Capitals - Other than country capitals # 1 (Easy version)

The places that are not capitals can be largest cities or towns or administrative centres. Prefectures. Disputed territories included. There is a harder version of this quizz.
Quiz by Ulster
Last updated: November 20, 2023
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Christmas Island (capital). Australia. A fish out of water.
Flying Fish Cove
Northwest Territories (capital). Canada. Cowardly dagger.
Bermuda (capital and largest city). UK. A pig product + an English cheese minus the first two letters.
Saint Martin (capital). France. French for side-stream; tributary rivulet; backwater.
Sint Maarten (capital). Netherlands. Named after its founder, a Scottish captain in the Dutch navy. Giant Dutch company that started out making lightbulbs in Eindhoven + the German word for 'castle'.
French Guiana (prefecture). France. Condiment commonly dried and crushed. SHU 25,000-50,000.
Sicily (capital). Italy. Under Arab rule the Greek name was changed to Balarm, the root for its present name.
Prince Edward Island (capital). Canada. Named for Farmer George's wife. He went mad and shook hands with an oak tree thinking it was the king of Prussia. Got booted out of the land of milk and honey.
Norfolk Island (capital). Australia. A ubiquitous name. USA has a truck load. Capital of a Caribbean country.
Sardinia (capital and largest city). Italy. Known to the Phoenicians and Carthaginians as Karaly. The name was latinized in various forms over the centuries. According to Roderigo Hunno Baeza (being a Sardinian he probably knew best) the name was derived from the Greek word for 'head' as the city was the main centre of the island.
Puerto Rico (capital). USA. A ubiquitous name throughout the Americas if ever there was one. It is even the capital of Puerto Rico.
San Juan
Corsica (capital). France. Birthplace of l'empereur on August 15, 1769.
Tasmania (capital). Australia. Named for a limey, upperclass, pen-pushing twit. This one a Secretary of State for War and the Colonies; 4th Earl of Buckinghorse.
Isle of Wight (largest town). UK. Mustang Sally.
Yukon (capital). Canada. "...and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering and to conquer."
Tahiti (administrative capital). France. Capital of French Polynesia. In Tahitian it means "water from a basket."
New Caledonia (capital). France. Chief port of New Caledonia on the main island of Grande Terre. Home to the majority of the island's European, Polynesian (Wallisians, Futunians, Tahitians), Indonesian and Vietnamese populations. Also many Melanesians, Ni-Vanuatu and Kanaks. One of Oceania's most industrialised cities.
Northern Ireland (capital). UK. Harland and Wolff.
Greenland (capital). Denmark. Founded by Dano-Norwegian, Lutheran missionary, Hans Egede in 1728. Formerly called Godthab. Name is Greenlandic word for 'cape.' Sermitsiaq (Saddle Mountain) can be seen from the city.
South Australia (capital). Australia. Named for Farmer George's third son's wife. She was named after a winery in the Barbarossa Valley.
Isle of Man (capital). UK. Name of the aircraft company that gave the world the legendary DC-3.
Wales (capital). UK. Caerdydd. Tiger Bay.
Galapagos Islands (capital). Ecuador. Named for the first Ecuadorian president to visit the islands during his presidency.
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Catalonia (capital). Spain. Unemployed matadores, picadores, banderilleros and mozo de epadas.
Wyoming (capital). USA. Named by its residents for the local Native American tribe.
Aruba (capital). Netherlands. Second largest Algerian city + a thing said or done for amusement + advertisment abbreviated.
Pitcairn Islands (capital). UK. Only settlement on the islands. Named for the last surviving mutineer of the HMS Bounty. He shared a name with the second US president.
Tibet (administrative capital). Sovereignty? Jokhang Temple; Norbulingka Monastery; Potala Palace; Wheel of Dharma. The 'Mecca' of Tibetan and foreign Buddhists.
Guam (capital village). USA. Formerly Agana. Scene of a serious race riot between black and white USMC servicemen, December 1944.
Western Sahara (largest city). Morocco. In 1940, Spain designated the city the capital of Spanish Sahara. Currently under de facto administration by Morocco.
Snake Island (largest settlement). Ukraine. The island has a long history of being a place of contention and armed conflict between Black Sea nations. Back in the news on 24th February, 2022. A fluid released by the liver and stored in the gallbladder.
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (capital). Australia. A cardinal direction and a piece of land surrounded by water.
West Island
Coco and Preparis Islands (township). Myanmar. Sobriquet of a French fashion icon + kyun.
Landfall Island (largest village). India. An arrival at land on a sea or air journey.
Socotra (largest town). Yemen. Formerly known as Tamrida. Capital of Hidaybu, one of two administrative districts.
Rhodes (principal town). Greece. Colossus; Cecil; scholarship; Zambia; Zimbabwe.
Andros (town). Greece. Christofi; Kyprianou; Rodriguez; Townsend; Stark.
Andros Island (town). Bahamas. Dee; Edmund; Plato; Power Rangers; Thomas.
Andros Town
US Virgin Islands (capital and largest city). USA. Founded 1666 as Taphus. Name changed in 1691 for the wife of a man born in Flensburg.
Charlotte Amalie
British Virgin Islands (capital and largest city). UK. Name derived from a nautical term applied to areas of shelter for seacraft.
Road Town
Principe (capital). Sao Tome and Principe. Canonised Spanish or Italian Anthony.
Santo Antonio
Guadeloupe (prefecture). France. Name means 'low land' in French. A breed of English hound can be found in the name.
Rondonia (capital and largest city). Brazil. Portuguese 'old port'.
Porto Velho
Martinique (prefecture). France. Strategic position of descendents of Gauls, Celts, Franks... to name a few.
Shetland Islands (largest settlement). UK. In Old Norse and the local (now extinct) Norn language "bay of clay."
Rhineland-Palatinate (capital). Germany. Name derived from the Latin Moenis (also Moenus or Menus) that the Romans called the river on which the city sits.
Djerba Island (largest settlement). Tunisia. Arabic "the market neighbourhood."
Houmt Souk
Rum (largest settlement). UK. 'Loch head'.
Abkhazia (capital and largest city).
Maluku Islands (largest settlement). Indonesia.
Level 67
Mar 11, 2023
Please give more time on this quiz. It's really fun, and the hints are great! But there's not nearly enough time to read through all of the questions and hints.
Level 75
Mar 12, 2023
Fifteen minutes now. Your request and compliments highly appreciated, Isofhereward.