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5602021-12-02Type the Letters of the Alphebet
1492022-05-10Name a valid European country
1332021-11-30Type the African Countries
1312022-05-11European Countries by Borders
1292021-12-08Yakko's World True or False
1152021-12-06Guess the Country by 5 clues (#1)
1072022-01-20Smallest Borders in the World
1002021-12-13Guess the Country by continent and first letter
942021-12-10Type the Asian Countries
892021-12-13Guess the Country by first letter and Continent (#3)
822021-12-22Guess the Countries that are also people's names
812021-12-06Guess the Country by 5 clues (#2)
802022-04-13Guess the Country by 5 clues (#6)
772021-12-20Countries with more than 1 word
742021-12-21Country Head to Head (with flags)
722021-12-07Guess the 20 Biggest Asian Countries
722021-12-07Guess the Country by 5 clues (#3)
682021-12-01Type the South American countries
672021-12-20Guess the Country by their Biggest Border
662021-12-15Guess the Country by 5 clues (#5)
642021-12-08Guess the Country by 5 clues (#4)
632021-12-13Guess the Country by Continent and first letter (#2)
602021-12-15Guess the Country by first letter and Continent (#4)
562021-12-16Guess the Country by 5 clues (#6)
532022-05-09Name the country that borders both____ & _____
522021-12-10Type the Oceanian Countries
512022-05-23Countries but Vowels are Missing
492022-05-24Scrambled Country Names
442022-01-22Biggest Borders in the World
422021-11-09Guess the South American country
422021-12-14Biggest European Countries
392021-12-03Guess the Flag of the Countries that border Russia
372022-05-10Name the European country with ___ population
322021-12-03Guess the flag
322022-04-03Countries by Borders
292022-05-22American States that border Countries
262022-02-21Landlocked Countries
252021-12-01Random True or False about Random Countries
252022-02-12European Flags with Black
232022-05-09Countries that are double-landlocked
232022-04-03USA state quiz
222022-05-11True or False - _____ is bigger than ____
202021-12-01All Countries quiz
182021-11-10Guess the North American country
172022-05-29Across the Border Travel
132022-05-23Countries with Antarctic Claims
132022-03-06Australian State Capitals Quiz
122021-11-11Guess the European country
42021-12-15Mayonnaise Playz or Footballaus?