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1122021-07-22Typing USA in 15 seconds
1002022-01-03Name a valid country
902022-03-12Type Ukraine in 15 seconds
862021-07-27Top 50 biggest airports in the world
802021-07-21Top 10 Most visited cities in Europe
712021-12-25Name a big city in these countries
692021-07-22Least visited European Countries
552021-07-23Top 20 Most visited cities in the World
552021-07-26Top 50 biggest cities in the world
512021-07-21Top 10 European Cities with the most busiest airports
512022-03-17Typing 1-100 in 45 seconds
472021-07-26Top 15 biggest cities in UK
452021-07-18Word Hunt
392022-01-03Type these random countries
382021-07-27Top 15 biggest cities in USA
382021-07-20Countries that begin with G
382021-07-20Cities of Europe with a population of more than 3 million
372021-07-14Countries of Europe A-Z
352021-07-16Countries in Europe that
352021-07-18Countries that begin with A
342021-07-19Countries that begin with C
322021-07-21Countries that begin with B
312021-07-19Countries that begin with D
302021-07-25Cities of Europe
292021-07-21Countries that begin with J
292021-07-24World Record Cities
282021-07-21Countries that begin with E
272021-07-13Ten least known capitals of USA
262021-07-21Countries that begin with H
252021-07-26Top 15 biggest cities in France
252021-07-21Countries that begin with I
252021-07-19Word Hunt 2
252021-07-22Top 10 most populous European cities
242022-01-02Countries of Europe with a Twist
242022-03-17Rivers to countries
232021-07-13General Knowledge 101
222021-07-16Countries of Europe Scramble
222021-07-22States that border the Great Lakes
222021-07-11States that begin with A
212021-07-18States that border the Atlantic Ocean
212021-07-21Cities of Asia with a population of more than 15 million
202021-07-20Countries that begin with F
202021-07-11States that have a capital named after a president
202021-07-25Least visited Countries in the world
192021-07-25Top 30 most populated countries per square mile
162021-07-26Top 15 biggest cities in Russia
102021-07-15Asian countries that begin with a letter
62021-07-15European Capitals