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Last updated: November 13, 2023
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1. Which state is largest in area?
New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia is the biggest state but is not included here.
2. Who was Ned Kelly?
A prime minister of Tasmania
The love child of Grace Kelly and Gene Kelly
A bushranger
Designed the Sydney Opera House
Ned Kelly is Australia's most famous outlaw. Back in the good old days, five-year-olds could tell you more about Ned Kelly than they could tell you about their own mothers. Tasmania is a state and is headed by a premier. Jorn Utzon designed the Sydney Opera House. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark.
3. What is a 'warrigal'?
A wombat
A wallaby
A dingo
A kookaburra
'Warrigal' - from the indigenous Dharug language.
4. Witch town in Western Australia brings to mind tidying up your house?
Emu Scrubs
Golden Wash
Dusty Ridge
Broome is the only real town in the list. I spelt 'which' erroneously for hintage reasons. 'Hintage' is not a word. I coined it just then.
5. Mount Gambier in South Australia has four volcanic craters nearby that all once contained lakes. Two are now dry. What are the two remaining lakes?
Browne's Lake and Leg of Mutton Lake
Green Lake and Blue Lake
Blue Lake and Valley Lake
Colonel Light Lake and Side of Beef Lake
The dried up craters were Leg of Mutton Lake and Browne's Lake
6. What cute animal inhabits the Great Australian Bight?
Great White Shark
Southern Ocean Pup Seal
Seal Ocean Southern Pup
Antarctica Furry-Nosed Otter
7. Prolific writer. Wrote about anything and everything Australian.
Frank Gardiner
Frank Thring
Frank Clune
Miles Franklin
8. Who wrote 'The Tree of Man'?
Pat Cash
Pat Rafter
Pat White
Pat Benatar
Wrote as 'Patrick White'. Cash and Rafter - tennis players. Benatar - American singer from NYC.
9. Who or what was Bass Strait named for?
A guitar
A fish
An explorer
Alfie Bass
George Bass was an English naval surgeon and explorer. Another one who did a disappearing act. Alfie Bass was an English actor of Jewish parentage. 'Parentage' is a word. I did not coin it just then.
10. Where would you most likely find gold?
Ayers Rock
Kalgoorlie is the fifth largest gold-producing region in the world. So far, 58 million ounces have been ripped out of the earth there.
11. If you are bitten by a Taipan... what are the most likely things that you will do?
Head back to camp and hope against hope... your eldest brother hasn't sniffed or injected the whole of the anti-venine.
If you are bitten on a finger or a thumb, remove that digit ASAP with your Bowie knife or your straight razor.Throw up and evacuate your bowels as quickly as possible out of ear-shot of the pretty, little, red-headed girl from Vermont in the camp next to yours.
Do not panic and follow the instructions on the the anti-snake-bite kit (if your eldest brother has't used the paper to snort cocaine).
Say your prayers.
12. This bushranger was the most villainous and infamous of the lot. Highly likely he was insane. Dennis Hopper portrayed him in a1976 feature film. Very fitting. It is said in certain circles that Dennis Hopper was not exactly the epitome of mental stability, to be sure.
Martin Cash
Helen Reddy
Frank Gardiner
Daniel Morgan
Martin Cash was a bushranger. He turned to a life of crime because in spite of his surname... he had none. Helen Reddy was an Australian-born, American singer. Like nearly every Australian that finds fame and fortune overseas and stays oversea to live... she still called Australia, Rome. Her most famous song 'I Am Woman' became an anthem for women's liberation at a time when everyone seemed to be having sex with everyone else. The down-side of this flowery period in world history was that the participants were smoking too many flowers to really enjoy copulation. Or remember a single name, after a week, of who, he/she, they or it/what... had been fornicating with. Frank Gardiner was another bushranger.
13. Founder of The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)
Hudson Fysh
John Flynn
Albert Namitjara
Molly Meldrum
Hudson Fysh was an aviator who was a founder of Qantas airlines. Albert Namatjira was an indigenous watercolourist. Molly Meldrum is a cretin who has a collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts that belong in a museum in Cairo... not his f..cking mansion in Oxford Street, Toorak.
14. Which 'Australian' celebrity is despised by most Australians?
Dame Edna Everage
Paul Hogan
Nicole Kidman
It's even money on all three
A bit argumentative, I know... but Australians get a bit sick of celebrities who shove their 'Australian' identity down everyones' throat and spend nine tenths of a year in any other place BUT Australia.
15. Which bird is something you don't want to meet unexpectedly in a dense forest?
A lyre bird
A Raggiana bird-of-paradise
A wedge-tailed eagle
A cassowary
Cassowaries have a simple but harsh foreign policy. It goes something like this "Stay the f**k away from me and I will let you live." Collective name for cassowaries? A 'shock'. The Raggiana bird-of-paradise is PNG's national bird and features on PNG's flag. They don't go to Australia.
16. The 'Battle of the Coral Sea' was a naval donnybrook between
The USN and sixty-seven head-hunting canoeists from the Solomon Islands
The USN and the RAN
The Imperial Japanese Navy, RN, USN, RAN and five hundred canoeists from Fiji
The Japanese Navy and the USN
It was the first time a major Japanese advance had been turned back in the Pacific War. The RAN was involved.
17. Are 'drop bears' real?
I am a Torres Strait Islander so I do not have to answer that question
Depends on how much you have been drinking or smoking
I saw one in the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland once. I think. I am not sure. I had a skinful of Bundaberg in me. I think. I am not sure.
18. Why was the site where Canberra is situated chosen for the capital?
It is roughly (remarkably roughly) midway between Sydney and Melbourne, the two biggest contenders for the throne
The land was going for a song
Nobody knows or cares really
Ayers Rock in the centre of Australia is too bloody hot and there are man-eating dingoes there
Given that Canberra sits 406 miles north-east of Melbourne and 154 miles south-west of Sydney... it really doesn't take a 'George Szekeres' to figure which city is the power behind the throne.
19. Which Budapest-born Australian, in the mathematical field of graph theory, invented a snark with 50 vertices and 75 edges?
George Szekeres
Elizabeth Blackburn
J.M. Coetzee
Piss off, Ulster!
Elizabeth Blackburn was a sharer of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. J.M. Coetzee won the 2003 Nobel Prize for Literature. George Szekeres, in the mathematical field of graph theory, invented a snark with 50 vertices and 75 edges.😁
20. To 'shout' in a hotel means?
Yell loudly
Warn people that the police are on their way
Get a sing-a-long going with didgeridoo accompaniment
Buy the drinks for your group of friends/associates
Everyone in a group has a 'shout'. Those that don't are soon pariahs. In the good old days such groups were known as 'drinking schools' but just called 'schools'. If someone was a little slow in going his 'shout' he might get a little, friendly reminder "What's ya problem, mate? Have you got Death Adders in your pockets?"
21. Which suburb of Sydney has the most rich people?
Double Bay
Alice Springs
22. Where did Paul Hogan say he was born to make him look like a tough, bronzed Aussie from the bush?
Moonee Ponds
Lightning Ridge
Paul Hogan was born in Sydney. He had a job painting bits of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a while. That got him onto Australian television along with a comedic knife-throwing act. Not enough for Hollywood though. He reinvented himself as a crocodile hunter to sell his first feature film. Crikey! There's a lot of crocodile hunters, Great White Sharks and Ernie Dingoes down here. Place is turning into a regular f**king zoo.
23. Bundaberg, Queensland is famous for
Merino wool
Decorative, carved emu eggs
Good old Bundy. Bought out by a Brit company in 2000 and the bottling operation transferred from Bundaberg to Sydney.
24. Born in Bundaberg, this aviator was the first to fly solo from England to Australia.
Charles Kingsford Smith
Bert Hinkler
Charles Ulm
Eddie Earhart
Bert Hinkler was the son of a Prussian-born father. Perished like so many other early aviators. Doing what he was destined to do. Fly. He crashed into a mountain near Arezzo, Tuscany Italy in 1933. He was buried with full military honours in Florence on the orders of Benito Mussolini.
25. Leading World War II fighter ace.
Clive Churchill
Clive James
Clive Lloyd
Clive Caldwell
Clive Caldwell was born in Sydney. Nicknamed 'Killer'. 28.5 enemy aircraft shot down, official. 6 probables. 15 damaged. Clive Churchill? A rugby league playing moron. Clive James is another proud 'Australian'. So proud of Australia that he has lived in England for most of his life. Clive Lloyd is a cricketer who captained the West Indies team, born in Georgetown, British Guiana.
26. Besides his brother Dan, who else was with Ned Kelly at the Glenrowan Inn, Victoria in a gun battle with the police in 1880?
Pro Hart and Jennifer Byrne
Steve Hart and Joe Byrne
Daniel Morgan and Ben Hall
Captain Thunderbolt and Frank Gardiner
Steve Hart, Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly never left the building. Pro Hart was an artist/painter born in Broken Hill, NSW. Jennifer Byrne is a TV celebrity born in Melbourne. Daniel Morgan, Ben Hall, Captain Thunderbolt and Frank Gardiner were all bushrangers.
27. In which state is Denmark?
New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia
Sadly... and less romantically, Denmark was named for an English naval surgeon NOT a beautiful, Nordic country.😢
28. German explorer who disappeared mysteriously in Queensland in 1848. The river that runs through Mount Isa, Queensland and a Sydney suburb are named for him.
Albrecht Durer
Ludwig Leichhardt
Walter von Reichenau
Wolfgang Degenhardt
World Wars' One and Two really smothered a lot of Germanic achievements in Australia. I hope some of my quizzes redress a little of that. No. I am not German and I have no German blood. My great grandfather shot at a German once at Pozieres, France in 1916. The cheeky, little bratwurst shot back at him. 😝
29. The light aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne never fired a shot in anger but had a disturbing propensity for cutting friendly destroyers in half. In peacetime too! Name the RAN victim (1964, 82 Australian sailors killed) and the USN victim (1969, 74 American sailors killed).
HMAS Fremantle and USS Juneau
HMAS Vampire and USS Indianapolis
HMAS Voyager and USS Frank E. Evans
HMAS Voyager and USS Challenger
A lot of blame-laying, scapegoating and bizarre stories came out at the official enquiries after the incidents. All the Australian watch on both occasions were pissed as a barrel full of monkeys. The American watch in the second incident thought the Japanese had sided with North Vietnam and mistook the carrier for a modern, pocket 'Shinano' back for another sneak crack at them and tried to ram the carrier. The crews of all three ships were whale watching on duty just before the crunches. Who knows? It's all water off the starboard bow now.
30. Which city/town on the Queensland coast is furthest north?
31. Which city/town on the Western Australia coast is closest to Perth?
Port Hedland
32. Bushranger. Considered one of the more decent in his chosen life because he never took a life personally although some of his associates did. Shot to pieces after fleeing a police ambush in 1865.
Frank Gardiner
Martin Cash
Ben Hall
Captain Thunderbolt
33. Born in Melbourne to German Jewish parents from the Prussian province of Posen. He spoke, read and wrote German fluently. Met Ned Kelly in Jerilderie, NSW in1879. Considered one of the best allied generals of WWI. Australia's most competent and famous military commander.
Thomas Blamey
Leslie Morshead
John Monash
Iven Mackay
34. White Cliffs NSW, Lightning Ridge NSW, Coober Pedy SA and Andamooka SA are towns famous for what?
35. Soldier, gold prospector. Tall tale teller? This colourful character claimed to have found a massively rich, gold reef in central Australia. He perished on an expedition to relocate it, in 1931. His name has gone down in Australian legend along with bunyips, drop bears, kadaitcha and yowies.
Charles Kingsford Smith
Lewis (Harold) Lasseter
Matthew Flinders
John McDouall Stuart
36. What is a yowie?
A species of bunyip
A female back-up singer for the band 'Yothu Yindi'
Robert Menzies' and John Howard's imaginary friend when they studied law
The love child of Gladys Berejiklian ex-MP and Daryl Maguire ex-MP
37. Former detective sergeant in the NSW Police Force. He was implicated in two murders, bribery, assault and drug trafficking. No convictions. He is now serving a life sentence for murder, drug trafficking and perverting the course of justice.
Roger Hodgson
Roger Waters
Roger Rogerson
Roger Daltrey
There was a joke doing the rounds in Australia when Rogerson was shooting people, selling drugs and taking kick-backs all over the shop "How do you stop police corruption in NSW?" "Sack Roger Rogerson!"
38. The town of Stuart in the Northern Territory was named for explorer John McDouall Stuart. The name was changed in 1933. What is the town called now?
Alice Springs
Tennant Creek
39. Easternmost point of mainland Australia
Cape Howe
Green Cape
Cape Byron
Cape Hawke
40. Westernmost point of mainland Australia
Steep Point (Shark Bay)
Dampier Peninsula
North West Cape
Peron Peninsula
41. Northernmost point of mainland Australia
Cape Hotham
Gove Peninsula
Cape York Peninsula
Cape Keith
42. Southernmost point of mainland Australia
Cape Clear
Bellarine Peninsula
Banksia Peninsula
South Point (Wilson's Promontory)
43. What is the capital of the Torres Strait Islands?
Wednesday Island
Thursday Island
Friday Island
Saturday Island
44. The Tiwi Islands, north of the Northern Territory and part of that happy place consist of two big islands and nine smaller, uninhabited ones. What are the names of the big brothers?
Beagle Island and Wickham Island
Herman Island and Melville Island
Charles Island and Bathurst Island
Melville Island and Bathurst Island
45. Rottnest Island, 11 miles west of Fremantle, Western Australia has a population of macropods that Dutch sea captain Willem de Vlamingh thought were rats. What are these cuter than a koala thingies called?
Gilbert's potoroo
Lawn Hill water rat
Gilbert's potoroo and the woylie are as rare as rocking horse droppings and are seriously endangered. The Lawn Hill water rat is, very likely, extinct. The quokka has no real axe to grind. Their stomping ground is close to two major cities, one the capital of the state. She'll be right, mate. Tourists will ensure they don't go the way of the Tasmanian tiger.
46. What are kadaitcha?
Water carriers in indigenous tribes
Scouts who reconnoitre ahead of the main body when the tribe is on the move
Hunters and gatherers for the tribe
Tribal executioners
47. There is a town in New South Wales with the indigenous name Wagga Wagga (pronounced Wogga Wogga). How does it translate in English?
'Place of clear, fresh water'
'Plenty big fish here, cuz'
'Place of many crows'
'Where's that five o'clock wave then, cuz?'
48. What town on the Gulf of Carpentaria is known for bauxite mining?
Weipa, Queensland
Burketown, Queensland
Cloncurry, Queensland
Longreach, Queensland
49. If a man walked into an Australian's camp wearing a crocodile skin vest with a hat band adorned with crocodile teeth... AND a f..king BOWIE knife on his belt... what would an Australian do?
On first seeing him, advise him to step no further into the camp... "Watch it, mate! There's a couple of bloody taipans here and I'm not sure which way they went."
Act like a drooling idiot until he left
Throw a bucket of yabbies over him and tell to fornicate elsewhere
Any one of the above. They would all probably get him out of your area
A cricketer here won the hearts of the nation once. A fast bowler who was trying to steal Jeff Thomson's mantle as the most colourful cricketer who ever sniffed a gum leaf or shot a bandicoot in full flight. Tragically, his beautiful and charming wife died of breast cancer after a long struggle. That earned him more fans. Then this idiot goes and posts a picture of himself sitting on the the carcass of a dead lion, cradling a Buckingham Palace .458 rifle in his arms. Nobody talks about this Aussie, sporting legend anymore.
50. In this town in NSW, in the 1970s, the suicide rate was so alarming that even the state capital sent their best news reporters out to investigate. Name the town.
Broken Hill
To avoid prolonging the agony of the families involved... most cases were written up as 'Death by Misadventure'.
51. This NSW town has a sister city in Kansas. Name the NSW town and its American sibling counterpart
Tombstone and Kansas City
Wagga Wagga and Leavenworth
El Paso and Wagga Wagga
Wagga Wagga and Houston
In Wagga Wagga there is a walkway called the 'Wagga Wagga Hall of Fame of Sister Cities.'
52. Which state is Iron Knob in?
Western Australia
South Australia
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Enjoyed the drop bears question and answer.
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Thank you. I try to amuse as well as inform. People are so uptight these days. We all need to relax a little and laugh more. The world is not getting any younger.
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Really funny! Still needs more time, though: I didn't have time to finish reading the questions.

For your information, if I'm ever bitten by a taipan, the most likely thing I'll do is gush about how rare this is, and spout animal facts until someone strangles me and blames it on the snake.

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Sounds like a plan. 😁 More time added. Thank you for your comment. Watch where you step. 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
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Taipans are a snake that have been reduced in habitat to desert areas of Queensland. To get bitten by one is like you having to be crossing a dry area and ask him nicely to bite you, to end your misery.