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62022-01-12Stations - Great Central Railway, Leicestershire
62021-12-28Coffees - Baobab Cafe
52021-12-31Businesses - North Side of Market Street, Loughborough (2021)
42021-12-31Watercourses - Loughborough
32022-01-14Facilities - The Climbing Station, Loughborough
32022-01-15Local Wildlife - Welcome to Burleigh Woods, Loughborough
32022-01-11Quiz - The Sockman, Loughborough
32022-01-11Roads Containing… - “Ashby”, Loughborough
32022-01-01Businesses - South Side of Market Street, Loughborough
32021-12-31Menu Items - TARBOUSH, Loughborough
22022-01-01Businesses - Sparrow Hill, Loughborough (2021)
22022-01-16Clubs - Nanpantan Sports Ground, Loughborough
22022-01-03Roads - Loughborough Ashby, Garendon and Nanpantan
22022-01-14Bells - Loughborough Carillon & War Memorial
22021-12-31Businesses - The Ville, Loughborough
22022-01-03Roads by Starting Letter - O - Loughborough Garendon
22022-01-13Routes - Outwoods, Loughborough
22021-12-29Wards with a Subway Location - Loughborough
22021-12-30Businesses - Brookside Road, Loughborough
22021-12-31Bordering Roads - Buckingham Drive, Loughborough
22021-12-29Play Equipment - Kirkstone Drive Play Area, Loughborough
22021-12-26Roads - A6004
22021-12-26Roads with Post Boxes - Loughborough Nanpantan Ward
22022-01-15Businesses - Cedar Road, Loughborough (2022)
22022-01-15Bordering Roads - Anon Vale Road, Loughborough
22022-01-02Bordering Roads - Ashby Road, Loughborough (2021)
22021-12-27Pokémon Go Gyms - Loughborough University Science & Enterprise Park
22021-12-29Multi-use Games Areas - Loughborough
12022-01-07Bordering Roads - Shelthorpe Road, Loughborough
12022-01-06Bordering Roads - Atherstone Road, Loughborough
12022-01-15Species - Charnwood Water, Loughborough
12022-01-17Buildings - Loughborough University, Loughborough (2016)
12022-01-07Bordering Roads - Carnation Road, Loughborough
12022-01-02Businesses - Hermitage Shopping Centre, Loughborough (2015)
12022-01-02Bordering Roads - Old Ashby Road, Loughborough
12022-01-17Buildings - LUSEP, Loughborough (2016)
12022-01-17Rooms - Sir Denis Rooke First Floor, Loughborough
12022-01-07Sculptures - Queen’s Park, Loughborough
12022-01-14Museum Exhibitions - The Old Rectory Museum, Loughborough
12022-01-15Bordering Roads - Melton Road, Leicester and More
12022-01-15Bordering Roads - Whaddon Drive, Loughborough
12022-01-15Bordering Roads - Croome Close, Loughborough
12022-01-17Points of Interest by Hint - Queen’s Park, Loughborough
12022-01-12Permanent Displays - Charnwood Museum, Loughborough
12022-01-16Farms - Moor Lane, Loughborough
12022-01-15Coaches - Archery Legends, Loughborough
12022-01-15Roads - Loughborough Hastings Ward
12022-01-10Businesses - Holt Drive, Loughborough (2022)
12022-01-15Picture to Road - Loughborough Hastings Ward
12022-01-02Bordering Roads - Braddon Road, Loughborough
12022-01-01Buildings - Loughborough High School
12021-12-30Allotment Locations - Loughborough
12021-12-29Wards in Order of Population - Loughborough
12022-01-01Sport Facilities - Holywell Sports Complex, Loughborough
12021-12-29Bordering Roads - Allendale Road, Loughborough
12021-12-24Roads with Post Offices - Loughborough
12021-12-28Bordering Roads - Forest Road, Loughborough
12021-12-29Bordering Roads - Beacon Road, Loughborough
12021-12-31Points of Interest by Hint - Farnham Road, Loughborough
12021-12-28Businesses - Willowbrook Retail Park, Loughborough
12021-12-28Locations - Queen's Park & Surrounds, Loughborough
12021-12-28Business Locations - Bom Bom Patisserie
12021-12-28Bordering Roads - Alan Moss Road, Loughborough
12021-12-28Businesses - Park Road Roundabout Area, Loughborough (2018)
12021-12-30Brooks - Loughborough Nanpantan Ward
12021-12-26Roads - Loughborough Nanpantan Ward
12022-01-01Bordering Roads - Belton Road, Loughborough
12021-12-31Bordering Roads - Derby Road, Loughborough / Hathern
12022-01-01Businesses - Grange Retail Park, Loughborough (2021)
12021-12-29Bordering Roads - Moor Lane, Loughborough
12022-01-15Businesses - Loughborough Nanpantan Ward (No Uni) (2021)
12021-12-31Bordering Roads - Maxwell Drive, Loughborough
12021-12-31Play Areas - Loughborough
12021-12-24Wards - Loughborough University
02022-01-30Bordering Roads - Heathcoat Street, Loughborough
02022-01-17Bordering Roads - Wheatland Drive, Loughborough
02022-01-17Bordering Roads - Whitehouse Avenue, Loughborough
02022-01-17Bordering Roads - Quorn Close, Loughborough
02022-01-30Bordering Roads - Greenclose Lane, Loughborough
02022-01-30Place Names - Lidl Fence, Loughborough
02021-12-28Bordering Roads - Market Place, Loughborough
02021-12-31Bordering Roads - Highland Drive, Loughborough
02022-01-15Buildings - Loughborough Grammar School
02022-01-01Bordering Roads - Frederick Street, Loughborough
02021-12-31Bordering Roads - Leicester Road, Loughborough
02022-01-10Bordering Roads - Kenilworth Avenue, Loughborough
02021-12-31Bordering Roads - Meadow Lane, Loughborough / Stanford-on-Soar
02021-12-30Bordering Roads - Park Road, Loughborough
02021-12-30Bordering Roads - Epinal Way, Loughborough.
02022-01-02Bordering Roads - William Street, Loughborough
02022-01-15Bordering Roads - Wilton Avenue, Loughborough
02022-01-02Bordering Roads - Ravensthorpe Drive, Loughborough