
7922015-04-07Most populated countries in Asia (top 10)
5302016-03-04Countries by Religion - ISLAM
3792016-02-2934 Most Populated Christian Countries
2972016-03-14Countries of the Italian Empire
2542015-05-03Disputed Countries
2222015-04-08Countries with a 'Stan' in their name
2032016-03-17Countries of the Portugese Empire
2022015-04-03Carribbean Islands Game
1742016-03-17Countries of the Belgian Empire
1542015-04-08Most populated countries in Europe (top 10)
1412016-02-28Top 25 Most Populated Muslim Countries
1212016-03-29Largest Cities of the Roman Empire
1082016-03-29Largest Cities of the Mongol Empire
962015-04-14Remix - geography by Letter - A - very short + first and last quiz for this type
942015-04-12Countries that end the same
932016-02-28The most ______ country
922016-03-03The _______ country: AFRICA
872015-04-04European Countries Game
822016-03-04Smallest Borders
812016-03-17Countries of the Dutch Empire
762015-04-07Most populated countries in the Americas (top 10)
702015-04-08Countries with a 'land' in their name
652017-11-0135 Most Populated Countries in 1950
622015-04-03North American Countries Game (no Carribbean)
552018-10-27Communist Countries
532015-04-06Oceanian Islands Game
532016-04-30Largest English-Speaking Cities in Non-English Countries
512015-03-30South America countries game
492015-04-12Name the country (nicknames)
452015-04-08Country Capitals #2
412015-04-03African Countries Game
402015-04-06World Capitals #1
402018-12-02Countries by their Flags
372016-03-12Largest Cities for each Country
362017-06-18Top 10 most populated Oceanian countries/islands (July 2015)
352016-02-28The ____ city
352015-04-12Where am I?
342015-04-07Last (#3) Capital Game
322018-11-29Neutral countries in World War Two
282015-09-27Guess the Novel/Story
212017-11-01Can you name all these countries with their language?
112016-02-12Capitals of the States of America
92015-04-05Asian Country game