Jewish Holidays and fastdays

Test your knowledge of Judaic Holidays and Fast Days
This includes more Zionist Holidays such as Arbor Day and the celebration of nationhood
It is not an easy quiz
מעכשיו אפשר לכתוב בעברית
Quiz by skiesboy
Last updated: April 4, 2018
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Because most of these are transliteration of the name in Hebrew, I have transliterated as best I can and added as many varitations as I can think of. Should you have more, please leave them for me in the comments section and I will be happy to add them.
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Fast Day
10th of Tevet/עשרה בטבת
Arbor Day
Tu B'Shvat/ט"ו בשבט
Fast Day before the festival following
Taanit Esther/תענית אסתר
Megilat Esther/Jewish Carnival
Megilat Esther/Jewish Carnival in walled cities
Shushan Purim/שושן פורים
Fast Day for certain males before the festival following
Tzom Bechorot/Fast of the Firstborn/צום בכורות
Festival of the Exodus from Egypt
Remembrance of what happened in Europe 1930's-1945
Holocaust Memorial Day/Yom HaShoah/יום השואה
Remembrance of the fallen soldiers of Israel
Yom HaZikaron/יום הזיכרון
The founding of the State of Israel
Yom Ha'Atzmaut/יום העצמאות
Unification of the Holy City
Yom Yerushaliyim/יום ירושלים
Festival of the Giving of Torah
Fast Day to commemorate the Golden Calf, etc.
17th of Tamuz/שבע עשרה בתמוז
Fast Day to commemorate the destruction of the Temples, etc.
Tisha B'Av/תישע בעב
Jewish 'Valentines' Day
Tu B'Av/ט"ו בעב
Apples dipped in honey and Shana Tova
Rosh Hashana/Jewish New Years Day/ראש השנה
Fast to commemorate the slaying of a Jewish Governor
Tzom Gedaliyah/צום גדליה
Major Fast Day (Also name of an Israeli war)
Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement/יום כיפור
Festival with booths and 4 species
Jewish Festival at the end of the secular year
Level 75
Apr 14, 2015
Would you accept more spellings for Chanuka? I tried Chanukkah and Hanukkah. Can't believe I forgot Passover.
Level 65
Apr 16, 2015
Fair point, I tried to put in as many spellings as I could think of, will add the ones provided here. Thanks for the feedback
Level 51
Apr 15, 2015
the ones i didn't get, i didn't get due to spelling. in hebrew i'd know all of them.

please accept additional spellings! or dates at least

tu beav or 15 av

tu bishewat or 15 shewat


and tzom bchorot/bechorot? had no idea what that might be in english

Level 65
Apr 16, 2015
Fair point, I tried to put in as many spellings as I could think of, I have added the ones you provided, thanks for the additions. That's one of the tough parts of transliteration, it all depends how people read it in the original. I hope it is now more 'user friendly'

Thanks for the feedback

Level 82
Jul 6, 2015
I tried Sukot and some variations but couldn't arrive at the spelling you've got here.
Level 65
Jul 7, 2015
Sorry, I tried putting in all the spellings that I could think of (forgot the k instead of c), please feel free to tell me any other additions that you think would be good. Sukkot and Sukot will now work. Thanks for the constructive criticism.

On a personal note, I don't know if you saw, but I would have been honoured to meet you when you came to Israel, but it looks like I missed the boat. Enjoy your trip.

Level 82
Mar 16, 2016
I tried.. hannukah, channukah, etc before getting it. And Rosh Hoshana was tough, too.
Level 55
Sep 24, 2015
Tu Bishvat
Level 65
Oct 15, 2015
Added, thanks for the comment
Level 55
Dec 20, 2016
Can you add Zicaron, Yerushalaim and gedaliah?
Level 65
Dec 21, 2016
Done, thanks. The joys of trying to transliterate.