American TV Shows, 1960s - 1990s

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A Hint
What an Australian soldier addresses an officer as, with the intent of showing respect to him and also his contempt for him.
Gilligan's Island
A man with serious problems of how to break his filial duty. Most viewers stayed tuned to the show in the hope that his wife would have an extra-marital affair with his brother.
Everybody Loves Raymond
An illegal alien rocks up. A cougar is hornier than a cattle yard. Makes sexual advances to the two central characters to no avail.
My Favourite Martian
A show about an imposter who takes over a detective agency just by smiling and singing 'Danny Boy'.
Remington Steele
A rather weird show. All the promotional advertisements ended with the statement "He is just trying to get into Daddy's will!"
A show that tried to usurp one of the above for its high profit margin. Brought
an English actress in, to speak seductively. By the time the actress appeared in an episode in black stockings, most viewers were bored with both shows.
A dog with a long snout saves everybody from the darker side of his/her thoughts by rescuing a cat from a well.
A bunch of retarded war veterans and a jeep. Need I say more?
The A Team
A car with a flag painted on its roof that is politically incorrect today. Young teenagers, like myself... only watched it when the sister was in the episode. Cut off denims.
The Dukes of Hazard
A bunch of obviously rich-family-tied people congegrate in a coffee shop to discuss things as possibly world moving as the colour of the dress Lady Gaga MIGHT wear at next year's Academy Awards.
A narcisstic teenager uses his high intelligence to brow beat his parents and siblings.
Family Ties
A Hint
Before this show... the ship's doctor was the reason we watched the answer below.
Love Boat
An inept secret agent. So inept... that even as a seven-year-old boy... I left the room in embarrassment.
Get Smart
A working class man who loves his family... when it suits his purpose...
Married With Children
A show that was celebrated for its brilliant effort at trying to break down racial and social barriers... alas... we are now back to square one.
The Cosby Show
A show with quickly falling ratings. To stem the looming tide of bankruptcy they introduced a new character. The actor must have thought all his Christmas' had come at once. All he had to do was wear a black leather jacket over a white T-shirt... talk like someone who has just undergone a lobotomy... and say "Hey!"
Happy Days
Two moronic women work on a production line in a brewery. To make the show even more unpalatable... their boyfriends' make them look like they are graduates of Harvard.
Laverne and Shirley
A really likeable character. Retarded perhaps. The show revolved around his father trying to teach him morality when dealing with people. Another part of the show was him verbally trying to belittle his sister.
Good Times
A show that also tried to address the issues of racial and social barriers. Classroom. Handsome student but an idiot. Jewish boy who whines annoyingly. African American who only wants to do is steal hubcaps. Italian student who talks and acts like Chico Marx. The title theme became widely popular.
Welcome Back Kotter
Western frontier. The two central characters are thieving opportunists. Their CO is an idiot. The token female character is direly in love with the CO. Some of the best moments in the show are when the two central characters go to the Indian camp to trade. Sorry! Native American camp... oops.
F Troop
A well known show. Its first few seasons gained a wide audience by the wit and idealism of the central character. In later seasons the character became the personification of everything he abhorred in the beginning.
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