French History: Part 2

This is my first quiz; please let me know of any problems or technical suggestions in the comments box. Later, I will create a "Part 1" quiz and a "Part 3" quiz for French history.
Quiz by NathanB001
Last updated: July 4, 2021
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Frankish king who stopped Moorish expansion into Europe at the Battle of Tours.
Charles Martel
A Frankish king and grandson of the above who was crowned Emperor of the Romans.
Epic poem situated in the reign of the above about war, betrayal, revenge, and death.
Song of Roland
Great Britain was last successfully invaded from this region of France.
In the 100 Years War, the battle in which a force of French knights was utterly annihilated by a "new" weapon.
In the same war, she led French troops to ultimate victory, but was burned at the stake for witchcraft.
Joan of Arc
Persecuted religious minority group massacred in the thousands by Catholics on St. Bartholomew's Day.
Nickname of King Louis XIV.
The Sun King
Would-be assassin of King Louix XV, who was first brutally tortured, then quartered with great difficulty, and finally burnt at the stake, possibly while still alive.
Robert-François Damiens
King who was guillotined by the nephew of the official executioner who oversaw the incident described above.
Louix XVI
A bloody period of intense suspicion and many executions during the French Revolution.
The Reign of Terror
Emperor who made France Great Again--before he foolishly invaded Russia, and then lost all at Waterloo.
Napoleon Bonaparte.
Financial transaction initiated by the above leader that led to the single largest acquisition of land for the United States. (Hint: use the name it is known for in the US).
Louisiana Purchase
Commander of the French naval forces at the Battle of Trafalgar, he was said to have committed suicide some time later, though many think he was murdered.
Pierre-Charles Villeneuve
This church, which looks like an ancient Greek temple, was begun by the Ancien Régime. During the French Revolution, some considered making it into a stock exchange, opera, or library. Napoleon wanted it to be a temple to the glory of his Grand Army. The restoration of the monarchy caused the building to be finished as a church. Gabriel Fauré, the notable French composer of light piano music played the ponderous organ there.
L'église de la Madeleine
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Feb 8, 2023
The quiz doesn't seem to accept Louis XVI as an answer. May need a tweak.