How well do you know minr commands?

Write out the minr commands to get the information or do the action necessary for each question, without the /. (Note that shorthand is used here, so use c instead of checkpoint, ch instead of challenge)
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Last updated: September 13, 2021
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You want to get back to spawn the og way
The shortest way to get back to spawn
Another way to get back to spawn
Another way to get back to spawn
Another way to get back to spawn
The elite way to get back to spawn
The absolutely stupidest way to get back to spawn, that will not be used in any answer besides this one
You want to get back to your current checkpoint
Alternate way to get back to your current ffa checkpoint
c ffa
You want to find out whether your current map, farm, includes guess as one of its types
c info farm
You want to enter the map farm without clicking the sign for it at spawn
c join farm
You want to check whether you have already completed the map farm before
c completed map farm
You want to know who has completed the map farm the fastest
c times farm
You want to rejoin the map you are currently playing, but forget the name of the map (single command)
c restart
You want to check how long you've been in a map since your timer was last reset (shortest way possible)
c cp
You know that you have 13 pages of grey maps that you haven't completed, and want to see if you have any white maps that you haven't completed
c uncompleted page 14 comparing points
Assuming he has 80 pages of maps he has completed, with a single command, you want to know which map NoSi has completed, but has the worst overall rank on of all the maps he has done
c completed player NoSi page 80 comparing rank
You want to know how many times ilovenons has completed factory (dont use the mapcode)
c completed player ilovenons map factory
You want to join a random map
c random
You want to join a random map that you have never completed before
c random new
You want to know how many ffa points you have
c points
You want to know the date of Bahnarli's first login
whois Bahnarli
You want to do a soul link challenge with AverageIPA, how do you set him as your partner?
ch link AverageIPA
You tried to run the above command, but realized you were already linked with KimbosIPA, how do you clear your soul linked partner so you can link AverageIPA?
ch unlink
You want to see how much time is left in the daily challenge
ch info daily
You want to know more about the modifiers and maps in the flyboy challenge
ch info flyboy
You want to check if you've completed the challenge flyboy before (a little tricky)
ch completed challenge flyboy
You want to know who has beat the most maps in the hexa challenge
ch hexa
You want to quit your current challenge to go join a different one
ch quit
You (a greenie) want to get to NoSi, who is currently playing a pure parkour map and needs your help
call NoSi
NoSi is trying to get to you in a map and just ran the above command, how do you get them to you?
bring NoSi
You want to see the current challenge points leaderboard
ch ranks
You want to see the current speedrun points leaderboard
c ranks
You earned a hat in an event and want to put it on
Alternate way to get to the hat/trail/title menu
Bailey06 is standing in your face while you are trying to parkour and you want to not see them
hide Bailey06
You realized that you no longer want Bailey06 hidden but are too lazy to log out
unhide Bailey06
You are a greenie and want to go build, so you to go grab creative in theta
warp theta
You want to set a home at your build site, named Test1
sethome Test1
You want to get back to the home you set named Test1
home Test1
You forget exactly what you named your home, but know it was something to do with test, and want to just look through the homes you've made
You want to get rid of your home named Test1
removehome Test1
You want to get to x city the standard way
warp x
You want to see all of the possible warps available
You want to know about all the regions currently affecting you to figure out why you don't have sprint right now (shorthand)
rg info
You want to see the message of the day but dont want to log out
You want to cheat in the purple coin IV event
You want to get to the training area
Chat is being a little extra today and you just want to hide it and focus on parkour
chat hide
You finished your parkour map and want to be able to see chat again
chat show
You want to create a party
party create
You want to add Bahnarli to your party
party invite Bahnarli
You want to kick Bahnarli from your party
party kick Bahnarli
You want to see all the members in your party
party list
You want to make TheHexer the new leader of your party
party transfer TheHexer
You want to make it so you don't accidentally warp all party members to any map you join
party warp disable
You want to leave your current party
party leave
You want to disband your party
party disband
You want to talk in your party chat and say "hi" (shortest way possible)
p hi
You want to set party chat to your default channel
chat setchannel party
You want to set global chat to your default channel
chat setchannel global
You want to privately message Sulldas and say "hi" the shortest way possible
w Sulldas hi
Alternate way to privately message Sulldas and say "hi" the shortest way possible
m Sulldas hi
Alternate way to privately message Sulldas and say "hi" the og way
msg Sulldas hi
Sulldas privately messaged you, but they are in vanish. How can you privately message them and say "hi? (shorthand)
r hi
Sulldas hasn't messaged you, but you want to let him know something whenever he next gets online, how would you let him see the message "hi" whenever he next logs on?
mail Sulldas hi
Your name is Bahnarli, and you want to send the message in chat "* Bahnarli cries", how do you type that up so that you get the star in front of your name?
me cries
You are new to the server and want to know what the different ranks mean
You want to know what your current ping to the server is
You want to know if its just the server that's struggling
POV: You're Bailey06, someone with the first 3 letters spo just did something bad, what do you do?
ban spolendina
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