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1472021-08-20Which countries are the Disney Princesses from?
1222021-08-24Choose a Valid Disney answer #1
812021-08-08Guess the Middle East Flags
692021-08-08Guess the country by Native Food
692022-05-27Songs by Antonyms
662021-08-09Disney Princesses Anagrams
652021-08-22Disney songs translated into their native language
612021-08-10Disney Villains Anagrams
602021-08-02Disney Villains by Description
592021-08-24Choose a Valid Disney answer #2
582021-08-19Portuguese, Spanish, French and German speaking Countries
572021-08-07How many language can you guess?
552022-06-17British Vocabulary
492021-08-13Guess the Arabic speaking country flags
492021-08-10Countries that has Arabic as their native language
472021-07-31Disney Animals by Country
452021-08-09Guess the Island country flags
442021-08-07Guess the South Asian Flags
412021-09-14States of the USA
412021-08-09Disney Animals Anagrams
402021-08-07Guess the East African Flags
382022-06-10Countries starting with vowel letter
362021-09-13Countries that has English as their native language
342021-08-08Guess the Spanish speaking country flag
332021-08-07Guess the Balkans Flags
322021-08-06Australian Words
302021-08-13Guess the Central American country anagrams
282022-06-08Animals starting with vowel letters
282021-08-07Countries bordered with one country
272021-08-09Disney Princes Anagrams
262021-09-07Guess the Portuguese speaking country Flag
242021-08-11Guess the Arabic speaking country flags
242021-08-08Guess the German speaking country flag
222021-08-08Guess the French speaking country flags
182021-08-10Guess the Arabic speaking country flags
172021-08-01Countries near the Middle East
132021-08-08Guess the Germanic speaking country flag