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1662022-01-04Scandinavia in 30 seconds
1042022-01-04The Balkans in 30 seconds
842022-01-05Worst Genocides in History #1 - Over 1,000,000
792022-01-04Non-Recognized and Disputed Territories
592022-01-04The Caucasus in 30 seconds
532022-01-04Territorial Disputes - Guess the Countries
472022-01-07Pick The Odd One Out - Countries
462022-01-04Indochina in 30 seconds
422022-01-04Interesting Country Coincidences
402022-01-04Central Asia in 30 seconds
372022-01-04Nonsensical Word Chain [Countries and Geography]
352022-01-04Guess one Country for each Region
332022-01-04Iberia in 30 seconds
332022-01-04The Horn of Africa in 30 seconds
332022-01-07Ancient Empires by Chronological Order
322022-01-04The Indian Subcontinent in 30 seconds
322022-01-06Spider-Man [Tobey Maguire] Quiz: 1 vs 2
322022-01-04Arabia in 30 seconds
302022-01-04Maghreb in 30 seconds
292022-01-04Songs without the Title in the Lyrics
282022-01-07Interesting Geography and History Questions #1
282022-01-04Territorial Disputes - Guess the Regions
282022-01-07Country Borders - True or False #1
282022-01-04Countries' Names and their Origins
272022-01-07Overthrown Empires A-Z
262022-01-07Pick the Odd One Out - Cities
252022-01-05Worst Genocides in History #2 - Over 100,000
232022-01-04Overseas Territories
222022-11-28Countries' Names - Uncommon Letters
222022-01-07Country Borders - True or False #2
212022-01-05The Hangover Quiz: Part I vs Part II
212022-01-07Pick the Odd One Out - History
202022-01-07Countries by Percentage of Continent
192022-01-05Superhero Clichés (pt. 1)
182022-11-27Ancient Empires and Civilisations A-Z
182022-01-04Guess Countries by Number of Bordering Countries
172022-01-04Nonsensical Country Name Sum
162022-11-27Timeline and Succession of Empires
162022-01-07Interesting Geography and History Questions #3
162022-11-28Countries and Exclaves
142022-01-04Interesting Geography and History Questions #2
142022-01-07Country Borders - True or False #3
142022-01-06Famous [Sur]Namesakes
122022-01-04EVERY Transcontinental Country
122022-01-05Dwight Logic - Random
122022-11-28Countries' Names - Terminations
112022-11-27Countries' Names - Common "Strings"
112022-11-27Countries' Names - Plural and Common Words
112022-11-27Countries Created from other Countries
102022-01-05Superhero Clichés (pt. 2)
102022-01-05The Office Pranks
102022-01-05Michael Scott's Misquotes - Random
102022-01-07Actors Playing Themselves
92022-01-06Mononymous Celebrities
82022-11-27Complete, Unscramble and Answer Country Questions
72022-01-07One Man Shows
62022-01-04Landlocked Countries and their Borders
62022-01-05Worst Genocides in History #3 - Over 25,000
62022-01-04Match Random Countries to their Regions
62022-01-06The Office: Michael Scott vs Andy Bernard
42022-01-05Songs Against the Fans
32022-11-27Land Masses Shared by Countries
22022-01-04Countries with the most Antipodes
12022-01-06Actors Playing Unrelated Characters in ONE MOVIE
12022-01-05Super Troopers Quiz: 1 vs 2
02022-11-27Jim's Pranks on Dwight - Random