Hermione Granger HARD Quiz

Do YOU know Hermione Granger?
All 'possible' spellings for things such as her DOB have been added as type-ins, if there is a problem, please comment below and I will contemplate if I will allow it.
My source was: http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Hermione_Granger
Some of the clues are cryptic on purpose!
Quiz by MagentaDog790
Last updated: July 25, 2015
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First submittedJuly 8, 2015
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Her FULL name
Hermione Jean Granger
19 September 1979
Known as/called by a 'friend':
Known as/called by an enemy:
Known as/called by a male suitor:
Known as/called: (an alias)
Penelope Clearwater
Known as/called by Rita Skeeter:
Bored Yawn
Known as under the influence of Polyjuice Potion:
Mafalda Hopkirk
Known as under the influence of Polyjuice Potion:
Harry Potter
Known as under the influence of Polyjuice Potion:
Bellatrix Lestrange
Where did she first meet the boys?
On the Hogwarts Express
While at Hogwarts, what was she often described as?
The brightest witch of her age
What did Hermione do at the first Quidditch match in their first year?
Set Snape's robes on fire
Who does Hermione hit in her third year?
Draco Malfoy
Why does she hit the person?
For mocking Hagrid
What is the name of Hermione's pet?
Hermione's pet is part- _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Who asked Hermione to visit him one summer in their fourth year?
Viktor Krum
What organisation did she start up that got laughed at by Harry and Ron?
Which animal is her patronus?
Where did she first produce her patronus?
Room of Requirement
Hermione created charmed magical coins. What charm did she use?
The Protean Charm
What is the last ingredient that she smells in Amortentia: fresh cut grass, new parchment, spearmint toothpaste, and ___________
Ron Weasley's hair
When Hermione modifies her parents' memories, what is her father's new name?
Wendell Wilkins
What is the name of the road that Hermione disapparates the trio to after the wedding is disrupted?
Tottenham Court Road
Level 52
Jul 8, 2015
darn, i wrote tottenroad... did't she hit draco in the third book?
Level 38
Jul 8, 2015
I think she did actually! And i just realised that I didn't set an appropriate time limit! SORRY. I just submitted this and got approval so i will edit it and re-submit it.
Level 76
Jul 9, 2015
Is "the" necessary? I tried "brightest witch of her age". I also tried train, train to Hogwarts, on the train, etc.
Level 38
Jul 10, 2015
the train/on the train should have worked, but i will add train. Train to hogwarts will not be added because train is already accepted.
Level 76
Jul 9, 2015
Wasn't Hermione also known as Millicent Bulstrode's cat under the influence of polyjuice potion?
Level 38
Jul 31, 2015
She wasn't. She hid in the bathrooms after she transformed into part cat part human after using the Polyjuice Potion wrongly, as she had taken a hair from Millicent Bulstrode's cat during duelling lessons, not from Mullicent Bulstrode herself.
Level 7
Sep 27, 2015
i wrote harry for all the polyjuice potion questions and all of them changed the answer so that needs to be fixed
Level 60
Apr 10, 2020
Same here. When I wrote Bellatrix (for one of the polyjuice potion answers) it came up with all of the answers.
Level 38
Apr 15, 2020
Fixed. Thanks for the heads-up, it was interesting fixing it when the last time I edited any quiz, it was on the old software. Didn't even realise Jetpunk had updated, whoops.
Level 43
Mar 16, 2021
Can you accept “cursed Snape” for set snape's robes on fire? 🔥