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1172022-09-28Countries that hate Russia
832023-02-13Countries which "hate"USA
822022-02-03USA or Russia or China or India
772022-11-02Trick questions
752022-11-01Countries most famous cities
702022-10-06Countries name by emojis
622022-02-15Countries best and worst relations 1937
572022-02-10Countries by picture (very easy)
532023-04-17Countries hardest to invade
522022-11-13Nazi germany or empire of Italy or imperial Japan
522022-01-28Allies countries
512022-02-14Countries best and worst relations 1914
492022-02-17Countries most eaten breakfasts
482023-05-04Most liked countries in the world
452022-08-16What countries have made the food
452023-05-11Landmark to country
422022-01-31Countries bordering Germany 1943
402023-05-22Famous people to country
402022-11-28Quess the country from the stereotypes
382022-09-30WW2 quiz
372023-01-22Countries which share an island
362022-09-18Finland fact quiz
362022-10-08Countries by emojis
352023-04-27Famous people to their countries
342022-10-04Quess city by landmark
342023-04-04Contitents of the world in 1 minutes
332022-11-03Finland or Estonia or Latvia or Lithuania
322022-11-05Countries which Belongs into Categories
322022-10-10India or Brazil or Germany or Egypt
312022-10-10What countries has invented these
312022-02-18Countries most eaten street food
312023-03-27Country by their colony (modern)
302022-10-11Countries by emojis#3
302023-08-28Countries with the most Deaths by war per year
302022-02-11Countries by picture (Impossible) )
302022-01-28Countries whit the most Skyscrapers
292022-10-09Countries by emojis #2
292023-08-15Most famous islands
292022-02-16All continents in 15 seconds
292022-02-04Countries bordering soviet union 1943
282023-03-21US State by picture (impossible)
272022-11-14Cities by photos
262023-03-20US State by picture
252023-08-29Most scearched countries in internet
242022-10-162020 quiz
242023-05-18Country to world records
242022-01-28Axis countries
232023-05-02Biggest city from different countries
232022-10-20Countries bordering Japan 1943
222022-08-24War by photo
202022-10-31Countries bordering Italy 1939
192023-08-23Picture to a city
182022-11-16Most powerful organisations
182023-02-07Quess the major event
182022-10-132021 quiz
172022-08-23Fast food facts
172023-08-22Picture to a country 3
172023-08-20Most Well Known African Islands
152022-11-17Most visited places by tourists
152022-02-02Terrorism around the world
132023-01-24BRICS borders
122023-04-25War to country
122022-10-172019 quiz
122023-09-26Tallest buildings in history
112023-04-24Chocolate brands from different countries
112023-09-19South Korea or North Korea or Japan?
102022-12-08Winter war quiz
92023-08-21Picture to a country medium 2
92023-04-20Countries which Simpson have visited
82022-02-20Candy around the world
82023-08-17Picture to a country medium
72022-10-05Translate finnish song to english
72023-09-18Georgia or Armenia or Azerbaidzhan
62022-01-30countries selected by AI
62022-02-13Countries worst to best years
62023-04-03Countries in yakkos world
42022-11-15Countries provinces quiz