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4062022-07-09Spider-Man: No Way Home Quiz (SPOILERS)
2012022-07-09The Batman Quiz (SPOILERS)
1582022-06-02Fast Typing - Type Anything!
1232022-05-11MCU & DCEU Actors (Superheroes)
1052022-07-09Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Quiz (SPOILERS)
992022-08-20Category Elimination - Marvel Movies #1
792022-08-15CW Arrowverse Shows
742022-03-09Batman Movies 🦇
662022-09-25Marvel Phases 6+: Announced Titles
662022-09-25The Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008-2025)
622022-07-16MCU Villains
602021-08-10DCEU Villains
582022-07-10Thor: Love and Thunder Quiz (SPOILERS)
562022-05-05Morbius Quiz (SPOILERS)
432022-02-24DCEU Significant Characters
422021-08-14Illumination Movies!
402021-12-04Home Alone Films!
402022-09-18Marvel & DC Films
372022-07-23Marvel Franchises
362021-07-27MCU Phase 1: Significant Characters
362022-05-25Category Elimination - DC Movies #1
312022-09-22Actors with Multiple Marvel/DC Roles
312022-06-11Spider-Man Movies! 🕷
302022-09-25Pixar Movies!
282021-12-29Marvel Phase 1: Top 25 Characters
272022-04-30Marvel Netflix Shows
272022-08-21The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 1
242021-08-07Star Wars Movies
242021-08-10Hulk Movies 👊
232022-03-15Marvel Phase 4: Significant Characters
222021-07-31Marvel Phase 2: Significant Characters
222022-04-29Type the MCU Movie by Its Last Two Letters
212021-08-02Marvel Phase 1: Fill-in-the-Blank
212022-05-12The Marvel Cinematic Multiverse (2002-2023)
202022-09-13Highest Grossing Marvel Movies
192022-03-10DC Franchises
182022-07-22Moon Knight Quiz (SPOILERS)
182022-07-19Sony’s Spider-Man Universe Movies
182022-03-04Guardians of the Galaxy Movies!
182022-05-03Word Scramble - Marvel Movies
182021-08-04Marvel Phase 3: Fill-in-the-Blank
162022-04-29MCU Acronyms
162021-08-02Marvel Phase 2: Fill-in-the-Blank
142022-04-13The Batman Riddle #1
142022-05-14Marvel Phase 4: Release Dates (Disney+ Shows)
122022-09-03Highest Grossing Disney Animated Movies
112022-03-10Announced Future DCEU Movies
112021-08-14Blue Sky Animation Movies!
112022-09-01Highest Grossing DC Movies
112022-03-27X-Men Movies!
102022-06-27Disney Animated Movies: The Renaissance Era
102022-08-21The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 4
92022-06-27Disney Animated Movies: The Golden Era
92022-08-21The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Multiverse Saga
92022-09-03Highest Grossing Pixar Movies
92022-06-27Disney Animated Movies: The Revival Era
92022-07-13Ms. Marvel Quiz (SPOILERS)
92021-10-24Marvel Phase 4: Release Dates (Movies)
82021-07-23Marvel Phase 3: Significant Characters
82021-07-24X-Men Original Trilogy: Significant Characters
82021-08-07Captain America Movies
72021-08-07Superman Movies 🦸
72022-09-24Pixar Animated Movies: The Golden Era
72022-08-21The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 6
72022-09-25The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 5
72022-08-03Marvel Announcements @SDCC2022
72021-07-26X-Men Wolverine Trilogy: Significant Characters
72022-08-02The DC Extended Universe
62022-03-10DCEU: Rotten Tomatoes
62022-04-29Type the DCEU Movie by Its Last Two Letters
62022-09-24Pixar Animated Movies: The Renaissance Era
62022-06-27Disney Animated Movies: The Silver Era
62021-08-05DCEU Phase 1: Fill-in-the-Blank
62022-05-27Comment Ideas for New Quizzes!
52022-08-21The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Infinity Saga
52022-08-21Marvel Studios Animation TV Shows
52022-08-21The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2
52022-08-03DC League of Super-Pets Quiz (SPOILERS)
52022-04-29DCEU Acronyms
52022-03-11The Batman Riddle #2
52021-07-27Marvel Phase 1: Release Dates
52022-09-24Pixar Animated Movies: The Silver Era
42022-06-27Disney Animated Movies: The Bronze Era
42021-07-26X-Men Prequel Franchise: Significant Characters
42021-07-27Marvel Phase 2: Release Dates
42022-06-27Disney Animated Movies: The Post-Renaissance Era
42021-07-27Marvel Phase 3: Release Dates
42022-08-10I Am Groot Quiz (SPOILERS?)
32022-08-21The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 3
32022-09-24Pixar Animated Movies: The Bronze Era
32021-08-10Green Lantern Movies
32022-03-13DCEU: Release Dates
32022-06-27Disney Animated Movies: The Wartime Era
22022-08-21Marvel One-Shots
12022-09-24Pixar Animated Movies: The New Era