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Times taken 810
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1682024-01-31Department Stores of the United States
1212023-08-02Department Stores of Australia
792023-02-10Australian Supermarkets
472023-04-05Department Stores of The United Kingdom
382024-02-04Defunct Department Stores of Australia
332022-07-24Australian Opposition Leaders
232021-10-07Top 50 Largest Malls in Australia
202022-05-21Leaders of The Australian Labor Party
192023-06-19Department stores of Canada
192022-05-23Treasurers of Australia
192023-02-01Leaders of the Opposition in Western Australia
192023-10-28Deadliest Disasters in Australian History
152023-01-03Target Australia Quiz
142024-02-04Defunct Department Stores of the United States
132022-12-28Leaders of the Opposition in Victoria
132022-11-04Top 20 Largest Malls in Australia
132022-05-30Leaders of the Liberal Party of Australia
122022-04-07Myer Quiz
122021-12-04Defunct Supermarket Chains of Australia
102022-10-09Deputy Prime Ministers of Australia
102021-11-04David Jones Quiz
92021-11-29Longest Serving Australian Heads of Government by Time in Office
82022-05-30Deputy Opposition Leaders of Australia
72023-04-26Leaders of the Opposition in New South Wales
72023-05-03Department Stores Merged with Macy's
72023-05-04Deadliest Shipwrecks in Australian History
62023-12-24Department Stores of New Zealand
62022-06-18Shortest Serving Australian Heads of Government by Time in Office
52022-07-26Speakers of The Australian House of Representatives
52023-12-24Defunct Department Stores of New Zealand
52023-05-15Australian Prime Minister Trivia
52021-10-12Leaders of the Opposition in the ACT
42023-05-06Spouses to the Prime Minister of Australia
42023-03-05Department Stores of Mexico
42021-10-12Leaders of the Opposition in the Northern Territory
42023-03-02Leaders of the Opposition in South Australia
42023-03-02Leaders of the Opposition in Queensland
32022-08-18Leaders of the Opposition in Tasmania