Australia - Multiple Choice #2

This quiz is all over the shop... like most of my quizzes. Some questions are of some/real value to people who are really fascinated by Australia and/or Australians. I, personally, am NOT fascinated by Australia and/or Australians, to be honest. I have never even been there. Sadly, my favourite topics like Harry Potter, Star Wars, the names of the US presidents' budgerigars and mistresses have been so covered in JetPunk, that I have realised that anything I could possibly add... would be the last straw that deserted a sinking ship. All comments welcome... positive or negative. I reply to all comments. It is no skin off my nose... since I never get any. Enjoy. God bless all and sundry.
Quiz by Ulster
Last updated: October 30, 2023
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1. Which desert is largest?
Gibson Desert
Tanami Desert
Strzelecki Desert
Simpson Desert
2. Who was the Simpson Desert named for?
Bob Simpson (cricketer)
John Simpson (stretcher-bearer killed at Gallipoli in1915, twenty-four days after the landing)
A.A. Simpson (mayor of Adelaide 1913-1915)
Wallis Simpson (socialite)
3. Gulf shared by Western Australia and Northern Territory.
Louis Napoleon Gulf
Napoleon Bonaparte Gulf
Joseph Bonaparte Gulf
Pauline Bonaparte Gulf
4. An Australian light cruiser engaged a German light cruiser off the coast of the Cocos Islands in 1914, forcing it to run aground. What were the ships named?
HMAS Perth and SMS Emden
HMAS Perth and Kormoran
HMAS Sydney and SMS Emden
HMAS Sydney and Kormoran
5. In a mutually destructive encounter, an Australian light cruiser engaged a German auxillary cruiser off Carnarvon, Western Australia in 1941. What were the ships named?
HMAS Perth and SMS Emden
HMAS Perth and Kormoran
HMAS Sydney and SMS Emden
HMAS Sydney and Kormoran
6. Rhyming slang - Joe Blake
7. Rhyming slang - Oxford Scholar.
Foller (Follow)
Waller (Wallow)
8. Rhyming slang - Schindler's List.
Pissed (intoxicated)
9. Slang for Australian currency - Red Back.
Five Dollars
Twenty Dollars
Fifty Dollars
Hundred Dollars
10. Slang for Australian currency - Monash.
Five Dollars
Ten Dollars
Twenty Dollars
Hundred Dollars
11. Nickname for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The Ridgey-didge
Old Glory
Old Faithful
The Coat Hanger
12. Nickname for the Sydney Opera House.
The Eyesore
Taxpayer's Burden
The Snail Orgy
13. Two 'Australian' actors, generations apart, received Oscars. One of them for 'Best Actor', the other for 'Best Supporting Actor' respectively. What is remarkable about this achievement of them both?
Oscar winners and Russell Crowe, another Oscar winner, shows his admiration by throwing his cell 'phones at them
They were both born next door to Paul Hogan in Lightning Ridge
They both stuttered and drank Foster's Lager
Neither of them knew they had won
14. The closest country to Australia proper?
East Timor
Papua New Guinea
Are you joking? Australia and the word 'proper' in the same sentence? Throw another Paul Hogan on the barbie for us
15. Trips to Jenolan Caves in NSW in the early 1990s became unpopular for what reason?
A pretty tour guide singing 'Amazing Grace' in the section known as 'The Cathedral'
An early graffiti artist marring a natural wonder by scratching his name and the date '1867' on one of the walls
Too expensive and people who never knew they suffered from claustrophia... suddenly did
All of the above
16. Robert O'Hara Burke perished on an expedition in the 1860s. Why?
He could not read a map or compass and was too stupid and arrogant to allow people who could, to teach him
He murdered his map and compass man in a violent rage for stealing his last flask of poteen
He refused the aid of indigenous people who found him parched like a papyrus
All of the above
17. When you think of Sydney... what springs to mind?
The Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Sydney Opera House AND the Sydney Harbour Bridge
The Sydney Opera House AND the Sydney Harbour Bridge and not much else. Elle Macpherson's legs maybe?
18. What is the best thing to ever come out of Melbourne?
Phar Lap
Molly Meldrum
Kylie Minogue and 'Neighbours'
The Hume Highway
19. This 'Australian' golfer earned the nickname 'The Great White Shark' after he boasted he was a big-time Carcharodon carcharias hunter. He later admitted he had never even seen a Great White outside a Steven Spielberg movie. Where was this legend in his own lunch pail born?
Lightning Ridge, New South Wales
Roma, Queensland
Shark Bay, Western Australia
Mount Isa, Queensland
20. This little turd flap of a former prime minister is quick to point out he is the second longest-serving prime minister of Australia. What is another of little Johnny Coward's political seconds?
Who really cares?
He is the second incumbent Australian prime minister to lose an election AND his seat. Stanley Bruce was the first.
Who gives a bunyip's left nostril?
Yeah, yeah. You are boring me.
21. Australian aviator who disappeared with two others on a test flight from California to Hawaii in 1934.
Hudson Fisher
Bruce Lindberg
Charles Ulm
Charles Kingsford Smith
22. Where are the 'Walls of China'?
Lake Frome, South Australia
Lake Mungo, New South Wales
Lake Eyre, South Australia
Lake Disappointment, Western Australia
23. Which Australian showman ('conservationist') famously antagonised reptiles and other wildlife to bite or take a snap at him for the cameras until a stingray antagonised HIM permanently off the Queensland coast in 2006?
Harry Butler
Alby Mangels
Malcolm Douglas
Steve Irwin
24. Australia's highest point.
Mount Twynam
Mount Kosciuszko
Mount Scabby
Mount Townsend
25. Two Australian soldiers executed by firing squad for 'murder' on the insistence of Kitchener, the British commander-in-chief, as a political expedience during the Second Boer War. Executed 1902.
Dylan Moran and Tony Hancock
Harry Morant and Peter Handcock
Erin Moran and John Hancock
Duran Duran and Captain Peacock
26. This Australian Lieutenant-General did a Dougie MacArthur and even before Dougie MacArthur did HIS Dougie MacArthur. Deserted his troops at the last minute and left them to fend for themselves at the hands of the Japanese in WWII.
Hywell Bennett
Gordon Bennett
Tony Bennett
Elizabeth Bennett
Talk about parallel lives. Both men were never at ease with either superiors or subordinates. Both men thought they and only they had the answer to defeat Japan. Both men saved their own skins when it looked bad. Bennett in February 1942. Dougie in March 1942. Both men fled the big ones. The Fall of Singapore is considered the worst defeat in British military history. For the USA... the Fall of the Philippines.
27. Although a monocline and NOT a monolith, Western Australian tourism promoters claim it is the world's biggest of the latter.
Mount Bruce
Mount Augustus
Mount Frederick
Mount Meharry
28. Which city/town is furthest south on the New South Wales coast?
Port Macquarie
29. Which bay, a World Heritage Site, is in the vicinity of the cities/towns of Carnarvon and Denham on the Western Australia coast?
Stingray Bay
Steve Irwin Bay
Shark Bay
Summer Bay
30. Site in the Northern Territory once mined for its uranium. Rio Tinto, the mining company, vehemently deny that their mining operations have contaminated the area and refuse to pay a cent for its rehabilitation.
Whiskey Creek
Rum Jungle
Foster's Ford
Brandywine Station
31. The first terrorist attack on Australian soil by foreign elements occured on New Year's Day in 1915. Where did it happen?
Tennant Creek, Northern Territory
Mount Isa, Queensland
Broken Hill, New South Wales
Halls Creek, Western Australia
32. Adelaide's most prominent founder.
Gordon Lightfoot
Colonel William Light
Captain Thunderbolt Lightfoot
Judith Light
33. Soldier. Born Evandale, Tasmania. Described as the British Empire's most decorated infantryman. VC, DSO & bar, DCM, Croix de guerre etc.
Murray Farquhar
Henry (Harry) Murray
Murray River
Murray Bourchier
34. Ninth prime minister. First Catholic and Irish-Australian to hold the office. Labor Party. No bullets came his way but Wall Street crashed on his head two days after he was sworn in. To be sure.
Clive James
James Clavell
James Scullin
James Reyne
35. Some womens now. Australia's first saint.
Kylie Minogue
Mary MacKillop
Dame Edna Everage
36. Very popular but highly over-rated premier of NSW. Smart enough to resign before the walls came crashing down around her Armenian-Australian ears in earnest. Oh, why cannot these people in high office behave themselves and just do their bloody job?
Cheryl Kernot
Gladys Berejiklian
Julia Gillard
Sally Fletcher
37. Pioneer in an effective treatment for polio.
Sister Kenny (Elizabeth Kenny)
Evonne Goolagong
Anne Sanders
Kate Richie
38. Writer of prose and verse. State funeral in 1962. She is on the ten dollar note.
Margaret Court
Maggie Beer
Maggie Tabberer
Mary Gilmore
39. First female member of parliament.
Helen Morse
Judy Davis
Edith Cowan
Rowena Wallace
40. Irish-Australian journalist, welfare worker and anthropologist amongst indigenous tribes in western and southern Australia. Was married to the 'Breaker' for about six minutes.
Daisy Bates
Shemara Wikramanayake
Penny Wong
Linda Burney
41. She circumnavigated the world in a boat.
Jana Wendt
Kay Cottee
Liz Hayes
Bronwyn Bishop
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