Scientology - Multiple Choice

Answer in these questions about Scientology.
Quiz by skukka
Last updated: February 6, 2019
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1. Scientology believes in ... ?
Gorn - the humanoid reptilian King
Xenu - Dictator of the Galactic Confederacy
Zapata - Hermit of the Mojave desert
Xena - the Warrior Princess
2. Which US.Government agency was espionaged by the Church of Scientology?
3. Which one of these famous musicians is a scientologist ?
50 Cent
Bruce Springsteen
4. Scientology was founded and invented by ?
A. A. Milne
L. Ron Hubbard
George R. R. Martin
J. K. Rowling
5. Scientology's ''Confessional'' practise where you have to unburden all your secrets and nasty habits to a scientology 'clerk' who records and files your confessions is called ... ?
6. A kind of simple lie detector,a device for displaying and recording electrodermal activity used in scientology's ''Confessionals'' is called ... ?
Pau de Arara
7. Which of these actresses is a well-known scientologist?
Kirstie Alley
Heather Locklear
Candice Bergen
Cybill Shepherd
8. What is the highest level or state a person can get to (= being a spiritual being) according to Scientology ?
Operating Thetan
Fuctioning Cardassian
Steering Ferengi
Controlling Andorian
9. Scientology has declared war upon which branch of medical practises ... ?
10. Which one of these actors is a scientologist ...?
Tom Cruise
Brad Pitt
Bradley Cooper
Sean Connery
11. Which one is a real special unit Scientology has created to service this special group ...?
Wisdom Centers - for elderly, invalid and physically disabled
Heaven Centers - for people in financial, physical or mental crises
Celebrity Centres - for famous people, politicians, leaders and sports figures
Childhood Centres - for underprivileged, single-parent families and children with a parent incarcerated
12. Which one is a paramilitary organization and a private naval force of the Church of Scientology ... ?
Sea Org
Ship Def
Water Front
Ocean Fleat
13. Members of this private naval force make a commitment to Scientology by signing a contract (that is officially described as a symbolic pledge) for how many years at a time ... ?
Thousand years
Billion years
Hundred years
Ten years
14. Which one of these actors is a famous scientologist?
Jack Nicholson
Gene Hackman
Michael Douglas
John Travolta
15. De facto leader of Scientology is ... ?
C. A. Rotwang
Dark Phoenix
David Miscavige
Jared Kushner
16. Which is a commonly used recruitment tool by Scientology, aimed at breaking down a person so that the Scientologists can build the recruit back up ... ?
Army Ranger Training
Video games
Personality Tests
Level 46
Aug 23, 2021
Interesting quiz
Level 73
Dec 29, 2022
I'm sad I got these all correct, but I really appreciate this quiz and some of the other choices in the questions! Other possible questions: What term is given to those who are considered enemies of the church, often applied to former Scientologists? (Suppressive Person) What "practice" is used to defend personal attacks on journalists, government officials, and others in the hope of getting those people to stop investigating the Church of Scientology? (Fair Game)