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Movie Titles by Synonyms #10-4.40107,012
Movie Titles by Synonyms #20-4.1875,030
Movies by Opening Scene0-4.3679,374
Movie Characters by Last Name #10-4.1336,773
Actors by Last Name #10-4.1260,323
Actresses by Last Name #10-4.2757,061
Disney Animals0-4.25207,122
Last Lines of Movies0-4.1856,663
Dying Words in Movies0-4.3836,403
Opening Lines of Movies0-4.0253,963
Movies by Year, 1990–20090-4.1459,764
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Movies that Start with D0-4.3359,663
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Movies that Start with F0-4.0960,764
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Star Wars Decoder0-4.4964,289
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Name the Star Wars Movies0-4.4580,036
4-Letter Movie Chain #10-4.3083,539
Superhero Decoder0-4.3447,088
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Marvel Cinematic Universe - All Movies0-4.89228,167
Marvel Comics Movie Franchises0-4.0881,048
Movies that have Won the Most Oscars0-4.4247,719
Austin Powers Trivia0-4.436,654
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Han Solo Quiz0-4.4922,516
Wizard of Oz Quiz0-4.4515,083
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Star Wars Characters by Screen Time0-4.3287,155
Highest Grossing 1960s Movies0-4.5119,328
5-Letter Movie Chain #20-4.2539,748
6-Letter Movie Chain #20-4.1731,795
4-Letter Movie Chain #20-4.2339,315
Old Movies by Picture0-4.4319,492
Every Oscar-Nominated Actor0-4.3253,153
Every Oscar-Nominated Actress0-4.5243,501
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Avengers Infinity War Deaths0-4.1335,851
MCU Characters by Screen Time0-4.0979,605
Movie Titles by Emoji0-4.3785,844
Movie Plots by Emoji0-4.2667,467
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