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4582023-08-22Every Song by Gorillaz
3862023-08-26Every Song by Weezer
2692023-10-29Every Song by blink-182
2592023-06-25Every Song by My Chemical Romance
2592023-09-02Every Song by Lemon Demon
2182023-06-25Every Song by Foo Fighters
2032023-06-25Every Song by Pearl Jam
1312023-08-20Every Song by Green Day
1212023-10-07Every Song by Fall Out Boy
1002023-06-26Every Song by Avril Lavigne
1002023-06-25Every Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers
972023-06-26Every Song by Evanescence
852023-11-19Every Song by Sum 41
822023-06-30Every Song by Beach House
812023-08-06Every Song by Maroon 5
742023-11-17Every Song by Radiohead
722023-11-07Every Song by System of a Down
702023-06-25Every Song by Arctic Monkeys
692023-08-28Every Song by Linkin Park
682023-10-17Every Song by the Lumineers
672023-09-14Every Song by AJR
672023-10-17Every Song by the Neighbourhood
672023-10-03Every Song by twenty one pilots
662023-10-17Every Song by the Offspring
602023-06-25Every Song by Waterparks
562023-06-27Every Song by Oasis
552023-06-24Every Song by Coldplay
532023-06-27Every Song by Wallows
532023-06-25Every Song by Nirvana
512023-10-17Every Song by the Killers
502023-09-15Every Song by Metallica
492023-06-26Every Song by Thirty Seconds to Mars
492023-06-26Every Song by Cage the Elephant
492023-06-24Every Song by Jimmy Eat World
482023-10-07Every Song by Van Halen
472023-08-07Every Song by Yellowcard
472023-07-29Every Song by Stone Temple Pilots
472023-09-15Every Song by All Time Low
472023-10-17Every Song by the Beatles
432023-11-16The Ultimate RYD4LIFE Band Quiz
402023-10-18Every Song by Korn
402023-07-11Every Song by Panic! at the Disco
402023-09-23Every Song by Bowling for Soup
392023-06-24Every Song by Queen
372023-06-27Every Song by Silverchair
372023-06-25Every Song by Pink Floyd
362023-06-27Every Song by Blur
362023-06-30Every Song by REO Speedwagon
352023-10-10Every Song by Brand New
342023-09-03Every Song by Forever the Sickest Kids
332023-08-23Every Song by Owl City
332023-06-28Every Song by Set It Off
332023-09-05Every Song by Gavin DeGraw
312023-06-27Every Song by AC/DC
312023-06-27Every Song by Surf Curse
302023-08-20Every Song by fun.
282023-06-27Every Song by Kings of Leon
272023-08-22Every Song by Guns N' Roses
272023-06-24Every Song by Imagine Dragons
272023-06-25Every Song by Aerosmith
262023-06-24Every Song by Bastille
262023-10-17Every Song by the White Stripes
262023-11-27Every Song by Motion City Soundtrack
222023-08-23Every Song by Lord Huron
222023-06-28Every Song by Dire Straits
202023-06-24Every Song by Third Eye Blind
202023-06-27Every Song by One Direction
202023-06-28Every Song by Alice in Chains
192023-06-26Every Song by Queens of the Stone Age
192023-06-24Every Song by Eagles
192023-08-23Every Song by Gym Class Heroes
182023-06-27Every Song by Coyote Theory
182023-08-23Every Song by Motionless in White
182023-09-07Every Song by Neutral Milk Hotel
172023-06-25Every Song by Paramore
172023-06-27Every Song by Snow Patrol
162023-09-07Every Song by Judas Priest
162023-06-27Every Song by Skillet
152023-09-08Every Song by Keane
152023-06-28Every Song by Led Zeppelin
152023-10-17Every Song by the Black Keys
152023-10-07Every Song by Pierce the Veil
152023-06-30Every Song by Soundgarden
152023-06-24Every Song by New Found Glory
152023-10-17Every Song by the Rare Occasions
142023-06-27Every Song by Slipknot
142023-06-28Every Song by Supergrass
142023-11-07Every Song by Simple Plan
142023-06-25Every Song by Def Leppard
142023-06-25Every Song by Foster the People
142023-10-17Every Song by Smash Mouth
132023-06-28Every Song by Black Sabbath
132023-10-17Every Song by the Cranberries
132023-10-17Every Song by the Script
132023-09-06Every Song by Iron Maiden
132023-06-27Every Song by R.E.M.
122023-11-01Every Song by Greta Van Fleet
122023-09-10Every Song by Falling in Reverse
122023-06-24Every Song by Sugarcult
122023-07-19Every Song by Bring Me the Horizon
122023-06-28Every Song by Nickelback
112023-06-28Every Song by Mötley Crüe
112023-06-28Every Song by Billy Joel
112023-06-27Every Song by half•alive
112023-06-30Every Song by U2
112023-06-25Every Song by Jet
112023-06-30Every Song by Deftones
112023-06-30Every Song by Audioslave
112023-11-18Every Song by Saint Motel
112023-06-28Every Song by Death Cab for Cutie
112023-06-30Every Song by Limp Bizkit
102023-09-10Every Song by Glass Animals
102023-08-27Every Song by Creed
102023-09-10Every Song by Nine Inch Nails
102023-07-19Every Song by Muse
102023-10-17Every Song by the All-American Rejects
102023-06-27Every Song by Good Charlotte
102023-11-21Every Song by the Smashing Pumpkins
102023-07-07Every Song by Cartel
92023-06-28Every Song by Fleetwood Mac
92023-07-29Every Song by Modern Baseball
92023-06-28Every Song by Sublime
92023-10-17Every Song by the Postal Service
92023-11-25Every Song by KISS
92023-07-02Every Song by Relient K
92023-06-25Every Song by Journey
82023-06-30Every Song by Shinedown
82023-06-30Every Song by Three Days Grace
82023-10-07Every Song by Deep Purple
82023-06-28Every Song by Boston
82023-06-25Every Song by Something Corporate
82023-06-28Every Song by Sleeping with Sirens
82023-09-10Every Song by Motörhead
82023-10-17Every Song by the Rolling Stones
72023-06-27Every Song by House of Heroes
72023-06-30Every Song by Tool
72023-06-28Every Song by OneRepublic
72023-06-30Every Song by Pantera
72023-06-30Every Song by Sex Pistols
72023-06-24Every Song by We the Kings
72023-09-03Every Song by Misfits
72023-09-04Every Song by Modest Mouse
72023-09-06Every Song by Joy Division
72023-09-07Every Song by Megadeth
72023-11-02Every Song by Franz Ferdinand
72023-10-17Every Song by the Strokes
72023-06-28Every Song by Bush
72023-10-17Every Song by the Academy Is...
62023-06-26Every Song by American Authors
62023-06-27Every Song by Jack's Mannequin
62023-06-28Every Song by Rage Against the Machine
62023-06-28Every Song by Pixies
62023-11-19Every Song by ZZ Top
62023-06-27Every Song by Counting Crows
62023-11-22Every Song by Creedence Clearwater Revival
62023-09-06Every Song by Whitesnake
62023-06-28Every Song by Alkaline Trio
62023-06-28Every Song by Mayday Parade
62023-06-28Every Song by Say Anything
62023-06-28Every Song by Box Car Racer
62023-09-06Every Song by Rise Against
62023-11-22Every Song by Tally Hall
62023-06-27Every Song by Simple Creatures
52023-10-17Every Song by the Airborne Toxic Event
52023-06-28Every Song by Cobra Starship
52023-06-30Every Song by Neck Deep
52023-10-15Every Song by BOYS LIKE GIRLS
52023-06-28Every Song by Metro Station
52023-06-25Every Song by Taking Back Sunday
52023-06-30Every Song by Temple of the Dog
52023-10-17Every Song by the Who
52023-06-28Every Song by Badfinger
52023-09-02Every Song by 5 Seconds of Summer
52023-06-28Every Song by Neon Trees
52023-06-28Every Song by Train
42023-08-10Every Song by SR-71
42023-06-27Every Song by Of Monsters and Men
42023-06-30Every Song by Skid Row
42023-06-28Every Song by 311
42023-10-17Every Song by Plain White T's
42023-07-21Every Song by Faith No More
42023-09-02Every Song by Talking Heads
42023-10-18Every Song by Dashboard Confessional
42023-06-28Every Song by Goo Goo Dolls
42023-06-30Every Song by Underoath
42023-09-06Every Song by Slayer
42023-06-25Every Song by Lit
42023-06-30Every Song by Incubus
42023-11-02Every Song by Ice Nine Kills
42023-10-22Every Song by Tonight Alive
42023-10-17Every Song by the 1975
42023-06-27Every Song by Operation Ivy
42023-06-30Every Song by Matchbox Twenty
42023-12-02Every Song by Lynyrd Skynyrd
42023-06-30Every Song by Mother Love Bone
42023-06-28Every Song by Sister Hazel
42023-06-30Every Song by Arcade Fire
32023-09-07Every Song by Five Finger Death Punch
32023-08-26Every Song by Against Me!
32023-09-07Every Song by Ramones
32023-09-05Every Song by Bad Brains
32023-11-19Every Song by Huey Lewis and the News
32023-11-23Every Song by Electric Light Orchestra
32023-08-27Every Song by Blue October
32023-08-07Every Song by Minor Threat
32023-10-17Every Song by the Used
32023-10-17Every Song by the Fray
32023-11-17Every Song by the Starting Line
32023-11-09Every Song by No Doubt
32023-06-25Every Song by Semisonic
32023-10-17Every Song by the Ataris
32023-09-22Every Song by Truly
32023-10-21Every Song by Cream
32023-10-06Every Song by Against the Current
32023-09-06Every Song by Memphis May Fire
32023-10-17Every Song by the Doors
32023-11-19Every Song by Beastie Boys
32023-10-22Every Song by Twisted Sister
32023-08-22Every Song by Drowning Pool
32023-11-29Every Song by Garbage
32023-11-19Every Song by Rancid
32023-10-24Every Song by the Yardbirds
32023-10-17Every Song by the Get Up Kids
32023-06-30Every Song by Seether
32023-06-30Every Song by Seven Mary Three
32023-06-30Every Song by Meet Me at the Altar
32023-06-28Every Song by +44
32023-06-30Every Song by 3 Doors Down
32023-07-25Every Song by Blind Melon
32023-06-30Every Song by You Me at Six
32023-10-17Every Song by the Verve
32023-06-27Every Song by Every Avenue
32023-06-30Every Song by Breaking Benjamin
32023-09-06Every Song by Poison
32023-06-26Every Song by Capital Cities
32023-10-17Every Song by A Day to Remember
32023-06-30Every Song by Puddle of Mudd
32023-07-25Every Song by Collective Soul
32023-07-09Every Song by Harvey Danger
22023-10-17Every Song by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
22023-10-17Every Song by the Cab
22023-06-30Every Song by Thursday
22023-06-30Every Song by State Champs
22023-08-22Every Song by Hoobastank
22023-06-30Every Song by Marcy Playground
22023-09-02Every Song by All
22023-06-30Every Song by Love Battery
22023-06-26Every Song by Rival Sons
22023-06-30Every Song by Staind
22023-06-30Every Song by Bleachers
22023-08-27Every Song by Avenged Sevenfold
22023-10-30Every Song by Architects
22023-10-17Every Song by the Story So Far
22023-10-17Every Song by the Cars
22023-09-30Every Song by Amber Pacific
22023-10-29Every Song by Faber Drive
22023-06-28Every Song by Sixx:A.M.
22023-10-06Every Song by Black Veil Brides
22023-10-17Every Song by the Cardigans
22023-10-15Every Song by GROUPLOVE
22023-06-28Every Song by Saves the Day
22023-06-27Every Song by Disturbed
22023-11-01Every Song by Enter Shikari
22023-06-30Every Song by Anarbor
22023-06-28Every Song by Hot Chelle Rae
22023-11-25Every Song by Hole
22023-06-30Every Song by Green River
22023-06-30Every Song by Dishwalla
22023-06-28Every Song by Hit the Lights
22023-10-30Every Song by Hot Mulligan
22023-10-03Beautiful Goodbye - Maroon 5
22023-08-28Every Song by Anthrax
22023-07-25Every Song by Days of the New
22023-08-04Every Song by Descendents
22023-09-08Every Song by Papa Roach
22023-09-10Every Song by P.O.D.
22023-08-07Every Song by Jawbreaker
22023-08-28Every Song by Hawthorne Heights
22023-10-17Every Song by the Amity Affliction
22023-10-17Every Song by the Maine
22023-12-02Every Song by Ratt
22023-08-06Every Song by Of Mice & Men
22023-10-17Every Song by the Wonder Years
22023-11-25Every Song by Cake
22023-11-30Every Song by Chevelle
22023-10-17Every Song by the Classic Crime
22023-06-30Every Song by Bayside
22023-10-23Every Song by Starship
22023-08-23Every Song by Four Year Strong
22023-11-09Every Song by Finger Eleven
22023-11-19Every Song by Death
22023-11-19Every Song by Switchfoot
22023-09-02Every Song by Flyleaf
22023-10-17Every Song by the Black Crowes
22023-08-07Every Song by Story of the Year
22023-11-19Every Song by August Burns Red
22023-11-19Every Song by Killswitch Engage
22023-08-04Every Song by Turnstile
22023-11-23Every Song by Florida Georgia Line
22023-11-01Every Song by Autograph
22023-08-04Every Song by Lagwagon
22023-09-04Every Song by Dream Theater
22023-07-05Every Song by Fuel
12023-12-02Every Song by Unwritten Law
12023-10-25Every Song by the Knack
12023-10-29Every Song by With Confidence
12023-11-19Every Song by Yours Truly
12023-11-01Every Song by the Matches
12023-11-07Every Song by Tacocat
12023-12-02Every Song by Survivor
12023-11-19Every Song by Knuckle Puck
12023-10-27Every Song by Man Overboard
12023-11-03Every Song by Set Your Goals
12023-06-28Every Song by Angels & Airwaves
12023-11-01Every Song by Head Injuries
12023-11-22Every Song by Eric Church
12023-11-22Every Song by Jake Owen
12023-11-22Every Song by Looking Glass
12023-11-23Every Song by Mazzy Star
12023-11-22Every Song by Portishead
12023-11-24Every Song by Wilco
12023-11-23Every Song by the Prodigy
12023-11-21Every Song by Zac Brown Band
12023-11-30Every Song by Coheed and Cambria
12023-11-26Every Song by Further Seems Forever
12023-11-29Every Song by Brett Eldredge
12023-11-30Every Song by There for Tomorrow
12023-11-30Every Song by Straylight Run
12023-12-02Every Song by Catherine Wheel
12023-10-30Every Song by the Stooges
12023-11-01Every Song by Grayscale
12023-11-01Every Song by the Sophomore Attempt
12023-11-19Every Song by Every Time I Die
12023-10-29Every Song by Cayetana
12023-11-01Every Song by Broadside
12023-10-23Every Song by Jefferson Airplane
12023-10-24Every Song by Punchline
12023-10-26Every Song by the Early November
12023-10-29Every Song by Allister
12023-10-27Every Song by mae
12023-11-10Every Song by the Movielife
12023-11-10Every Song by Hot Rod Circuit
12023-10-28Every Song by Mest
12023-12-02Every Song by Chiodos
12023-07-29Every Song by Joyce Manor
12023-06-30Every Song by Black Flag
12023-08-23Every Song by We Came as Romans
12023-08-07Every Song by We Are the In Crowd
12023-08-23Every Song by Goldfinger
12023-06-30Every Song by American Hi-Fi
12023-06-26Every Song by Skin Yard
12023-09-02Every Song by LifeHouse
12023-08-22Every Song by Cute is What We Aim For
12023-10-17Every Song by the Format
12023-09-03Every Song by Gatsbys American Dream
12023-09-02Every Song by Good Riddance
12023-09-03Every Song by Generation X
12023-08-07Every Song by Real Friends
12023-10-17Every Song by the Summer Set
12023-07-07Every Song by No Use For a Name
12023-07-29Every Song by Glassjaw
12023-08-04Every Song by Filter
12023-08-06Every Song by AFI
12023-08-05Every Song by Trapt
12023-08-05Every Song by Adelitas Way
12023-08-06Every Song by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
12023-08-06Every Song by Stand Atlantic
12023-09-03Every Song by Stone Sour
12023-08-07Every Song by Seaway
12023-07-26Every Song by Live
12023-07-21Every Song by MxPx
12023-08-23Every Song by Everclear
12023-09-02Every Song by Nerf Herder
12023-09-03Every Song by Millencolin
12023-06-30Every Song by 10 Minute Warning
12023-11-27Every Song by Jane's Addiction
12023-10-21Every Song by Acceptance
12023-11-10Every Song by Anberlin
12023-11-19Every Song by As I Lay Dying
12023-12-02Every Song by Asking Alexandria
12023-10-22Every Song by Parkway Drive
12023-10-21Every Song by Quietdrive
12023-11-10Every Song by Red
12023-11-23Every Song by Zebrahead
12023-10-22Every Song by Augustana
12023-12-02Every Song by Anti-Flag
12023-10-26Every Song by Alien Ant Farm
12023-10-29Every Song by Portugal. The Man
12023-10-22Every Song by October Fall
12023-10-22Every Song by Hey Monday
12023-10-17Every Song by the Bouncing Souls
12023-06-30Every Song by Three Fish
12023-06-30Every Song by Malfunkshun
12023-07-29Every Song by Valencia
12023-09-10Every Song by Escape the Fate
12023-06-30Every Song by Eve 6
12023-09-22Every Song by Mad Season
12023-09-30Every Song by Count the Stars
12023-09-30Every Song by Sunny Day Real Estate
12023-09-30Every Song by Winger
12023-10-07Every Song by Midtown
12023-10-17Every Song by the Click Five
12023-10-28Every Song by Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer