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1342021-08-17Romanian Words
972021-08-12Famous Historical Figures: Fascists
672021-08-17Indonesian Words
672021-08-13Famous historical figures: Socialists #1
612021-08-13Famous Historical Figures: Military Dictatorships
592021-08-13Famous Historical Figures: Socialists #2
572021-08-15Famous Historical Figures: Conservatives
512021-08-23Name a Country without..
482021-08-25Name a country with more than one…
412021-08-07Countries where the largest city is not the capital
302021-08-19Leaders of France
302021-08-07Duolingo- Most Popular Language and Second Most Popular Language
252021-09-30Flags and Vexillology Multiple Choice
232021-08-09German Bundesländer: Name a valid Land
222021-08-10Countries by last leader
212021-08-17Largest city by second largest city
202021-08-19Largest cities on the Danube
202021-08-23Spanish Words - Tile Quiz
192021-08-10Countries with the most administrative regions
192021-08-09Paris - Multiple Choice
172021-08-25Find the dead Person
162021-08-08Countries by national motto
152021-08-21Largest cities on the Mississippi
152021-10-07Ultra-Country Quiz: United States
152021-08-05Political Party by Country
142021-08-05Find the Correct Language Based on the Text- Multiple Choice
132021-10-01Flags and Vexillology Multiple Choice Quiz, Part 2
102021-08-05Chinese cities by picture
102021-08-18Political Parties in the United States
62021-08-09Plants by flag
52021-08-06Capitals of empires
52021-08-08Shanghai City Quiz
52021-08-04Countries by almond production
42021-08-04Chinese name of cities