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1832024-02-092023 Year End ATP Top 100
1322024-02-01All 2022 ATP Champions
1152024-02-01All 2023 ATP Champions
732024-02-02Novak Djokovic Grand Slam Losses
672024-02-012022 Year End ATP Top 100
572024-02-01All 2021 ATP Champions
532024-02-07All Novak Djokovic Title Opponents
482024-02-01All 2020 ATP Champions
482024-02-02All ATP Finals Participants since 2000
462024-03-28All Novak Djokovic Masters 1000 defeats
442024-01-31All 2023 WTA Champions
442023-08-07All Rafael Nadal Title Opponents
432024-03-09All ATP 500 finals since 2010
402024-03-28All Masters 1000 SF lineups sine 2011
372023-08-06All Roger Federer Title Opponents
362024-02-062023 Year End WTA Top 100
312023-08-07All Andy Murray Title Opponents
312024-02-01All 2019 ATP Champions
302024-01-31Roger Federer Grand Slam Losses
282023-08-13All Rafael Nadal Masters 1000 defeats
252023-08-13All Roger Federer Masters 1000 defeats
252024-02-06All Roger Federer Career Losses
242024-02-012019 Year End ATP Top 100
242024-01-31All 2017 ATP Champions
242024-02-01All 2018 ATP Champions
222024-02-08All Rafael Nadal Career Losses
222024-02-012021 Year End ATP Top 100
222024-01-31All 2022 WTA Champions
212024-02-012018 Year End ATP Top 100
212024-03-12All Novak Djokovic Career Losses
202024-02-012022 Year End WTA Top 100
182024-02-012020 Year End ATP Top 100
172024-02-01All 2019 WTA Champions
162024-03-28All Carlos Alcaraz Title Opponents
152024-02-01All 2021 WTA Champions
142024-02-01All 2020 WTA Champions
122024-01-31All 2018 WTA Champions
122024-01-31All 2015 ATP Champions
112024-02-012020 Year End WTA Top 100
102023-06-212021 Year End WTA Top 100
102024-01-31All Daniil Medvedev Title Opponents
102024-02-01All 2014 ATP Champions
92024-03-29All Jannik Sinner Title Opponents
92024-01-31All Alexander Zverev Title Opponents
82024-01-31All 2016 ATP Champions
72024-01-31All Dominic Thiem Title Opponents
72024-01-31All Stan Wawrinka Title Opponents
42024-01-31All Juan Martín del Potro Title Opponents
22024-02-07All Marin Čilić Title Opponents