Randomly Specific Events: Both World Wars

World Wars General Knowledge...But specific (kinda)!
Quiz by Firey
Last updated: February 11, 2022
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1. What were the Central Powers formerly called?
The Triple Entente
The Triplets
The Tripled DOOM
The Triple Alliance
2. Who joined the Central Powers a little bit later?
The German Empire
The Kingdom of Bulgaria
The Ottoman Empire
3. What were the colours of the German Empire flag (easy)?
White and Black
Red, white and blue
Yellow and Blue
Black, white and red
4. What was the name of the treaty that Hitler hated?
The Treaty of Marseilles
The Treaty of Versailles
The Treaty of Vienna
The 14th Amendment
5. Which one of these countries were made from Austria-Hungary dissolving?
6. What was the non-aggression agreement between Nazi Germany and the USSR called?
Molotovn't Ribbentropn't Pact
Molotov Ribbentrop Pact
Checkpoint Charlie
Joe Mama's Agreement
7. What was the name of the telegram that Germany sent to Mexico that the British intercepted?
The Rimmermann Telegram
The Zimmermann Telegram
The German-Mexican Telegram
The Invasion Telegram
8. When did WW1 start?
28th July 1914
29th July 1914
27th July 1914
19th October 1913
9. What was the landing in Normandy to liberate France during WW2 called (because I forgot the date)?
Mutually Assured Destruction
Landing of Normandy
The Great French Liberation
10. In which French colony did the British bomb some ships?
French Guiana
11. What helped the Soviet Union push the Germans right back to Berlin?
Captain America
The Winter
The UK
12. Who was the Prime Minister of the UK just before WW2?
Boris Johnson
Winston Churchill
Neville Chamberlain
Franklin D. Roosevelt
13. Was Canada a British colony during WW2?
Yes with a different flag as well
No with a different flag as well
No with their modern day flag
Yes with Britsh watermark flag
14. Who won the Battle of Britain?
It was neutral
The Queen
The UK
15. Which bomb did the U.S drop on Japan?
Just a normal bomb (if that's a thing)
The Tsar Bomb
The Atomic Bomb/ A Bomb
The Hydrgon Bomb/ H Bomb
16. The Prime Minister of the UK during WW1 was:
Bonar Law
Clement Attlee
Ramsay MacDonald
David Lloyd George
17. The invasion of _______ started World War 2.
18. Which three countries made the Central Powers?
Russia, the German Empire and Austria-Hungary
The UK, the USA and France
Russia, the German Empire and the Ottoman Empire
The German Empire, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire
19. What do VE and VJ day stand for?
Victory over Europe and Victory over Japan
Victory over Europe and Victory in Japan
Victory of Europe and Victory of Japan
Victory in Europe and Victory over Japan
Level 83
Feb 10, 2022
Canada was independent in WW2. 1867 BNA Act gave them independence and the Statute of Westminster gave them independence in foreign affairs. In WW2, Canada declared war separately in order to emphasize their Independence
Level 39
Feb 11, 2022
Ok thanks for the feedback! It's nice to have someone actually play my quiz.
Level 39
Feb 11, 2022