The Hunt: First Edition Roblox Games

100 Roblox games were part of The Hunt: First Edition Can you guess them by how you were able to complete them
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Last updated: May 29, 2024
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The way The Hunt event was completed
Partake in Mr. Egg's Objective Consumer Program
Find and escape with the Futuremetal Egg
A Wolf Or Other
Help Tom find the missing Time Machine cogs
Adopt Me!
Defeat the Golden Bunny in Story Mode Mission 1, Wave 10
All Star Tower Defense
Complete 2 dimensions
Anime Dimensions Simulator
Find Benji's Key and enter his tree hut
Arm Wrestle Simulator
Complete Operation: Infiltration
Find all 12 shards in the rifts, restore the core and defeat the boss
Astro Renaissance
Find all 10 donuts throughout the obby
Go in the Time Machine in the Science Room and get a C or higher grade in the Rythm Minigame
Bayside High School
Collect 15 eggs during the Egg Hunt match
Talk to the NPC by the beach near the spawn, then complete their quest and follow their recipe for the Acai Bowl
Berry Avenue RP
Get 50 tags or 50 kills in more technical terms
BIG Paintball 2
Complete in the special event race, which has a 50% chance of happening
Bike of Hell
Play 5 games in any mode, Block the ball 30 times, Eliminate 3 people in any mode
Blade Ball
Survive all 3 waves
Break In 2
Find all 20 eggs in the game's egg hunt
Brookhaven RP
Complete all the puzzles in Duck Corp.
Club Roblox
Grow any creature to an adult without using grow tokens, Visit 4 unique region around the map in one life, Use the in-game shop to purchase anything, Complete 6 region-based tasks
Creatures of Sonaria
Complete Intro Mission (The Hunt)
Car Crushers 2
Search for 25 bunnies found all across the map
Car Dealership Tycoon
Complete the special event level
Carry A Friend!
Win a round in the special tribe wars game mode
Catalog Avatar Creator
Win on the special event map
Cheese TD
Discover 30 pets
Collect All Pets!
Earn a score of 150, which can be obtained by kills (Worth 2 score) or assists (Worth 1 score) then complete the obby and claim the badge in the menu
Combat Warriors
Complete the special event round, which has a 50% chance to occur after every round
Deadly Decisions
Defeat the Korblox Deathwalker boss
Death Ball
Escape the Backdoor sub-floor
Return an egg to the mother dragon
Dragon Adventures
Catch 20 bunnies running around in the dressing room for 2 consecutive rounds
Dress To Impress
Build the showcase car using parts from the junkyards
Drive World
Collect 30 eggs scattered across the map, then complete any 3 races
Driving Empire
Obtain 1 loot, Defeat 100 enemies, Defeat 6 bosses
Dungeon Quest!
Complete a delivery longer than 10KM with a truck as a Truck Driver
Emergency Hamburg
Find 3 clover coins
Emergency Response: Liberty County
Find a green egg that spawns randomly around the map, Complete the tycoon, Defeat any boss, which spawns every 10 minutes
Elemental Powers Tycoon
Collect the stars at the end of the first 3 stages
Escape Running Head
Attempt a catch and make a tackle
Football Fusion 2
Reach Level 15 on a fruit and get 2 kills without dying
Fruit Battlegrounds
Play the event songs:

The Big Cheese

Cheese Rush (Anzo Remix)

Project 03 (The Hunt)

The Hunt (Remixed)
Funky Friday
Find all 8 pieces for Maximus' car, Each piece has its own minigame that you need to complete
Collect 10 pizzas, 10 cheeseburgers, 10 gravity coils, 10 ice creams, and 10 swords
Gunfight Arena
Gain 3,000 steps
Legends Of Speed
Use LifeSnap to take pictures of 10 eggs found across the map
LifeTogether RP
Smash the box and put the ice cube in hot water, then take the safe home and open it
Talk to the attendant at Wood R Us, then cut some wood and head to the cave in front of the land store, hand over the wood to the creature and it will eat it, then an egg will pop out, return the egg to Wood R Us
Lumber Tycoon 2
Defeat the bunny in the event zone, the entrance of which is found in world 2
Lumberjack Simulator
Find 4 eggs, then open the book at the spawn area
Mega Mansion Tycoon
Serve 100 customers
My Hello Kitty Cafe
The way The Hunt event was completed
Serve 100 customers
My Restaurant
Complete the special set of quests
Maple Hospital
Win 2 rounds
Mega Hide and Seek
Complete the hot air balloon minigame
Metro Life
Search for 20 crates across the map
Military Tycoon
Enter the event portal and complete all 5 challenges
Murderers VS Sheriffs Duels
Gain 2,000 strength
Muscle Legends
Help the time traveler come home safely by finding clocks in each of the maps, Survive the disasters and give the 3 clocks to the time traveler to complete the quest
Natural Disaster Survival
Find 10 crystals around the house and enter the portal, then complete the obstacle course
Gain 3,000 Ninjitsu
Ninja Legends
Beat World 1 in under 13:00, Place top 3 in a race, and beat World 4
Obby But You're On A Bike
Gain 12,000 strength in the event zone and pull the Renewal Reapers
Pull A Sword
Escape the exclusive map
Reach Area 20
Pet Simulator 99
Talk to Carlos, get inside the donation nuke, and complete the hacking minigame, after that, mine 5,000 diamonds and donate them to Carlos
Collect the ninja egg that randomly spawns anywhere in the map
Project Smash
Obtain the shard by winning or play 3 rounds, then drop the shard, after a time travel sequence, you can choose between a rat battle or a rap battle
RB Battles Minigames
Talk to the adventurer and collect all 4 pieces of the artifact
Redcliff City RP
Collect 100 golden eggs that are dropped by customers
Restaurant Tycoon 2
Play the nature fairy class minigame and collect 50 eggs, then go to the Sur-Prize egg shop and open one of the 2 eggs
Royale High
Destory 55 chests in Area 1, Destroy 100 doubloon piles in Area 2, Destroy 25 drills in Area 3
SpongeBob Simulator
Complete 2 matches
Super League Soccer
Complete the SCP-093 mission by selecting the rainbow mission button
SCP: Roleplay
Teleport to the event map by hitting the teleport button at the top, then collect 9 eggs with the help of other players, the spawn locations for the egg are random
Shindo Life
Gain 105 slaps and obtain the extended glove, then go down the hatch next to the overkill glove, once you've gone down the hatch, talk to a hitman and complete the ''A Hunt for the Hunter'' bounty
Slap Battles
Complete 100 levels in any world
Snowboard Obby
Enter The Hunt vault and collect 100 time shards
Sonic Speed Simulator
Talk to Hobo Joe and catch the thief in the subway, then make a self-portrait of the thief with graffiti, once the self-portrait is done, search for 9 cans of spray paint around the map
Spray Paint!
Talk to the Metaverse Samurai in the Torii Trail map and collect 5 artifacts, then go back to the Metaverse Samurai
Grab the egg found in the first world and drag it to the end without touching the hazards, complete all 3 difficulties, each found at the end of the previous
Strongman Simulator
Find an energy core and escape with it, then return it to the fabrication machine
Survive the Killer!
Collect 25 cyber eggs that drop randomly from enemies
Swordburst 3
Play The Hunt map on Beginner difficulty
Tower Defense Simulator
Find 15 eggs around the game
Toilet Tower Defense
Survive until the Merge, when there are less than 8 players on the island
Total Roblox Drama
Dig up a Ruby chest, a Diamond chest, and an Amethyst chest
Treasure Hunt Simulator
Collect the legendary Korblox egg that spawns in the Korblox Realm map, which spawns every 8 rounds
The Floor is LAVA!
Obtain 1000 gold in the event map and purchase the badge, Gold can be obtained by collecting eggs and selling them
The Mimic
The badge was automatically given to players due to technical issues
The Strongest Battlegrounds
Use the map to find the treasure chest and defeat the guardian
The Survival Game
Go to the cave that has a Britannegg next to it, then go through the crack and pick up the tracker, once you've picked up the tracker, make your way to the surface, jump over the fence, and follow the green arrow, then talk to Ayy Lamo
Tsunami Game
Talk to Baby B and perform 3 needs as a baby or an adult
Twilight Daycare
Complete 8 quarters
Ultimate Football
Collect 150 eggs by killing egg zombies
Undead Defense Tycoon
Collect 60 fragments which can be obtained by defeating bandits
War Machines
Find 3 eggs in The Frozen Hunt area
Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition
Search for 10 blue crates found across the city in the middle of the map
War Tycoon
Open 20 stones, Get 5 spells from defeating enemies, Defeat 30 enemies
Weapon Fighting Simulator
Travel to Mainland and go up to the neon portal, then go up to the pink waypoint and start a race, collect all 16 orbs in the race and reach the finish line
Wild Horse Islands
Collect 35 Hunt eggs that drop randomly from enemies
World // Zero
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