Fictional Characters by Letter 'M'

Includes one fictional location but I assume it was named for a person.
Quiz by Ulster
Last updated: September 27, 2023
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"It was a pleasure to burn."
Guy Maytag
Topples to his death in the arms of his arch-enemy at a Swiss waterfall.
Professor Moriarty
"Two days ago I saw a vehicle that'll haul that tanker. You wanna get out of here... talk to me."
Mad Max
Bounty killer in the second of a trilogy of spaghetti westerns. Ex-Confederate colonel. Has a nice collection of firearms to accommodate any occasion.
Colonel Douglas Mortimer
Buys eggs in Malta for seven cents apiece and sells them at a profit in Pianosa for five cents.
Milo Minderbinder
"Tommy, you can't do this! You don't bump guys!" (Location).
Miller's Crossing
Theme song for a 1967 film. Also a seducer of a younger man in the film.
Mrs Robinson
London underworld figure in the Wilbur Smith book 'The Eye of the Tiger'. Published 1975. (First name).
Manny Resnick
Brother of a deerstalker-wearing, violin-playing cocaine addict. (First name).
Mycroft Holmes
The little sister looked down from the high window at the lady in the lake. She was disappointed when she reaiised that Miss Playback was waving, not drowning. Footsteps behind her made her spin around guiltily. Her nurse frowned at her from the doorway. "Now, Miss Carmen. You promised me that if I let you stay up a little later last night that today you have a big sleep."
Philip Marlowe
IRA operative's girlfriend in the 'The Eagle Has Landed'. (First name).
Molly Pryor
"I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders." (First name).
Moe Greene
Selfish, sugar-and-rosette-loving white mare in George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'. Published 1945.
Returned war veteran just wants a peaceful life growing watermelons but organised hoodlums make him dance with them first.
Vince Majestyk
"Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them. With _____ _____ it had been all three."
Major Major Major Major
Cypress Club, Las Olindus. Racketeer. Planet. Confection.
Eddie Mars
Level 75
Oct 30, 2023
You left yourself wide open with that comment, jasperww6969. You also showed your timidity.

*Your timidity - You did not identify who 'the other guy' is. There is a Jetty Peps user who identifies himself as 'That Guy', 'That Guy Again', 'That Guy On Parole', 'That Guy With Frank Sinatra at Caesar's Palace' and also 'Jealous Guy'. Perhaps... in this strange, little world of ours... 'the other guy' is/are all individuals who coincided with their chosen monika.

*Your grandiose, "Nobody likes your quizzes, anyway." That was a bit below the belt. Well, pumpkin... I am not into Jetty Peps to make friends or win streaker points... I am here, as an educator, to learn the right things, by the right people, to share with all my students. If your reference to the 'other guy' is plattitude... Oh, no Baby! Oh, no!

plattitude and I have reached a tacit agreement... I do not mention a body of water between two national entities...HE doesn't mention a duck pond that even Canadian Geese don't deign

Level 75
Oct 30, 2023 sit on.
Level 75
Oct 30, 2023
As for your reference to your friend 'Nobody'. Fair enough. I realise some of my quizzes are a little bizarre, tasteless, too over-the-top, incomprehensible... non-politically-correct... I apologise, jasperww6969. Will you now stop your friend from looking for me?
Level 75
Oct 31, 2023
Just for you, jasperww6969...

* "...body of water between two national entities..." = Torres Strait

* " pond that even Canadian Geese don't deign to sit on." = Lake Michigan

* deign = do something that one considers to be beneath one's dignity.

* Nobody... I suggest you read 'The Odyssey' by Stephen King.

* moniker = a nickname or a pet name for a person.

* coincide

* incomprehensible

* grandiose