Statistics for Capitals of Random Countries

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A mediterranean nation that was previously owned by the UK and has been influenced heavily by it's neighbors.Nicosia
An asian nation bordering Indonesia that was formerly part of Indonesia, it also used to have quite large oil deposits.Dili
A large yet sparsely populated asian nation.Ulaanbaatar
A central asian nation defined by its many gold and marble statues and it's giant burning landmark.Ashgabat
A frigid and cold nation largely sought out for it's unique culture.Reykjavik
A geographically asian yet culturally european nation.Tbilisi
A tiny European nation sandwhiched between two other larger European nations.Vaduz
A country in the Americas very different compared to it's neighbors, it’s populous often feels isolated due to how different they feel culturally.Asuncion
A coastal African nation known for blood diamonds.Freetown
A country in Oceania with beautiful landscapes and a free travel deal with the US.Ngerulmud

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