The Nazis (The Really Evil Ones)

Quiz about the vilest of the Nazis and their doings in Europe.
Quiz by Ulster
Last updated: July 31, 2023
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(1889-1945). Born in Austria. Time magazine's 'Man of the Year' in 1938.
Adolf Hitler
(1893-1946). Born in Bavaria. Reichsmarschall. Commanded the Luftwaffe. Suicide by cyanide, the night before they could hang him, October 15, 1946.
Hermann Goering
(1900-1945). Born in Munich. Reichsfuhrer. Suicide by cyanide, May 23,1945 whilst in British Army captivity.
Heinrich Himmler
(1897-1945). Born in Berlin. One of the 'Man of the Year - 1938' 's closest and most devoted acolytes. 'The Poison Dwarf'. Suicide by cyanide or gunshot or both, after despatching his wife. Murdered his six children the previous night, May 1945.
Joseph Goebbels
(1905-1981). Born in Mannheim. Convicted for war crimes at Nuremberg, 1946. Escaped the rope. He didn't know nothing about no Jews. He was gonna assassinate Hitler in his bunker with poison gas at one time but the opportunity passed. Served 20 years in Spandau Prison. Wrote his memoirs 'Inside the Third Reich'.
Albert Speer
(1904-1942). Born in Germany. Assassinated by Czech agents trained by the SOE, in Prague in May 1942. Responsible for the Einsatzgruppen in Poland, the Baltic States and Russia. The earlier years of the Holocaust were smothered with his fingerprints. Sobriquet - 'The Hangman' among many others. One less flattering nickname was 'The Nanny Goat' because of his laugh (not to his face, of course). Torn with doubts whether he had Jewish blood or not, he would get blind drunk and shoot his reflection in mirrors. "I got you, you Jew." he would say.
Reinhard Heydrich
(1906-1962). Born in Solingen. Like his boss, 'The Nanny Goat', an overachiever in implementing and carrying out the Holocaust. Abducted by the Mossad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and flown to Israel. Tried and hanged in Jerusalem, 1962.
Adolf Eichmann
(1911-1979). Born in Bavaria. Doctorates in anthropology and medicine. Doctor at Auschwitz. Experiments on camp inmates. Fascinated with the genetics of twins. Escaped to Argentina after the war. Drowned in Brazil after suffering a stroke.
Josef Mengele
(1900-1942). Born in Germany. SS brigadefuhrer (major-general). He commanded Einsatzgruppe A in the Baltic States operating in the wake of the advance of Army Group North on its way to a 900 day holiday at Leningrad. Most murderous of the einsatzgruppen. 249,420 victims. Fatally wounded by Soviet partisans.
Franz Stahlecker
(1900-1946). Born in Karlsruhre. Lawyer. Personal legal adviser to 'The Man of the Year - 1938'. Lawyer for the NSDAP. Governor-General of occupied Poland (1939-1945). Convicted and sentenced to death at Nuremberg, 1946. Hanged.
Hans Frank
(1885-1944). Born in Germany. One of the original members of the NSDAP, joining in 1923. When it was outlawed for a bit, after a failed coupe, he rejoined in 1931. His apprenticeship in mass murder was with the Aktion T4 euthanasia programme. He went on to become a dynamo in the death camps. Commandant of the first 'Operation Reinhard' extermination centres, he devised and installed the first 'production line' gas chamber using carbon monoxide from a truck engine. Shot and killed by Yugoslav partisans in 1944.
Christian Wirth
(1904-1945). Born in Austria. Early Austrian Nazi. SS and Police Leader in the Lublin district, Poland. Enthusiastic proponent of the extermination programme. Responsible for the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto (July 23-September 21 1942) and the Bialystok ghetto (August 15-20 1943). Suicide by cyanide whilst in British Army custody, 1945.
Odilo Globocnik
(1908-1946). Born in Vienna. Commandant of Plaszow concentration camp. Sentenced to death by a Polish tribunal. With a cynical, ironic and somewhat distasteful sentimentality for the fellow, perhaps, his judges decreed that he should be hanged close-by to his favourite stomping ground.
Amon Goeth (Amon Goth)
(1895-1945).Born in Wurzburg. Had a brigade that bore his name. Warsaw Uprising. Captured and killed in captivity by Polish nationalists.
Oskar Dirlewanger
(1908-1971). Born in Austria. A dedicated police officer in his own country. Medals and citations all over the shop. Anschluss. "A man has to make a living." Commandant of Sobibor and later Treblinka.
Franz Stangl
(1899-1944). Russian collaborator. His brigade's performance in the suppression of the Warsaw Rising in 1944 had him in front of a firing squad on the Reichfuhrer's orders. Not because of his brigade's brutal depravity, oh no. The 'Reich Heini' was a little worried about his own skin and he had the crazy idea when the Amis came trundling in, he had a chance of being part of the rebuilding of post-war Germany and the fight against the eastern juggernaut.
Bronislav Kaminski
(1901-1947). Longest serving commandant at Auschwitz. May 4, 1940-November, 1943 and then in May 8, 1944-January, 1945. He initiated the use of Zyklon B in the gas chambers on the advice of a subordinate. Hanged at his old work place.
Rudolf Hoess (Rudolf Hoss)
(1915-1976). SS standartendfuhrer (colonel). His eponymous battle group were busy, little bees in Russia, Italy and France. He faced an uncertain future after the war when revelations about a massacre of US POWs came to light. He was okay, though. He was convicted and sentenced to death at a war crimes trial held at Dachau in 1946.The sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. In 1954 it was commuted to 35 years in prison. He was realised in 1956. Spent his remaining years regaling tavern dwellers about his exploits in the SS with his former CO. Settled in France. Murdered in 1976.
Joachim Peiper
(1902-1977). SS general. Einsatzgruppen Man. He bullied around in Poland. Administration work for a time and training other aspirant bullies. Looked like he was the man to replace 'The Nanny Goat' but nothing came of it. Born in Hamburg. Died in Hamburg. If you happen to find yourself in Hamburg... for whatever reason... do not mention his name.
Bruno Streckenbach
(1907-1951). SS gruppenfuhrer. Economist. Lawyer. Einsatzgruppen Man. Head of Inland-SD (1939-1945). He commanded Einsatzgruppe D, attached to 11th Army that operated in southern Ukraine and Crimea. Smallest of the einsatzgruppen, it was largely composed of Romanian and Ukrainian auxillaries. Simferopol massacre (14,300 victims). Mykolaiv, near Odessa (22,467 victims). Total victims 90,000+. He was tried and convicted at Nuremberg and was hanged in the prison where Time magazine's 'Man of the Year 1938' had dictated his bestseller to his secretary.
Otto Ohlendorf
(1892-1966). SS general. Joined the Nazi Party in 1928. Was 'Man of the Year 1938's' chauffeur and bodyguard in the early days. Commanded a division and was with it to the end when it had grown to a panzer army. In Hungary at the closing stages of the war. His name in German means 'keeper of the keys' in English. 'Night of the Long Knives', Wormhoudt Massacre, Malmedy Massacre. Convicted of war crimes, sentenced to 25 years imprisonment. Served 18 months. Lived to 73.
Josef 'Sepp' Dietrich
(1889-1945). SS general. Inspector of Concentration Camps and a big wheel in seeing to their organisation and efficiency. Saw to it that there was plenty of Zyklon B at hand. Mostly unknown. Suicide by cyanide after he heard the call "Last drinks!" He was born two days after 1938's 'Man of the Year' and extinguished himself ten days after the 'Man' had. And in the same fashion.
Richard Glucks
(1913-1991). Allgemeine SS hauptsturmfuhrer (captain). 'Butcher of Lyon'. Escaped to Bolivia with the aid of US intelligence. Extradited to France in 1984. Tried, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1987 for war crimes. Died in prison. Somebody recognised him and journalists had no copy that week. International news for a day or two.
Klaus Barbie
(1903-1946). Born in Austria. SS obergruppenfuhrer (lieutenant-general). Tall. Face marked with duelling scars he received in a motor vehicle accident. Worked tirelessly for the Nazis in Austria to help bring about the Anschluss in 1938. Rewarded with the highest Nazi position in Austria. Tried and hanged in Nuremberg, October 16 1946.
Ernst Kaltenbrunner
(1896-1986). Born in Germany. Reichskommisar for Ukraine, September 1941-November 1944. "If I meet a Ukrainian worthy of being seated at my table I must have him shot." Sentenced to death (commuted to life imprisonment). Died in Barczewo Prison, Poland.
Erich Koch
(1894-1945). Born in Germany. Volunteered to command Einsatzgruppe B, even before Operation Barbarossa began. His unit followed behind Army Group Centre through Belarus to the capital. He tried exterminating victims by placing them in bunkers and blowing them up with explosives. The results were farcical. Hanged by his own side at Plotzensee Prison, Berlin after being implicated in the July Plot, 1944.
Arthur Nebe
(1885-1946). Born in Bavaria. An early Nazi. Editor of a right-wing newspaper that was highly anti-Semitic and pornographic. Loathed by all his fellow Nazis. Tried and hanged in Nuremberg, October 16 1946.
Julius Streicher
(1892-1943). Born in Germany. SS General. Learned his dark art in Dachau. Died when his reconaissance aircraft was shot down in Russia in 1943.
Theodor Eicke
(1895-1952). Born in Germany. SS gruppenfuhrer. Commanded German forces that suppressed the Warsaw Uprising. Danced at the end of a Polish rope. Rather foolishly he documented his shenanigans in Warsaw thoroughly. The footage and photographs are iconic for the Holocaust now.
Jurgen Stroop
(1923-1945). Born in Germany. Camp guard at Ravensbruck, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. 'Die Hyane von Auschwitz' (The Hyena of Auschwitz). Captured by the British she was tried, convicted and hanged for brutality and murder perpetrated on female inmates. Age 22.
Irma Grese
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