Flushed Away Quiz

Answer these flushed away questions. Good Luck, you'll need it!
Quiz by Ajadan
Last updated: February 18, 2022
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First submittedFebruary 17, 2022
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What is the main character's full name?
Roddy Saint James the Third
What animation studio made the film?
What is the female lead/ love interest called?
Rita Malone
Where is Roddy's house?
Who is England playing in the football match?
Who the main antagonist?
The Toad
What is the name of the rat that invades Roddy's house?
What is the name of Roddy's owner?
What is the music played when Roddy is out of his cage in his house?
Dancing with myself by Billy Idol
What does Roddy say as he exits his cage?
When the cat's away, the mice will play'
What word does Roddy use to describe the antagonist's collection?
What did the antagonist want him to say about his collection?
That it was Diverting
What animal says the line 'Have you seen my dad'?
Fish (This is a reference to Finding Nemo)
What is the name of Rita's boat?
The Jolly Roger
What type of creature sings to create atmosphere?
What song do these creatures sing when Roddy gets back home?
Lonely by AKON
What song do these creatures sing when Roddy has stolen Rita's boat?
Don't worry, be happy by Bobby McFerrin
What advice is given when falling into water?
Keep your legs straight
Who voices Roddy?
Hugh Jackman
Who voices The Toad?
Ian Mckellen
Which member of the royal family is The Toad abandoned by?
Prince Charles
What animal is he replaced by?
A rat (hence his hatred for them)
Why do they call him Shocky?
He shocks people
What is the name of the conspiracy theorist rat that Roddy meets when he first falls down into the sewer?
What is the name of The Toad's french cousin?
Le Frog
What celebrity does Rita's grandmother mistake Roddy for?
Tom Jones
What is the name of the white mouse henchman?
What does he mistakenly call Roddy?
Millicent Bystander
What is the name of the rat henchman?
What type of street performer holds up the phone when The Toad is talking?
A mime
Where is the booty?
In the booty
What do the rats call London?
'Up Top'
What is Rita's ruby made out of?
How does The Toad punish people that wrongs him?
Freezes them in liquid nitrogen
What does Roddy mistakenly cook, thinking it is rice?
What type of ending does Spike like?
Unhappy endings with lots of violence
What song plays during the credits?
What's new pussy-cat by Tom Jones
What type of animal does Roddy's owner bring home at the end of the movie?
A cat
Name one electrical appliance that a rat appears on in the chase scene?
whisk/toaster/toy boat
What escape measure does Roddy deploy in this scene?
What does The Toad need to carry out his plan?
The master cable
Where is this object?
Being used as Rita's belt
Level 66
Aug 14, 2022
great quiz but ritas boat is the jammy dodger not the jolly roger

also could you accept rat for what animal the toad is replaced by