Battlestar Galactica (reimagined) Character Quiz

Name these characters first or last names from 2004-2009's amazing Battlestar Galactica reboot show. Minor spoilers follow but no hidden Cylon reveals I promise.
Quiz by ajjb490
Last updated: July 11, 2015
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Pilot, call sign "Starbuck"
Kara Thrace
Pilot, call sign "Apollo"
Lee Adama
Pilot, rival of Starbuck, addiction to stimulants
Louanne "Kat" Katraine
Admiral of the remnants of the 12 colonies
William Adama
President to the remnants of the 12 colonies
Laura Roslin
Pilot, played by real life son of Olmos
Brendan 'Hot Dog' Constanza
Famous scientist, playboy, and later prophet
Gaius Baltar
Galactica officer, assistant to above
Felix Gaeta
Pilot, call sign "Boomer", cylon model 8
Sharon Valerii
Human/Cylon hybrid child
Hera Agathon
Pilot, husband of "Athena", father of above
Karl 'Helo' Agathon
Galactica communications officer, later marries Apollo.
Anastasia Dualla
Political radical played by original Apollo actor
Tom Zarek
XO of the Galactica, drunkard
Saul Tigh
Wife of above, also poisoned by above
Ellen Tigh
Fleet Doctor, poor bed side manners
Dr. Cottle
Caprica resistance leader, later marries Starbuck
Samuel Anders
Crazy Rear Admiral, Commander of Battlestar Pegasus
Helena Cain
Cylon model _, obsessed with Starbuck
Leoben Conoy
Assistant to the president, tragic demise
Billy Keikeya
Assistant after above, questionable morals
Tory Foster
"Chief", runs Galactica's maintenance and viper repairs
Galen Tyrol
Loyal disciple and later wife of above
Cally Henderson
Name of brutalizied six found aboard the Pegasus
Gina Inviere
Reporter played by Lucy Lawless, seen faces of the five
D'Anna Biers
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