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7472022-04-17Deadliest Battles of WWII on a Map
7242022-04-23Battles of WWII with over One Million Deaths on a Map
3782021-12-02Fast Typing: Sub 1 Second #4
3382021-12-01Fast Typing: Sub 1 Second #2
2172021-11-30Fast Typing: Sub 1 Second #1
2012021-11-22Countries That Claim Territory On Cyprus
1782021-12-01Fast Typing: Sub 1 Second #3
1522022-03-18Strongest Militaries in the World
1272021-12-1530 Countries In 15 Seconds
1192022-05-11Deadliest Events In American History
1082022-08-06Deadliest European Wars since WWII
1032022-03-30Which Countries Are Real? #2
932021-11-22Capitals With The Same Name As Their Country
762022-05-12Countries With Most Conflict Deaths Since WWII
752022-08-07Russo-Ukrainian Conflict Deaths
742021-12-1610 Countries in 15 seconds (Hard)
722022-03-17Richest People In The World
722022-09-09Controversial Jetpunk Countries
692022-05-08Continents In Order Of First To Last Reached By Humans
622022-02-28Deadliest Wars since WWII
612021-11-30Hard US States To Spell #1
562021-11-23UN Satellites and Jetpunk Countries That Aren't UN Members
532022-04-21Guess the Historical Nation by Matching Capitals
532021-11-30Continents In Order Of Largest To Smallest
532022-04-20Countries Hidden on the US Map
502021-11-21Countries with Overseas Territories/Dependencies
502022-04-28All Countries That Once Bordered the Soviet Union
472022-04-09Countries Bordering Vietnam With a Map
462022-09-02Most Recent Countries That No Longer Exist
462022-03-08Controversial Jetpunk Countries By Continent: Europe
432022-03-01Countries in WWI with over 1 Million Deaths
422022-08-28Countries With "Guinea" In Their Name
382021-11-29Hard Countries To Spell #2
382022-05-13Deadliest Battles in History
372022-03-28Highest Ranking Countries #1
372022-03-11European Micronations by Population
362022-03-27Deadliest Attacks in American History
362022-09-11Countries of Kurdistan on a Map
362021-12-1615 Countries In 15 Seconds
352022-09-02Countries Bordering Russia Since 1914
352022-03-07Stan Countries by Population
342022-03-09Most Populous Countries but...
342021-12-01Hard US States To Spell #2
332022-09-06Country Shapes in a Jetpunk Fish
322022-04-07WWII Quiz- Everything You Need to Know
322021-11-18Easy WWII quiz
322022-01-20Costliest Natural disasters In US History
322022-05-12Countries With Most Conflict Deaths Since 2000
312022-09-01Countries Bordering Russia According to Russia
312022-09-02Every European Country Shape - Random Order
312022-04-28General Knowledge Quiz- Randomized! (Small)
312022-05-07Countries Recognized by Russia but not JetPunk
312022-01-19Guess the Leader #1
312022-04-16Color the Flag of Germany by Answering Questions
312022-03-08Most Populous Countries but... #2
302022-03-17Stan Countries in 15 seconds
302022-01-07Countries of WWII with over 1 Million Deaths
302021-11-29Hard Countries To Spell #1
292022-03-28US States With the Most WWII Deaths
292022-04-04Continents in Order of Amount of Megacities
282022-03-09Countries in Oceania with a Population over 1 Million
262021-12-02Countries of the World Quiz- Hard Edition
232022-05-11Closest Continents to Cyprus
222022-03-15Guess the Leader #2
222021-11-20Countries On Multiple Continents
212022-03-15Largest Countries and Subdivisions
202021-11-23Guess The Person Based On A Battle
202022-03-10Most Populous Countries but... #3
182022-07-18US Wars by Deaths Per Year
182022-03-17Guess the Leader #3
162022-01-08Countries of WWII- High Estimates
152022-03-22Kyrgyzstan by Letter
152022-03-29Highest Ranking Countries #2
142022-03-07Stan Countries by Area
132022-07-28Shootings in the United States with the Most Casualties
112022-03-24Tripartite Pact Countries
72022-08-25Modern Battlebots Giant Nut Winners
12022-05-13Countries of the World in Alphabetical Order (Hard)