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9052017-07-04Todos os municípios de Santa Catarina
8082020-02-11Pokémon with only 5 letter in their name
7432019-11-157th Generation Pokémon (Alola)
5492022-02-03Pokémon names that contains Double Letters
4472022-02-03Pokémon names that end with A
3792020-02-06Pokémon names that end with X
3052022-08-12Pokémon names that end with N
3012020-02-27Pokémon names that end with E
2822022-02-03Pokémon names that end with R
2742022-03-21Pokémon names that end with Y
2352019-11-2010 Letter Pokémon Names
2312022-02-03Pokémon names that end with S
2152020-02-06Pokémon names that end with U
2092022-03-21Pokémon names that end with O
2032019-11-18Pokémon names that end with T
2012020-02-17Pokémon with 4x weakness to Grass
1942020-02-17Pokémon with 4x weakness to Fire
1712020-02-17Pokémon with 4x weakness to Ice
1702022-08-127 Letter Pokémon Names
1592020-02-17Pokémon with 4x weakness to Rock
1532022-08-126 Letter Pokémon names
1472022-02-03Pokémon names that end with L
1472017-05-31Pokémon - Last Two Letters Of One Are The First Two Letters Of The Next
1392020-02-17Pokémon with 4x weakness to Water
1382020-02-27Pokémon with 4x weakness to Bug
1372019-11-18Pokémon names that end with M
1352020-02-17Pokémon with 4x weakness to Fighting
1332017-11-03Pokémon with 4x weakness to Flying
1282020-02-17Pokémon with 4x weakness to Electric
1272022-06-01Pokémon names that end with K
1212021-01-10Pokémon with 4x weakness to Ground
1192017-10-20Pokémon with the Ability Levitate
1172022-08-12Pokémon names that end with H
1092019-11-18Pokémon names that end with D
1082019-11-18Pokémon names that end with G
1042022-02-03Galar Pokémon - Generation VIII
952021-01-10Pokémon with 4x weakness to Fairy
922019-06-28Pokémon names that end with P
912017-10-26Pokémon with 4x weakness to Psychic
902019-11-18Pokémon names with special characteres and blank spaces
892017-05-30Pokémon - Last Two Letters Of One Are The First Two Letters Of The Next - 3
872018-07-04Pokémon names that end with C
842017-10-26Pokémon with 4x weakness to Poison
842018-07-07Pokémon names that end with F
822018-07-07Pokémon names that end with Z
812017-07-16Pokémon by Japanese Names
802015-09-11Black-coloured Pokémon (by Pokedex)
782017-10-26Pokémon with 4x weakness to Steel
762018-07-04Pokémon names that end with B
722015-04-26Pokémon names that begin with the letter A
712022-06-01Pokémon names that end with I
702021-01-10Pokémon with 4x weakness to Dark and Ghost
672016-06-21Red Pokémon (Pokedéx Color)
652022-06-01Pokémon names that end with V and W
642017-05-30Pokémon - Last Two Letters Of One Are The First Two Letters Of The Next - 2
622017-05-30Pokémon - Last Two Letters Of One Are The First Two Letters Of The Next - 4
612017-10-20Pokémon with the Ability Swift Swim
542017-10-20Pokémon with the Ability Sturdy
362020-08-02Amira Region - all Pokémon
342017-10-22Pokémon with the Ability Flame Body
302015-07-16Municípios da Serra Catarinense
292015-04-26Atores de Toma Lá Dá Cá
262017-10-20Pokémon with the Ability Chlorophyll
252020-03-25Kyaia Region - All Pokémon
222017-10-20Pokémon with the Ability Clear Body
162022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter S
152022-08-12Generation 9 Pokémon - Scarlet and Violet
142021-08-31Pokémon - Last Two Letters Are The First Two Letters Of The Next 5
142022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter D
132022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter C
132022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter T
132022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter B
122020-08-30Nalto Region - All Pokémon
122022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter P
122022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter M
112022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter A
112022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter R
112022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter E
112017-10-20Pokémon with the Ability Shell Armor
102022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter F
102022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter G
102022-03-30ASMS pokes - Ending with letter E
102022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter K
92022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter H
92022-03-30ASMS pokes - Ending with letter A
92022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter L
92017-10-12Pokemon Fire & Ice - Characters
92017-10-23Pokémon with the Ability Unnerve
92017-10-22Pokémon with the Abilty Weak Armor
92021-06-30Kaynou Region
82022-03-30ASMS pokes - Ending with letter N
82022-03-31ASMS pokes - Ending with letter S
82022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter N
72022-03-31ASMS pokes - Ending with letter O
72021-08-19ASMS pokes - Pure types
72022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter V
72022-03-30Owipa Region - All Pokémon
72022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter W
62022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter U
62020-03-28Pokemon Pink & Gray - Characters
62022-03-31ASMS pokes - Ending with letter Y
62022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter O
62022-03-31ASMS pokes - Ending with letter T
52022-03-31ASMS pokes - Ending with letter P
52022-03-31ASMS pokes - 3, 4 and 5 Letters
52021-08-20ASMS pokes - First letter of Poke matches first letter of the Type
52022-03-30ASMS pokes - Ending with letter M
52022-03-30ASMS pokes - Ending with letter D
52022-04-01ASMS pokes - Ending with letter K
42022-03-31ASMS pokes - Starts and ends with the same letter
42018-06-24Bairros de Lages - SC
42022-03-30ASMS pokes - Ending with letter H
42022-03-31ASMS pokes - Ending with letter R
42021-08-20ASMS pokes - Rubber-type
42022-03-22ASMS pokes - letter I
42016-10-19Nalto Region Fire Types
42022-03-24ASMS pokes - letter J, Q, Y and Z
42021-08-16ASMS pokes - Flying-type
32021-08-18ASMS pokes - Poison-type
32021-08-11ASMS pokes - Ice-type
32021-08-18ASMS pokes - Dark-type
32016-10-19Nalto Region Water Types
32021-08-20ASMS pokes - Nuclear-type
32022-03-31ASMS pokes - 6 Letters
32021-08-19ASMS pokes - Steel-type
32022-03-30ASMS pokes - Ending with letter F, G, I and J
32016-10-19Nalto Region Grass Types
32021-10-22ASMS pokes - Dragon-type
32022-03-31ASMS pokes - Ending with letter X
32021-08-17ASMS pokes - Bug-type
32021-08-19ASMS pokes - Rock-type
22021-11-18ASMS Pokes - Single Stage
22021-11-11ASMS pokes - Psychic-type
22021-10-27ASMS pokes - Double Letters
22022-03-30ASMS pokes - Ending with letter B and C
22021-11-12ASMS pokes - Fire-type
22021-11-11ASMS pokes - Water-type
22022-03-22ASMS pokes - Grass-type
22021-08-15ASMS pokes - Electric-type
22021-08-17ASMS pokes - Ghost-type
22021-08-18ASMS pokes - Fighting-type
22021-09-21ASMS Pokes - Last Two Letters Are The First Two Letters Of The Next 2
22021-09-21ASMS Pokes - Last Two Letters Are The First Two Letters Of The Next
12021-08-20ASMS pokes - Fairy-type
12022-03-22ASMS pokes - Normal-type
12021-08-13ASMS pokes - Ground-type
12020-04-04Fire Types - Naltonian, Amiran and Kyaian
02021-12-02ASMS Pokes - Every Type Combination
02022-03-31ASMS pokes - Ending with letter U
02022-03-31ASMS pokes - Ending with letter W
02022-03-31ASMS pokes - Ending with letter V
02022-04-01ASMS pokes - Ending with letter L