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332022-06-26Capitals - Other than country capitals # 1 (Hard)
302021-10-31James Bond - Main Villain's Henchmen/Henchwomen
262021-09-17Silesia, Cilicia or Galicia?
262021-10-28James Bond Villains
232022-06-02Geography - What's in a Name?
212021-10-25County Towns of Counties of Ireland
202022-08-19French, German and Russian Writers
202022-02-21American Civil War Battles
202021-10-10USA - States with the title 'Commonwealth'.
172022-06-09Town names that are simple, English words
172022-07-25Whose Islands?
162022-06-09When in Rome...
162022-04-24Alliteratives - Real people, fictional and cartoon characters.
152022-02-11Name Personages from Birth Year and Year of their Demise (Hard)
152022-02-15American Civil War (Esoterical)
142021-11-16Well Known Personages - Obscure Hints
132021-10-24Line, Long, Love, Naked and Walk - are all words in the answers.
132022-06-03Country to Capital #1
132021-11-09Name Novel by Obscure Lines in the Story
122022-03-08These Nemesis' are Quite Easy
122022-06-03Events in History - Where did they happen?
112022-01-29Cold Quiz
92022-08-19Australian, American and English Writers
92021-09-17German Field Marshals - World War Two
92022-04-23US generals' "Not so good..." moments.
72022-04-23Suetonius' 'The Twelve Caesars'
72022-02-10Name Personages from Birth Year and Year of their Demise (Easy)
62022-06-26Capitals - Other than country capitals # 1 (Easy)
52022-06-02"Great snakes!" These Tintin book titles are mixed up.
52021-08-16Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, The Bahamas Quiz
52022-06-05People with first name Harry
42022-06-09Capitals - Other than country capitals # 2
42022-03-22Joseph Heller's 'Catch 22'
22022-10-18When Evil Saves The Day
12022-06-08Bight Me!
12022-02-27Name Book by Obscure References to the Subject Within