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Bless the Lord, O my soul, O my soul -Matt Redman10,000 Reasons
Water You turned into wine. Out of the ashes we rise, there's no one like You, none like You -Chris TomlinOur God
In this time of desperation When all we know is doubt and fear There is only one foundation We believe, we believe In this broken generation When all is dark, You help us see There is only one salvation -NewsboysWe Believe
God, I'm running for Your heart I'm running for Your heart Till I am a soul on fire Lord, I'm longing for Your ways I'm waiting for the day -Third DaySoul on Fire
Wake up and smile cause it's been a while It's been like a whole day since I stopped so you could hold me This child awaits strong in the faith Lord You are the refuge that I can't wait to get to -Jamie GraceBeautiful Day
Silly me, silly me, aye Revertin' back to my old ways Them got to be in control days Jump before I pray Yo, I'm headed out the doorway But I want Your way, Yahweh From dirt roads to highways You're showin' me a beautiful view from this backseat But there's lots of room and I never would have seen it if I wasn't rolling with you -tobyMacBackseat Driver
Don't think you need to settle for a substitute, when I'm the only love that changes you. -Hawk NelsonDrops in the Ocean
I was feelin’ that, feelin’ that breeze Singin’ like a song thru the tall oak trees It was just another summer night Had to be the last thing on my mind Yeah, I was all but lost in the moment I was young and runnin’ wide open It was just another summer night Had to be the last thing on my mind -tobyMacLove Broke Thru
I felt it first, when I was younger. A strange connection to the light. I tried to satisfy the hunger. I never got it right, I never got it right -Brandon HeathYour Love
Call it a reason to retreat I got some dreams that are bigger than me I might be outmatched, outsized, the underdog in the fight of my life -TobyMacBeyond Me
Well, I wish I had a short term memory Wish the only thing my eyes could see Was the future burning bright right in front of me But I can't stop looking back -Matthew WestDay One
This life I hold so close, O God I let it go. I refuse to gain the world and lose my soul -Colton DixonMore of You
I wanna magnify Your light I wanna reflect the sun Cut like precious diamonds With the colors by the millions This is the only world we know And for now this rental’s our home If we gonna be a reflection Gotta make this third rock glow (Just so you know …) -tobyMacLights Shine Bright
I've got waves that are tossin' me, Crashin' all over my beliefs, And in all sincerity, Lord, I wanna be yours, So pull me out of this mess I'm in, Cause I know I'm wanderin' Lead my soul back home again, I've always been yours, And this world may push, may pull, But your love it never fails -Jamie GraceYou Lead
I keep hearin' people say, I need a getaway We got that getaway that takes ‘em to a whole new place Won't leave us empty, won't leave us craving more We found that fulfillin' fire that they been lookin' for -tobyMacLike a Match
Fell out of the sky, hit the ground running. The future is tonight They’ll never see us comin’ Takin’ by this urgency Won’t let this moment pass The Kingdom is alive We’re steppin’ on the gas -tobyMacThis is Not a Test
Every time, I try to go alone I get shut down -TobyMacTonight
We are the travelers, we look to the ever after We are the strangers, we're practically endangered We know these roads here, they never seem to bode well This our predicament and we ain't even sick of it -TobyMacUnstoppable
Here I go, tiptoe, into the kitchen, and don't you know, crash, goes the coffee pot -Francesca BattistelliWhen the Crazy Kicks In
Lights off, a shot in the dark, we get lost, when we're playing our parts. We lay blame, when we're too far gone, it's a shame -Colton DixonNever Gone
We're the ones who believe in the things unseen This home, this party is an in between We're the ones who fight down on our knees -Hawk NelsonCrazy Love
We're going to save, ourselves, the heartache. We're not looking back, at what we wish we'd done -One Girl NationWhile We're Young

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