Word Puzzles - Animals #1

Quiz by Ulster
Last updated: August 3, 2023
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First submittedAugust 2, 2023
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Tiger Shark
Borders Bass Strait. Someone or something from here/Beelzebub.
Tasmanian Devil
Symbol of Ireland/ Wax on a letter stamped by a big wig.
Harp Seal
Big, Bengal puddy tat/Lepidoptera that doesn't hold a candle to other family members, in beauty.
Tiger Moth
Expanse of salt water/Equus.
Barrier/How Mr. Crowe's mates probably address him.
Comes around before noon and after night/Opponent of war.
Mourning Dove
Traveller other than the driver/Victim of a confidence trick.
Passenger Pigeon
Baby's annoying toy/Cleopatra used one to end it (so the story goes).
Spider Monkey
Arachnid/Has gills.
Dorris, Dublin and Industry are all towns here/Focke Would Fw 200.
California Condor
Cutlass/Biting and chewing implement/Tora.
Sabre-toothed Tiger
Resembling a net or network/Colt's .357 Magnum.
Reticulated Python
Matadors waving a red cloth in close proximity to these noble beasts was once widely thought to enrage them. It doesn't. It is those ridiculous Mickey Mouse hats the matadors wear. I'll be pissed off too if my killer is wearing one/The lower limbs of this swamp dweller are a delicacy in certain parts of France.
Drives nails in/Foam on top of a glass of Pilsener/Minnesota Fats was one.
Hammerhead Shark
Someone or something from this continent/Goliath/ Britt Reid was a green one of these (NOT the American football coach).
Asian Giant Hornet
Someone or something from the land of milk and honey, apple pies and trust in God (It is written on their currency)/The sea bordering Georgia/2nd Amendment "... right of the people to keep and ____ arms..."
American Black Bear
A region of spacetime '_____ hole'/A dive performed with arms outstretched at shoulder height until one hits the water '____ dive.'
Black Swan
Many people consider these circus characters inherently evil/A children's card game.
Someone who is economical with the truth/Avian.
Saltwater Crocodile
What someone or something was called from the country now known as Zimbabwe 'Southern _________'/The line made where two sloping surfaces come together/Opposite of front.
Rhodesian Ridgeback
High point of land that extends into a river, lake or ocean/Yellowish-beige colour/How to say 'hello' in French for the telephone.
Cape Buffalo
African country bordered by Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Atlantic Ocean/Crude form of Fe '___ iron'.
Guinea Pig
Someone or something from a country that is rabies-free, so far, no thanks to Johnny Depp/A metal chimney on a ship or steam engine/A membrane between the toes of a swimming bird or other aquatic animal/James Dean was mangled to death in one.
Australian funnel-web spider
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