Epic Rap Battles of History Participants: Season 4

Name all the characters who appear in the 4th season of Epic Rap Battles of History and have more than two lines. The actor and a line of the character are given as a hint.
For group battles, each individual rapper must be named
Quiz by Budjettivaje
Last updated: July 31, 2016
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Mark Douglas
Raymond Stantz
The delivery of ______ stands straight like my main man's Slinky
Zach Sherwin
Egon Spengler
I collect spores
Chris Gorbos
Peter Venkman
Grab your stick, hold'n, heat 'em up, smoking!
Walter Downing
Winston Zeddermore
It's a rap test, dummy
Adam Savage
Wow, your raps are just too wack to handle!
Nice Peter
Jamie Hyneman
Let's do it like we do on the Discovery Channel.
Chris Alvarado
Tory Belleci
Hey! Things are getting scary when ____, _____ and ____
Grant Imahara
Mary Doodles
Kari Byron
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
You best be afraid of my marshmallow flows
Clyde Barrow
I'll handle this, darling. I'm known to fire off some BARs
Hannah Hart
Bonnie Parker
How could you beat my man in some mano a mano?
Nice Peter
Romeo Montaque
My love, your face is beauty to behold.
Grace Helbig
Juliet Capulet
A moment's break from your gaze is an eternity past
Nice Peter
How dare you challenge my immortal throne?
And get a taste of this Scandinavian greatness
Dan Bull
Jack the Ripper
Oi mate, pass the liquor! It's ____ ___ ______
Hannibal Lecter
I'm the bon vivant of violence, a licensed psychiatrist,
Lauren Flans
Ellen deGeneres
I also feature puppies, talented children, and mittens!
November Christine
Oprah Winfrey
So check under your seat because I've got something for ya!
Nice Peter
Steven Spielberg
I'll bring back JAWS and take a bite of your Lifeboat!
Alfred Hitchcock
I'm the master of suspense, so intense
Quentin Tarantino
Ask anybody, "What's your favorite Sam Jackson part?"
Stanley Kubrick
Do another take and get it right, 127 times!
Nice Peter
Michael Bay
When it comes to blowing up, no director is my equal!
Link Neal
Meriwether Lewis
We discovered bears and beavers and prairie dogs and weasels
Rhett McLaughlin
William Clark
Nice Peter
Ted Logan
And we claim this battle for the Wyld Stallyns!
Bill Preston
Harry Houdini
You've never seen a body quite the same as that of _______!
Nice Peter
David Copperfield
This ain't the magic that you're used to.
Nice Peter
Freeze! I suggest you use your right to remain silent
It's Judgment Day, baby. Hasta la vista!
I'm coming off the Acropolis to start some pandemonium.
Nice Peter
Friedrich Nietzsche
You need to take control of the life you're given!
Zach Sherwin
And I'm a freethinker, so confronting conformists like you? It's my job!
MC Jin
So here's the real golden rule: I'm way above you weak rookies!
Lao Tzu
We must remember: a bowl is most useful when it is empty.
Timothy DeLaGhetto
Sun Tzu
While we use precise strikes to disrupt your concentration!
DeStorm Power
Shaka Zulu
If you cross that Equator, you'll head straight into a massacre
Nice Peter
Julius Caesar
I'm first of the empire and last of the republicans
Stan Lee
I'm just your friendly neighborhood writer man with a secret identity of a super MC
Nice Peter
Jim Henson
And I'm clenching all your strings like you're a puppet in suspension.
Zach Sherwin
Walt Disney
I'm powerful enough to make a mouse gigantic!
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