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3002022-06-26Capitals - Other than country capitals # 1 (Hard)
1222023-03-30Countries that end in 'a' and their capitals also end in 'a'
612023-12-07James Bond Villains
552021-09-17Silesia, Cilicia or Galicia?
472023-07-20American Civil War Battles
422023-12-07James Bond - Main Villain's Henchmen/Henchwomen
392023-07-31The Nazis (The Really Evil Ones)
372023-10-27'W' Words
372022-08-19French, German and Russian Writers
352024-02-14History by Letter 'A' (Multiple Choice)
322023-03-30Countries with the same initial letter as their capitals
292022-06-02Geography - What's in a Name?
292021-10-10USA - States with the title 'Commonwealth'.
262021-10-25County Towns of Counties of Ireland
252023-10-09Notable People Named Arthur
252022-07-25Whose Islands?
252023-11-21Alliteratives - Real people, fictional and cartoon characters.
242023-12-04History by Letter 'B' (Multiple Choice)
232023-04-10'Pride and Prejudice' quiz
232022-06-09When in Rome...
222022-06-09Town names that are simple, English words
222022-03-08These Nemesis' are Quite Easy
212023-07-05Events in History - Where did they happen?
212023-11-25History by Letter 'H' (Multiple Choice)
202023-12-17Literature by Letter 'F'
192021-11-16Well Known Personages - Obscure Hints
192023-07-08German Field Marshals - World War Two
192022-02-15American Civil War (Esoterical)
182022-02-11Name Personages from Birth Year and Year of their Demise (Hard)
172023-11-25History by Letter 'J' (Multiple Choice)
172023-09-04Dangerous Locations
162023-07-21The Eastern Front - The Second World War #1
162023-12-05History by Letter 'Y' (Multiple Choice)
162023-12-04History by Letter 'Z' (Multiple Choice)
162024-01-06World War II Chain Quiz
162021-11-09Name Novel by Obscure Lines in the Story
162023-07-31Country to Capital #1
162021-10-24Line, Long, Love, Naked and Walk - are all words in the answers.
162023-12-11Literature by Letter 'A' (Multiple Choice)
152023-12-19Literature by Letter 'H' (Multiple Choice)
152023-11-27History by Letter 'L' (Multiple Choice)
152023-07-05Germany Quiz #1
152023-12-11Literature by Letter 'D' (Multiple Choice)
152023-12-05History by Letter 'O' (Multiple Choice)
142023-12-28Literature by Letter 'M' (Multiple Choice)
142022-01-29Cold Quiz
142023-12-05History by Letter 'T' (Multiple Choice)
142023-12-04History by Letter 'E' (Multiple Choice)
142023-12-06History by Letter 'U' (Multiple Choice)
142023-12-04History by Letter 'D' (Multiple Choice)
142022-04-23US generals' "Not so good..." moments.
132024-01-07Niggly, Little Countries that Cost Us Points...
132023-11-26History by Letter 'G' (Multiple Choice)
132023-12-04History by Letter 'C' (Multiple Choice)
132023-12-04History by Letter 'F' (Multiple Choice)
132023-12-07History by Letter 'K' (Multiple Choice)
132023-12-10Literature by Letter 'B' (Multiple Choice)
132023-12-05History by Letter 'V' (Multiple Choice)
132023-04-23Answers contain colours
132023-04-24Royal Navy Ships Lost in WWII
132023-06-23Easy American Quiz For Americans
122023-12-05History by Letter 'R' (Multiple Choice)
122023-12-05History by Letter 'N' (Multiple Choice)
122023-11-25History by Letter 'I' (Multiple Choice)
122023-08-08The Thirty Years War or The Franco-Prussian War?
122023-12-28Characters in Literature
122023-12-05History by Letter 'X' (Multiple Choice)
112023-10-30Famous or At Least Reasonably Well Known Books by Hints
112023-12-27Literature by Letter 'L' (Multiple Choice)
112023-12-05History by Letter 'S' (Multiple Choice)
112024-01-01Literature by Letter 'R' (Multiple Choice)
112022-04-23Suetonius' 'The Twelve Caesars'
112022-08-19Australian, American and English Writers
112023-08-02Word Puzzles - Countries, States, Cities #1
102023-12-12Literature by Letter 'E' (Multiple Choice)
102023-10-30US Nobel Prize winners - Literature (Multiple Choice)
102023-08-05WWII for Part-Time Dummies #1
102023-09-13Which War Really Happened?
102023-08-05WWII for People Who Have To Be Told To Come In Out Of The Rain
102023-09-27Fictional Characters by Letter 'M'
92023-12-05History by Letter 'W' (Multiple Choice)
92023-04-10American TV Shows, 1960s - 1990s
92023-04-25Australian Rivers - Name the cities/towns on them #1
92023-11-20Capitals - Other than country capitals # 1 (Easy version)
92023-12-05History by Letter 'Q' (Multiple Choice)
92023-11-09City - Name Country
92023-11-13Australia - Multiple Choice #1
92024-01-06Name All Caribbean Nations and All Oceania Nations
92022-06-05People with first name Harry
92023-12-05History by Letter 'P' (Multiple Choice)
82022-03-22Joseph Heller's 'Catch 22'
82023-04-29Lines from Movies
82022-02-10Name Personages from Birth Year and Year of their Demise (Easy)
82023-10-30Australia - Multiple Choice #2
82023-10-08Frank Sinatra Films
82023-10-27Countries with bits of water all to themselves #2
82023-12-22Literature by Letter 'K' (Multiple Choice)
82023-08-09Popular Misconceptions About Australia - Black Label Edition
82023-12-20Literature by Letter 'I' (Multiple Choice)
82023-12-02Songs by Kate Bush
82023-12-11Literature by Letter 'C' (Multiple Choice)
82023-08-07Hiroshima Quiz
72023-12-22Literature by Letter 'J' (Multiple Choice)
72023-12-30Literature by Letter 'Q' (Multiple Choice)
72024-01-03Literature by Letter 'S' (Multiple Choice)
72024-01-04Literature by Letter 'T' (Multiple Choice)
72023-12-29Literature by Letter 'P' (Multiple Choice)
72023-09-09Places Mentioned in Literature, Movies, Songs and Other Places
72023-10-09Word Chain Game#1 by Ulster
72023-09-18Australia - Multiple Choice #3
72023-09-10Likeable Central Characters Until They Show Their True Colours
72023-11-10Words to Impress Your Friends (and Enemies) - Multiple Choice
72023-05-22Countries that Use the Rupee/ Countries that Use the Pound
72023-11-27History by Letter 'M' (Multiple Choice)
62023-04-28Books That Are Compromised By Cinematic Portrayal
62021-08-16Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, The Bahamas Quiz
62023-11-09Countries with bits of water all to themselves #1
62023-12-29Literature by Letter 'O' (Multiple Choice)
62022-06-02"Great snakes!" These Tintin book titles are mixed up.
62023-10-30'The Sweeney' Quiz
62024-01-04Literature by Letter 'U' (Multiple Choice)
62023-08-03Word Puzzles - Animals #1
62023-06-10Films that Feature the Royal Navy and the United States Navy
52023-12-29Literature by Letter 'N' (Multiple Choice)
52022-06-09Capitals - Other than country capitals # 2
52024-01-04Literature by Letter 'V' (Multiple Choice)
52024-01-05Literature by Letter 'Z' (Multiple Choice)
52023-07-02Highest Points in Asia
52023-12-17Literature by Letter 'G' (Multiple Choice)
52023-12-07Pearl Harbor, 7th December 1941
42024-01-04Literature by Letter 'Y' (Multiple Choice)
42024-01-04Literature by Letter 'W' (Multiple Choice)
42023-10-14General Knowledge Quiz#1 by Ulster
42024-01-06Killed in Action (KIA) or Died of Wounds (DOW)
42023-10-30US Nobel Prize winners - Peace (Multiple Choice)
32023-09-27'The Wild Bunch' - Movie (Multiple Choice)
32024-02-27Embarrassing Moments in Australian History (Multiple Choice)
32023-08-08Nagasaki Quiz
32023-08-07American Civil War Generals - The Place and State They Were Born In
32023-09-03Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, Lion, Devil etc. are words in the answers.
32023-12-27General Knowledge Quiz#2 by Ulster
32024-01-05Literature by Letter 'X' (Multiple Choice)
22024-02-16Albums That Taylor Swift Had Nothing To With
12022-02-27Name Book by Obscure References to the Subject Within
12022-06-08Bight Me!
12023-10-26Animals with 'Snout' in their Common Names
02024-02-05US States or Cities in Their Names
02024-02-03Who Starred in That Movie?
02024-01-25Australian Towns A-Z
02024-03-06Australian Rhyming Slang
02024-01-19Leading Bond Girls
02024-01-18Great or Darned Good Reads (In my opinion)
02024-03-05Movies With 'Lady' in the Title