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2020B_____ (UK leaves EU)Brexit
1200Genghis Khan invades C____China
1939Opening shots of World War II and invasion of P_____: At 4:45am Central European Time, under cover of darkness, the German WWI-era battleship Schleswig-Holstein quietly slips her moorings at her wharf in Danzig Harbor, drifts into the center of the channel, and commences firing on a Polish military installation on Westerplatte at the northeastern mouth of the port of the internationalized Free City of Danzig, beginning the Battle of Westerplatte and Battle of Danzig Bay. Five minutes previously, the bombing of Wieluń in the western part of Poland had commenced, beginning the Battle of the Border. Shock-troops of the German Wehrmacht begin crossing the border into PolandPoland
2002The E___ is officially introduced in the Eurozone countries. The former currencies of all the countries that use the E___ ceased to be legal tender on February 28Euro
2004Mark Zuckerberg creates the social networking site F_______Facebook
1914World War I begins when Austria-Hungary declares war on S______ by telegram. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia orders a partial mobilization against Austria-Hungary.Serbia
1555The Kingdom of A__ in Upper Burma falls.Ava
1914The G_____ Empire declares war on the Russian Empire, following Russia's military mobilization in support of Serbia; Germany also begins mobilisation.German
1945Bombing of Kumagaya, Japan, by the United States using conventional bombs, beginning at 00:23.
Hirohito surrender broadcast (Gyokuon-hōsō): Emperor Hirohito's announcement of the unconditional surrender of Japan is broadcast on the radio a little after noon (12:00 Japan Standard Time is 03:00 GMT). This is probably the first time an Emperor of Japan has been heard by the common people. Delivered in formal classical Japanese, without directly referring to surrender and following official censorship of the country's weak position, the recorded speech is not immediately easily understood by ordinary people. The Allies call this day Victory over Japan Day (V-J Day). This ends the period of Japanese expansionism, and begins the period of the Occupation of Japan. K____ gains independence
1687N_____ describes his theory of universal gravitation, explains the laws of mechanics, and gives a formula for the speed of soundNewton
2003M___ makes its closest approach to Earth in over 60,000 yearsMars
2009A_____ is released in theaters, breaking many box-office records, including becoming the highest-grossing movie at the timeAvatar
2007Bulgaria and Romania join the European Union, while S_______ joins the EurozoneSlovenia
1111Henry V is crowned as the H_________ Emperor by Pope Paschal IIHoly Roman
2004Indian Ocean T______ hits coastline countriesTsunami
1202The bulk of the Crusader army gathers at V____Venice
1222The Ghurid Dynasty capital of Firozkoh (in modern-day A_______) is destroyed, by Mongol Emperor Ögedei KhanAfghanistan
2019Novel C__________ -19 StartsCoronavirus
2021This Q___ Is CreatedQuiz
2009N____ creates Minecraft in SwedenNotch
1500Duke Ludovico Sforza recaptures M____, but is soon driven out again by the French.Milan
2005Chad descends into civil war after various rebel forces, with support from Sudan, attack the capital, N________N'Djamena
1211Genghis Khan summon his Mongol chieftains and prepare to wage war against the Jurchen-led Jin Dynasty in northern China. He advances across the G___ D_____Gobi Desert
1234The Manden region rises against the Kaniaga Kingdom. This is the beginning of a process that will lead to the rise of the M___ Empire.Mali
2000March 4 – The P__________ 2 is released in Japan, followed by other releases in western markets in late 2000Playstation
2006Montenegro declares its independence from S_________________________ after a May 21 referendum and becomes a sovereign state. Two days later, the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro officially disbands after Serbia declares its independence as well, ending an 88-year union between the two states and leaving Serbia as the successor country to the unionSerbia and Montenegro
1666A large fire breaks out in the City of London, in the house of a baker on P______ Lane, near London Bridge. The fire destroys more than 13,000 buildings (including Old St Paul's Cathedral)Pudding
1000The Taíno have become the dominant
culture of modern day P_________
Puerto Rico
2011M_________ BoomsMinecraft
2004T______, at the time the tallest skyscraper in the world, standing at a height of 1,670 feet (510 m), officially opensTaipei 101
1199Richard I dies from gangrene, caused by his C_______ wound.Crossbow
1210The Second Parliament of Ravennika, convened by Emperor Henry of Fl-
anders, is held in the town of Ravennika in C______ G_____
Central Greece
2001i_____ is launchediTunes
1600S_______ adopts January 1 as New Year's Day instead of March 25.Scotland
1300The city of B_____ receives a royal foundation charterBilbao
1050H_____ is sacked by King Harald IIIHedeby
2007The P______ spacecraft is launched toward Mars to study its north polePhoenix
1400Henry IV of England quells the Epiphany Rising and executes the Earls of Kent, Huntingdon and S________, and the Baron le Despencer, for their attempt to have Richard II restored as king.Salisbury

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