WWII for Part-Time Dummies #1

Enjoy, criticise, reject, correct. Whatever maintains your aircraft carrier.
Quiz by Ulster
Last updated: August 5, 2023
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1. Pearl Harbor attack mastermind?
Admiral Isamu Yokoyama
Admiral Teiichi Yoshimoto
Admiral Tomoyuki Yamashita
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
2. Pearl Harbor attack date?
July 14, 1941
July 4, 1941
June 22, 1941
December 7, 1941
3. Biggest Japanese aircraft carrier built?
4. Allied supreme commander in the Pacific Theatre?
General Dwight D. Eisenhower
General Douglas MacArthur
General George S. Patton
General George C. Marshall
5. Which two were US Navy admirals?
Raymond A. Spruance/Carl Spaatz
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Chester W. Nimitz/William Halsey Jr.
Frank Jack Fletcher/Lynn Halsey-Taylor
6. German code name for what Americans call the 'Battle of the Bulge.'?
Unternehmen Zitadelle
A Walk in the Black Forest
Wacht am Rhein
Battle of the Bulge
7. 'Operation Overlord' was the overall code name for the allied invasion of France. What was the code name for the 6th June, 1944 allied beach assault at Normandy?
Operation Neptune
Operation Poseidon
Operation Heracles
Operation Hades
8. What did American crews nickname their Sherman tanks?
Ol' Faithful
9. What was the US army's service rifle?
Karabiner 98k
M1 Garand
M1911 pistol
10. First major engagement between US forces and Axis forces in Africa?
Katherine Pass
Katyusha Pass
Kasserine Pass
Peregrine Falcon Crest Pass
11. The youngest four star general in the US army. Like Douglas MacArthur he had a huge entourage accompanying him wherever he went. 75% of them photographers or cameramen.
Jeremy Clarkson
Mark W. Clark
Petula Clark
Clark Kent
12. This Australian soldier was the only man to ever attain the rank of field marshal in the Australian army in its history. A competent soldier in the First World War when he was working under General Monash's close supervision. Showed his true abilities when the Big One came along and he was given the top job. When he wasn't toadying up to Douglas MacArthur he was calling him nasty names behind his back. His reputation after the war was sullied when his field marshal's baton and his identification papers were found in a Melbourne brothel.
Thomas Blamey
Thomas Blame-Him
Thomas Blame-Her
Thomas Blame-It-On-The-Boogie
13. The Messerschmidt 163 was called the...?
Shooting Star
14. US air crews (probably hallucinating from drinking Coca Cola when in those days it was laced with cocaine) often reported a weird phenomenon on bombing raids. It was thought to be a German secret weapon. What name was it given?
Foo Fighters
Simply Red
15. The eldest and favourite son of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. was killed how?
Ballistic trauma on Omaha beach on the 6th June,1944
Hanged for spying for the Russians on 22nd June, 1941
Vaporised when his aircraft blew up on August 12, 1944
Drowned when his PT boat was swallowed by a Great White shark off Guadalcanal on 4th July, 1942
16. This battle on the Volga River (23 August,1942 - 2 February,1943) saw the destruction of the German 6th Army and was the first time a German field marshal had ever surrendered, up to that point (according to the Germans). Turning point of the war in the European theatre.
17. Massive tank battle in Russia (5 July 1943 - 23 August 1943). A regular maelstrom, it was. Saw the debut of the German Panther tank. Greatest tank battle in the history of warfare.
18. Mainstay tank of the Red Army?
Aktion T4
Mister T
19. Mainstay tank of the German Army?
Panzer I
Panzer II
Panzer III
Panzer IV
20. This American tank came in two flavours. The difference was the turrets. Both flavours were named for two opposing generals who clashed quite often during the American Civil War.
Sheridan and Sherman
Lee and Grant
Custer and Stonewall
Meade and Forrest
Philip Sheridan, William Tecumseh Sherman, Ulysses S. Grant and George Meade were Union generals. George Armstrong Custer was made a brevet general for the duration of the war. At the time Crazy Bull gave him a radical haircut on the bank of the Ohio, he had been demoted back to his old rank of colonel. Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest were Confederate generals. Thanks for asking. 😁
21. When the Shintos began scattering high explosive thingies all over this glorified country town in the Northern Territory, Australia in 1942, it was a shameful episode in the history of Australia. What did the townspeople and military personnel stationed there do?
Got so drunk on Taipan juice for some Dutch courage that they were incapable of operating anti-aircraft machinery and the RAAF lads were flat out flying a boomerang let alone a Kitty Hawk fighter plane
Scattered in all directions of the compass (except north) with such alacrity, it made Douglas MacArthur's flight from the Philippines, seem positively lackadaisical and comatose
Shot down seventy-five Shinto fighters and bombers and then fed sixty captured Shinto pilots and aircrew to the alligators
Burned down a Shinto temple in the centre of town that had been built in 1770 and bullied Madame Butterfly who owned the Japanese brothel built in 1771, into singing 'God Save The King' and the USMC anthem in front of an audience of five water buffaloes and about a half dozen PNG Passenger Pigeons
The panic was so contagious and terrifying that even Crocodile 'Paul Hogan' Dundee threw his Bowie knife into a thicket of Macedonia trees and screamed "They're NOT knives! They're Zeroe's, Zeke's, Betty bombers, Thelma's and Louis'. Feets! Do you stuff!"
22. The most decorated US soldier of WWIl. Humble beginnings. Enlisted man. 'Baby Faced'. Recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honour, he was buried in Arlington Cemetery. As a winner of the highest decoration awarded to US servicemen he was entitled to have his named gilded on his gravestone. He said "To Hell and back with that! I rest amongst my brave comrades. I want no special recognition."
Marion Morrison
Audie Murphy
Murphy Brown
Eddie Murphy
After the war, Hollywood beckoned and seduced him. He made us sharecroppers cringe though, in embarrassment for him. In his western movies he was always garbed with a sprinkling of Liberace and an overdose of the Leonardo Cappuccino character out of 'The Quick an the Dead'.
23. General Norman Schwarzkopf of 'Operation Desert Storm' fame, when he was basking in his fifteen minutes of fame, often mentioned he used to sleep with a book under his pillow when on operational duty. Name author and book.
Field Marshal Erwin Rommel/'Infantry Attacks'
J.D. Salinger/'Catcher in the Rye'
Major-General Friedrich von Mellenthin/'Panzer Battles'
J.R.R. & J.K. Rowlkien/'The Silence of the Lambs in the Search of the Last Crusader's Clam Bake'
24. 18 of these US twin-engined fighters were assigned to shoot down Admiral Yamamoto's aircraft over Bougainville Island in April, 1943.
Grumman F6F Hellcat
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt
Lockheed P-38G Lightning
Avro Lancaster
25. These US fighter/fighter bombers had a a maximum speed of 440 mph and a range of 1,650 miles with external fuel tanks.
Boeing P-747 Wrangler
Republic P-45 Maverick
North American P-51 Mustang
Douglas DC-3 Bronco
26. What did Italy and Japan have in common in regards to WWI and WWII?
They were adamant about staying out of both conflicts
They both lost an equal amount of servicemen in both conflicts
They joined in in both conflicts when who the winners would be became blatantly obvious
They were on the winning side in WWI and the losing side in WWII
27. Which high-ranking Nazi flew to Scotland in 1940 in a Messerschmitt Bf 110 with the crazy notion he could negotiate peace between Germany and Great Britain?
Rudolf Hoss
Rudolf Hess
Rudolf Diehls
Rudolf Valentino
Rudolf Hoss was a commandant of Auschwitz. Rudolf Diels was head of the Gestapo in 1933-1934 when it was under Hermann Goering's control.
28. What US vessel sank the Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano?
USS Swordfish
USS Archerfish
USS Arizona
USS Indianapolis
USS Archerfish was a submarine.
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