The Thirty Years War or The Franco-Prussian War?

Hello, fellow military historians. This quiz does not require a simple 'this war or that' answer. Or 'both' or 'neither' answer. It positively DEMANDS that you know your stuff. If you don't like it... fine. Go and bitch to the Quizmaster and get him to fine me a thousand points. Nom de guerre!
Quiz by Ulster
Last updated: August 8, 2023
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1. This little tantrum between powerful authorities in Europe caused the most horrific war in Western European history... until Joaquin Phoenix came along. Name the city in which they lit the match.
2. The story goes that a few clerics or unwanted types were making demands upon people thàt were sick and tired of having demands made upon them. The result? Orville and Wilbur lasted four seconds longer.
First Flight
Defenestration of Prague
Flight of the Wild Geese
Flight 714: to Sydney
3. The victims of the above suffered what on their landing?
Broken necks and instantaneous death
Migraine headaches until the signing of the Peace of Westphalia
All survived the fall because they landed in a dung heap
A few broken bones until they were dispatched with halberds
4. This city in Germany is regarded as a 'Gettysburg' in the conflagration.
5. This war was engineered smoothy by a statesman with sound advice by a brilliant general. Name the general?
Otto von Bismarck
Helmuth von Molke
Napoleon III
Walther von Reichenau
6. This competent general had the opposite side defecating indigo felines (shitting blue kittens) until he was killed in an above-mentioned answer in Germany.
Augustus Adolphus
Augustus Caesar
Augustus Paulus
Saint Augustine of Avignon
7. This technological advancement in ballistic science gave one side an extremely wonderful edge over it's adversary.
Gatling gun
Maxim gun
Needle gun
Winchester lever action rifle
8. He struggled hard, he could not define, sads. GENERAL - "Hey, Alby! Why don't you fight us up here?" GENERAL - "Because I'm susceptible to frost bite, cannot stand songs about revolutionary twits called Pinocchio and do not believe I should have to build a table six hours before I can dine on it." Name the latter.
Albrecht von Wallenstein
Johann Tserclaes
Bjorn Ulvaeus
9. One of the big innovations implemented by one of the answers above that helped his side was what?
Only using veteran soldiers in frontal assaults
Keeping a reserve bigger than the soldiers in front
Troop deployment via railways
Never firing first at an enemy unless fired upon
10. England stayed largely out of this conflict for the reasons of?
Diplomacy and respect for the combatants with whom it shared a common heritage on both sides
It foresaw the devastation created by a continental catastrophe leading to wide spread famine that it could only overcome by its 'command' of the
England was experiencing a civil war at the late stages of the continental uproar and was a little indisposed. Oliver Cromwell was not just asking for 'more'... he was demanding the whole fucking kitchen
All of the above, some of the above... I dunno. Maybe we will find out the in the next 'Harry Potter' book.
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