WWII for People Who Have To Be Told To Come In Out Of The Rain

There is one tiny little 'ouch' in this quiz, you regular soldiers. Find it!
Quiz by Ulster
Last updated: August 5, 2023
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1. When someone invokes the name 'Adolf Hitler' it brings to mind?
World War Two
First man on the moon
The Industrial Revolution
An expensive piano and harmonica brand
The word 'invoke' means conjuring up unsubstantiated phenomenon. The word 'evoke' means stimulating a memory of something or someone.
2. If it was not for this Great Man, the English people would be speaking German and indulging in alcohol-induced orgies every Oktober to this day?
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill
Never mind the bravery of the the US First Marine Division at Guadalcanal, the Rats of Tobruk from Australia, the Canadians from Canadia. Without doubt... the world as we know it... would not exist without Winston Churchill having been there to guide it.
3. When this cigar-chewing, brandy-marinated, imperialist, racist prime minister of England did his level best to stop the components of the 2nd AIF fighting the Germans in North Africa, from returning to Australia to defend their homeland from the Shinto threat, this Australian prime minister told the dog breed look-a-like to go and huck fimself. Who was the Australian prime minister?
Dame Edna Everidge
Little Johnny Coward
Peter Allen
John Curtin
4. Another Great Man of England had to revise his quote "The Royal Navy consists of rum, sodomy and the lash." Due to the Admiralty being overwhelmed with volunteers to join up, shortly after the quote became widespread, it had to change one consistency. Which word was changed to 'honour'?
Aye, aye, sir!
The Great Man was in his cups at the time. He irresponsibly said something at a dinner party, to Lord Roberts. Winston Churchill said "If only the Royal Navy was in command here." Lord Roberts replied " Yes... having to return a salute to a swab at four o'clock in the morning is a real pain in the arse."
5. This USN admiral was scapegoated by an early enquiry into the events at Pearl Harbor in December, 1941. He had a unique first name. What was it?
Wifey Wifey
Little Bo Peep
Chester Halsey Jr.
Poor man. Imagine! A woman meets Mrs Kimmel on the sidewalk. "Oh, dear! You don't look well." "I know, it's bad... and they blame it on my husband!"
6. General Patton was highly offended one day when a journalist implied that his six-shooters had handlegrips that were embellished with what?
A quotation from the Koran
A quotation from Karl Marx endorsed by Bernard Montgomery
General Patton came from a rich family. Like a lot of people from rich families he had to prove himself. Unfortunately... he chose a career playing 'horsey-soldier'.
7. What were General Patton's six-shooter's handle-grips really made of?
50% ivory and 50% General Patton's imagination
With the lives of countless men at stake at the wave of a finger... it is important for the the world to know your guns are made for walking and talking... even though the elephant might have trouble doing either. General Patton was not renowned for having an inkling of imagination. When his raw troops were being shot up at Kasserine Pass by veteran troops of the Afrika Korps, 'Blood and Guts' was being honoured with pretty, red sashes by an Egyptian king and visiting the ruins of ancient Carthage to ponder and hopefully be inspired by the ghost of Hannibal.
8. Who was Hideki Tojo?
A Japanese tailor who helped Douglas MacArthur's mother design the 'Wader's' uniforms
A Japanese brothel proprietor who was the first to shake Lee Marvin's hand on Iwo Jima beach
The prime minister of Japan from 1941 to 1944
The kamikazi pilot who sank the Bismarck
Yes. MacArthur had a mother fixation. She designed his uniforms. At age 41, the faithful son even asked mummy for permission to marry.
9. When it finally dawned on this dominant member of the class Homo sapiens that 'Operation Barbarossa' was a reality... what did it do do?
Had three of his five marshals executed by firing squad
Fled to his dacha on the Black Sea and hid under a samovar for eleven days until his foreign minister convinced him that all was not lost and he should reassure his people with a radio announcement that victory would be theirs
Had his Black Sea fleet deployed to the Red Sea and his White Sea fleet deployed to the Yellow Sea. His Dead Sea fleet assigned to Death Valley and he hoped the sailors of his Greenland Sea fleet were not overly enthusiastic about shore leave
Composed a patriotic poem titled 'Katyusha' to inspire workers in a nutmeg manufacturing plant in Stalingrad to keep producing nutmeg
10. What were 'Seabees'?
Citizen Band radio operators who worked behind enemy lines
USN apiarists, headquartered in the capital of Samoa
People who did construction work, often whilst getting shot at
A cover band for the United States Marine Band who took over in hot spots like Guadalcanal so the USMB didn't get their trumpets shot off
11. When the Japanese bombed London in 1942, what were they wearing?
The Japanese never bombed London
The Japanese never bombed London
The Japanese never bombed London
The Japanese never bombed London
Tanked up on saki, geisha girl promises and a faulty compass brought on by radiation... it is highly unlikely a Japanese pilot would know himself. Why ask us?
12. General Patton was hailed as the greatest general of all time. How did he die?
Drowned on the Titanic
Skiing accident
Drug overdose
Motor vehicle accident
According to conspiracy theories he was 'silenced' by American intelligence or Russian intelligence for his war-like ravings at a time when the world just needed a big, long nap. Highly likely, he was killed in an accidental motor vehicle accident.
13. Lee Marvin joined the United States Marines Corps, Jack Palance joined the United States Army Air Force and James Stewart topped them both by joining the army AND the air force. What unit did Marion Morrison trip over himself to join?
The First Infantry Division
The 101st Airborne Division
The 2nd SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich'
The Screen Actors' Guild
14. Before he fled the Philippines with his tail between his legs, leaving his staff and soldiers to bear the horror of occupation and captivity, General MacArthur had a nickname by his rank and file. What was it?
The Greatest General Of All Times
Dugout Doug
Shoeless Joe
Before the Zeroes and bicycle riders came too close to a cinema near him too soon, Pipe Face had his enlisted men digging a huge underground bunker for his personal safety. The GIs assigned to the task nicknamed him 'Dugout Doug.' First Soldier -"Hey, Billy Bob! I gots me a three day pass to Manila! What's y'all doin'?" Second Soldier - "Not much today, Billy Joe... 'cept diggin' another dug-out for 'Dugout Doug'.
15. Air field where the Shintos realised the USMC were not just a figment of Walt Disney's imagination.
Henderson Field
Lilies of the Field
Sally Field
Field of Dreams
16. Near the end of the war, this horror happened in the Pacific Theatre
The Siege of Leningrad
The Karate Kid Part II
The Bataan Death March
17. In 1938, Winston Churchill wrote an open letter to the London Times. He praised the virtues of this man. One sentence in the letter goes something like this "If England ever finds itself in great difficulty, it will take a man like Adolf Hitler to see it through to the good times again." Who was Winston Churchill referring to?
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
18. Not as famous as 'Pipe Face' or the 'Wounded Soldier Slapper' but by all accounts a vastly more competent soldier than both of the aforementioned put together. Was never filmed walking on water and his vocabulary wasn't peppered with dirty words. Did the job and got the hell out of there.
Robert L. Eichelberger
Mark Zuckerberger
Steven Spielberger
Candice Bergenberger
Little bit of trivia for ya! My grandfather was shooting at Shinto's in New Guinea in 1942. I dunno. It seems that everyone, who wasn't a Shinto themselves, was shooting at them. General Eichelberger was visiting Australian lines. My grandfather was doing sentry duty. Eichelberger rocked up and my grandfather challenged him "Halt! Identification and password!" "I'm General Eichelberger! Let me through, God damn it!" My grandfather replied "Certainly, General Eichelberger. Just as soon as you say the password. And in the next three seconds please, General Eichelberg or it will be my sad duty to put a round through your Niagara's." To cut a long story short, General Eichelberger had my grandfather transferred to the Solomon Islands to build Cargo Cults after a three week stay in the Glasshouse.
19. French marshal. Competent general during the Great War. When the second round came about, he not only shot himself in the foot... he hacked it off with a blunt Crocodile Dundee knife. Tried for treason, he was sentenced to death. Charles de Gaulle had the sentence commuted to life imprisonment. Died at at age 95.
Simone de Beauvoir
Prince Philip Alice of Battenburg
Philip Marlowe
Philippe Petain
20. This darling of the French fashion world was doing what during the German occupation of France?
Assassinating Gestapo agents under the code name 'White Rabbit'.
Working as a spy for the Sicherheitsdienst (SD) of the SS, sleeping with Walter Schellenberg and working overtime to ensure her business rivals sniffed Zyklon B or at least be in no position to challenge her clothing empire when the 'Final Victory' came along
Risking her life saving downed Allied pilots and aircrew from captivity and smuggling them to neutral Spain and Switzerland
Designing uniforms for Vichy French gendarmes that did not seriously clash with high-ranking members of the Allgemeine SS
Perhaps this little sweetheart got the idea for her iconic brand logo from the alliterative 'SS' badge. If so, this adorable belle went one better. Hers are interlocked and evoke serene thoughts of a lunar eclipse of the moon. Not the violent, potentially fatal image of a lightning strike.
21. This SS functionary skipped a rope at Nuremberg. Saved his own kosher by ratting out every co-worker he knew in his company after the gas was turned off in Poland and the guns fell silent. Got a story circulating in OSS headquarters that he personally intervened to stop the shooting of four Red Army deserters, three US fighter pilots from Bel Air, six million Jewish plumbers and a heavily pregnant cat named Ellen Degenerate.
Baron von Richthofen
Karl Wolff
Walter Schellenberg
Ivan the Great of Wichita
Sadly, a lot of Nazi war criminals escaped their just desserts by ingratiating themselves to their US captors and proving themselves 'invaluable' in the 'new' fight against communism.
22. Nagasaki was the secondary target for a date with an obese male. Which Japanese city was the primary one?
Grauman's Chinese Theatre
23. The first air raid against the Japanese home islands in 1942 was command by whom?
Doctor Dolittle
Doctor Seuss
Doctor Who
Lieutenant-Colonel James Doolittle
24. This club-footed anti-Semite was seriously considering joining the German Communist Party until one day he attended a Nazi rally and heard Grofaz speak. Mesmerised, he became the Bohemian corporal's most devoted sycophant. Minister for Propanda. Nicknamed the 'Poison Dwarf' by many Germans.
Josef Stalin
Josef Goebbels
Josip Tito
Joseph Conrad
25. What did the brutal purging of the Sturmabteilung (SA) on June 30 to July 2, 1934 become known as?
Sturm und Drang
The Night of the Long Knives
The Final Solution
26. In the early days of the Nazi regime Field Marshal (then General) Walter Brauchitsch complained bitterly to his chief-of-staff about the Nazi salute. His chief-of-staff asked what was wrong with it. Brauchitsch replied?
"I hate the Illinois Nazis"
"Brown uniforms? Nazi headquarters 'the Brown House'? Hitler's secretary 'Eva Brown'? A stiff-armed salute? Can't you see what these people are about, Hans?"
"I'm a traditionalist, Hans. The good, old military salute works fine for me."
"To Hell with that! I'm going to end up with an eye poked out."
Yes. Quoted in several sources. I am searching for them.
27. What was the German code name for the 'planned' invasion of Great Britain?
Unternehmen Seepferdchen (Operation Sea Horse)
Unternehmen Seestern (Operation Star Fish)
Unternehmen Seelowe (Operation Sea Lion)
Unternehmen Barbarossa (Operation Red Beard)
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