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Last updated: June 28, 2017
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Can discharge absorbed matter. Also regenerative powers. Has an enemy in Brother eye.
Amazing Man
Can Manifest a personal pantheon of alian Warriors. Possesses other powes such as super strength.
Alphan Centurion
Can adapt powers based upon nearby Meta-Human cells. Afilliated with the secret society of super villains.
Expert Swordfighter. Wields Magical powers from house of ______
Can use abilities of any animal. Based in San Diego and infilliated with Justice League united.
Animal Man
Commands army of shadow Demons. Power of energy edjection and absorbstion.
Can talk to fish. King of Atlantis.
Expert archer and originally a machanic. Suffered from a drug problem and is now seen as a sidekick.
Can make himself minute, using expansive technology.
Able to increase size and has super Human Strength. Afilliated with both the Suicide squad and the Justice league of America.
Atom Smasher
Red Lantern. Part of Five inversions for a time. Has an ally in the villain Dex-Starr.
Raised by St.Dumas only to become a great hero and enemy of the organisation. Teamed up with Batman Inc. for a time.
Superhuman strength due to chemicals. Wears an infamous mask.
A female part of batman incorporated. Trained in combat and an expert hacker.
The Caped Crusador. Multi-Billionaire
The above, in the future.
Batman Beyond
Another Female that plays a large roll towards the end of Batman Incorporated.
The member of the Bat family who truly relies on technology. Son of Lucius Fox.
An immortal with an Apokoliptan rod. Afilliated with the New Gods of Apokolips.
Big Barda
Ability to completely turn into any animal. Associated with the Teen titans.
Beast Boy
Made from an experiment. Posses Kryptonian abilities although altered. For example flame breath rather than freeze breath.
Bizarro Superman
Ruler of Kandaq. Access to Shazams Powers.
Balck Adam
Meta-human with a large scream. Expertly trained in unarmed combat. Afilliated with the justice league.
Black Canary.
Hero with the ability to control elecricity. Also trained as an olympian and can manipulate magnetic fields.
Black lightning
The main foe of Atlantis.
Black Manta
Expert Pilot and a military veteran. Affiilliated with the black hawks and the Black Razors.
Black Hawk
A guy with Alien technology on his back. Famously the technology has its own mind which can be a little devious although offers other powers such as translation of thousands of languages.
Blue Beetle
Member of A.R.G.U.S. Heroe's powers come entirely from his gear. Another enemy of Brother Eye and has a robot friend, who is called Skeet. Has a legion of Superheroes ring.
Booster Gold
12th Level interlect. Destroyer of worlds to gather nothing but knowledge.
A hero with the ability to control the power of the atom. Affilliated with the Justice League.
Captain Atom
Great hand to hand combat skills. Part of Suicide squad. Originally from Australia.
Captain Boomerang
Has an infamous freeze gun. Part of the rogues.
Captain Cold
Famous formiddable theif of Gotham based in the East End of Gotham. Likes to hang around cats.
Worked with suicide squad, resembling a big cat. Enemy of the Amazons.
Ability to shapeshift and a infamous villain of gotham.
A native of Liverpool, England. Part of Justice league dark.
A manufacturer of Vertigo. Part of Crius.
Count Vertigo.
can generate and manipulate magnetic fields.
Cosmic Boy
Power over machinery and has kypronian powers.
Cyborg Superman
Power over machinery, has famous ability of making boom tubes.
Ability to possess other bodies.Is invisible to most people.
Godlike powers such as stength and endurance. Can fire famous omega beams from his eyes.
An assassin that "Never misses a shot".
Regenerative powers. One of the best hand to hand combatants. Most feared mercenary known.
real name of Etrigan who has a habit for making rhymes.
The Demon
Villlain that relies on making pain of others.
A helmet bestowes powers in him.
Doctor Fate
A famous medic with the ability to see in the dark.
Doctor Mid-Nite
Part of A.R.G.U.S. Can mimipulate light.
Doctor Light
Born/ Made only to destroy Kryptonians,
Can possess other beings. Can teleport through shadows. Powers magnified during an eclipse.
Can alter his body to change apperance. Extremely stretchy.
Enlongated man
Can manipulate fire. Part of suicide squad.
El diablo
90% of body is covered in burns. A pyromaniac that would like to see Gotham burn.
Can emmit energy blasts and control /minipulate molecular structure. Also known as the "Nucleaur man"
Connection to the speed force that allows them to run and super speed and time travel.
The first human Green Lantern.
Guy Gardner
A Kryptonian who was once the leader of Kyton's military.
General Zod
Leader of the G.C.P.D.
Commisioner Gordon
Gorilla of S.T.A.R Labs with telepathic powers.
Gorilla Grodd
Vigilante, expert archer who is a multi-millionaire.
Green Arrow
Given a ring by a dying alien. Can make anything he imagines.
Green Lantern
Magical abilities such as light bending and illusion making. Advanced unarmed combat techniques.
Was a psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum, before falling madly in love, literally.
Harley Quinn
A Thanagarian Nth metal creates his weaponary. Has extensive battle training.
Wings bonded to her body allow her to fly. Often known to be overly violant.
Part of the rogues gallery who loves fire.
Heat Wave
Learned how to navigate time barriers. Genius level interlect and a skilled tactician.
Rip hunter
Adept with a crossbow and also a vigilante of Gotham.
Born with cryogenic powers. Part of the justice league.
The clown price of crime.
The Joker
Expert martial artist and swordsman. Involved in suicide squad.
Superspeed powers and accelerated healing due to connection with speed force. fammous for being a side kick.
Kid Flash
Wieds a green ring. Skilled engineer and hand to hand fighter. Part of an alien species that weighs in over 700 lbs.
A rare skin condition, allowed a man enhanced stength and healing. A foe of gotham that can often be found lurking in Arkhams sewers.
Killer Croc
Expert hand to hand combatant. Expert assassin by her teens.
Lady Shiva
Can generate and minipulate elcricity. Power found at a young age.
Lightning Lad
regennerative healing. The last survivor of the Czarnian race,
A human with mind control. Also a brilliant strategist.
Lord Maxwell
Debateably the largest villain of any D.C universe. Genius level interlect. Based in Metropolis.
Lex Luthor
A distasteful liking for Alice in the Wonderland. Intelligent inventor that loves to drink drugged tea.
The Mad Hatter
Empowered by the fusion stone. Trident can fire energy blasts. Superhuman abilities of strength and endurance.
Scientist accidently kills his wife after transforming into a giant creature of the night.
Peak physical form. Expert fighter. Part of suicide squad. Has a power staff.
Man Hunter
The last being from Mars.Powers include Super strength and telekenisis.
Martian Manhunter
Access to powers of Shazam. Can contol lightning.
Mary Marvel
The queen of Atlantis.
Expert Archer who turned villainous upon a terrorist encounter.
Massively Powerful armoured body. Can emit Kryptonite radiation.
A dark hero. Enhanced speed, stength and othher abilities. Expert hand to hand combatant.
The last "Daughter of Mars" Powers include Super strength and telepathy.
Miss Martian
Foe of Gotham who turned into a villain of cryogenic technology when his wife fell ill.
Mr. Freeze
Access to new God technology. Part of New Gods of Genesis. Master escapologist.
Mister Miracle
Scars himself every time he claims another victims life. Murderous villain of Gotham. Unpredictable thus brilliant in hand to hand combat.
Mister Zsasz
The last Daxomite. Part of the legion of Superheroes.
Uses a staff in Gotham and other cities to take down criminals. expert combatant and gymnast. Welcome to Batman Family
A new God with super human attributes. Motherbox enables him to establish telepathic links with others.
Part of both Justice league dark and trinity of sin. She is immortal has super human speed and strenth.Magic is focussed through her pistols.
Bird loving thief and criminal mastermind that once ran the outlaws of Gotham
The Penguin
The manager of Wayne manor and the Batcave.
Alfred Pennyworth
Has moveable internal organs and a completely malleable body.
Plastic Man
Immortal, with magical abilities for instance the ability to stop time and become invisible. Afilliated with both the trinity of sin and justice league dark.
Phantom Stranger
A villain with the ability to seem irrisistable to all men and control plant life.
Poison Ivy
The earth-2 version of the girl of steel.
Can control the passage of time to seem faster than those around him.Can affect age of both organic and inorganic matter.
Professor Zoom
Immortal and has the ability of teleportation and other magical powers. Can use the spear of inquistion.
The Question
Expert Swordsman and martial artist. Not immortal however has accessibility to age retardant lazarus pit. Villain of Gotham.
Ras Al Ghul
Manipulation of darkness, timetravel and other undefined magical powers. Daughter of the Demon (Trigon).
few magical abilities due to use of lazarus pit. Part of the batman family. Excelent hand to hand combatant.
Red Hood
Android body.Enhanced stenghth and durability. Often associated with the justice league. Able to manipulate wind and wind blasts.
Red Tornado
Part of the batman family. Preferred weapon use includes a battle staff.
Red Robin
Connected to the speed force to move and super human speed. Can travel in time using the speed force. Sometimes associated with the suicide squad. Unhealthy obsession with becoming faster.
Villain in Gotham. Likes leaving clues and puzzles that often lead to his downfall.
The Riddler
Side kick. Raised by the league of assassins then at wayne manor. Extreme intelligence and extremely adept in hand to hand combat.
Extended lifespan. Silicate transformation and phasing abilities. Trained in armed combat. A hero based in New York.
Ability to teleport, an expert in unarmed combat and intelligence-gathering. Afilliated with the World army, Red Flies and the Eight Wonders.
Villain of Gotham. Relies upon developing fear toxins to make his victims see their worst nightmares. Brilliant chemist and mastermind.
Earth 2 Green lantern human. Has enhanced senses and invulnerability.
Alan Scott
Can manipulate shaddows and summon "Shadowmatter". This vilain also is immortal.
The Shade
The keeper of Magic. Power over lightening, Immence magical powers such as flight and strength which he can share with others.
Originally part of the green lantern corpse, but villainously changed to become part of the yellow lantern corps, ruled by fear.
Undead nature giving invulnerability. Energy absorbstion. Afilliated with the injustice society.
Solomon Grundy
Magical and physical abilities. Limited by the ability to have to bond to a host. Based in New York city and afilliated with the Detailed Task Foce.
Lives in Coast City. Utilizes a violet ring. This gives her the powers of projection, imaginary construction and protection.
Star Sapphire
Female hero that carries a cosmic staff resulting in enhances abilities such as speed and strength. Trained martial artist and gymnist. Associated with the legion of super heroes.
Female hero that coverts ultra violet radiation to energy. Afilliated famously with the Ten Ttans.
A genius inventor that has an armoured suit. This boosts his strength and allows him the ability to fly. Afilliated with infinity inc.
AGreen Lantern ring allows him to build imaginary constructs and grants him near invulnerability. Based in Mogo.
John Stewart
Villain of Gotham .Trained in psychology and has a genius level interlect which allows him brilliant abilities of deduction, once allowing him to discover the caped crusadors identity.
Hugo Strange
Magical abilities including ability to apear anywhere life is. Can control the green and manipulate plnt life.Has regenerative powers.
Swamp Thing
half Kryptonian half human. A hero of New york city. Access to some Kryptonian powers, for example super strength when under a yellow sun.
The girl of steel.
The man of steel.
Accomplished fighter and assassin. Cunning strategist. Villain of Gotham that for a time was the Dark Knight's lover.
Talia Al Ghul
Raised by the court of Owls, meaning extensive training in all combat and a wanted assassin. becomes a hero later in life, turning upon the court of owls. Weapons funded by batman inc.
Spy in WW1 (Or WW2 Dependent on earth and comic). Expert pilot and military tactican. Afilliated later on with both A.R.G.U.S and the Justice League of America.
Steve Trever
Villain of Gotham that needs a two sided coin to make all his decisions for him.
Immortal villain due to blood rituals. Incredibly intelligent and has super regeneration. Briefly possessed magical powers such as super human strength. Affilliated with the house of Savage and the Demon Knights.
Vandal Savage
Villain of Gotham with the power of telekenesis, she often uses the telekenesis on a dummy called Ferdie. Dangerously isane using her puppet to madly kill foes.
Ventriloquist and Scarface
Uses the power of Tantu Tunte. Can take on the abilities of any animal through this power. Affilliated withh the justice league.
Creator of the suicide squad.
Amander Waller
Strength and durability matching Olympian Gods due to training from Amazons. Wields the Lasso of truth.Bracelets of victory channel her powers.
Wonder Woman
Female hero that possesses magical abilities to cast nearly infinite spells. Afilliated with Justice League Dark.
Father of the above with the ability to cast a wide variety of magical spells. Affilliated with the Cult of the Cold Flame.
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