General Knowledge Multiple Choice #6

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Last updated: March 14, 2022
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1. New Zealand has more sheep than people.
There are about 5.2 sheep for every person in New Zealand (Pop. 4,871,874).
2. What is the most popular city in Australia?
Sydney has a population of 5.4 million people.
3. How many country flags have the color purple on them?
Only two countries flags use the color purple, Dominica and Nicaragua.
4. Which U.S. President was the shortest?
James Madison
William Taft
Abraham Lincoln
Rutherford Hayes
James Madison, and 5'2.
5. How many native Mandarin speakers are there worldwide?
1 Billion
1.2 Billion
1.3 Billion
1.4 Billion
There are about 1.3 Billion native Mandarin speakers in the world.
6. What years did the Medieval Times take place in?
900 B.C. - 1300
476 A.D. - 1450
1400 - 1500
1777 - 1822
The Middle Ages lasted for around 1,000 years.
7. How much money does Roblox make a day?
Roblox generates about $900,000 a day, but made $920 Million in 2020.
8. How old are the Giza Pyramids?
About 800 years old
About 3,000 years old
About 4,500 years old
About 8,000 years old
9. How many slaves did it take to build the Giza Pyramids?
Around 6,000 slaves
Around 100,000 slaves
Around 9.000 slaves
Around 200,000 slaves
Around 100,000 slaves worked for about 20 years to complete the pyramids.
10. In what month did quarantine start in the United States?
February, 2020
January, 2020
April, 2020
March, 2020
11. How long did WWI (World War 1) last?
4 years
5 years
2 years
1 year
12. What is the fear of Public Speaking called? (scientifically)
Emetophobia is the fear of vomiting, Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders, and Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns.
13. What is the Libra symbol?
A Crown
A Yin Yang
The Peace Sign
A Balance Scale
14. How many slaves did Thomas Jefferson own?
Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president of the United States owned 600+ slaves.
15. What does the phrase 'La Vie En Rose' (French) translate to in English?
Pink is life
Roses are red
Life in pink
Life in red
The French phrase 'La Vie En Rose' translates to 'Life in pink' in English. It means to see life through rose (pink) colored glasses, living with a positive attitude and optimistically, and trying to see the beauty in everyday life.
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