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4,9842023-12-15 Country Flags But Nordic
7132024-02-18Waters of the world
6682023-12-07Flags of the World but Nordic #2
3042023-11-29Flags of the World but Nordic
2932024-02-12All Country Flags of the World but something is missing
1252023-02-22Countries by countries that have controlled them in the past
982023-12-07Flags of the World but Nordic #1
792024-02-12Inverted Flags of the World
672023-12-07Flags of the World but Nordic #3
582024-02-12Flags of the World but Nordic #5
562023-12-07Flags of the World but Nordic #4
542023-02-02Countries of the World by longest border
502023-03-15How many letters are used to type all the countries
492023-01-31Countries by proposed flag
462023-05-20All territorial disputes in Europe
442023-02-16Countries named after people
432023-11-06Smallest countries per continent
422023-09-21Which flag gets added?
412023-02-01Countries of the World Quiz by shortest border
412023-04-06Countries by subdivision borders
392023-01-31US States Quiz - Vowels
392023-01-30No that is not the Capital!
392023-04-17Countries who appear in other countries anthems
392023-09-18Space Empire Flags
392023-09-05Which letter is used the most in a countries Wikipedia page
372023-12-07Flags of the World but Nordic #6
372023-06-29Hoe noem je iemand uit...
352023-09-04Countries by main road network #1
352023-09-04Union Jack but with colours of other flags
332023-05-20Germany War History
312023-01-30Nee dat is niet de hoofdstad!
302023-11-28Flags by memorie/badly drawn :P
292023-12-08Flags of the World but they are US states
282024-02-12Random inverted Flags of the World
282023-09-21Landen van de Wereld door dichtstbijzijnde land die het niet aanraakt
282023-01-30Landen van Europa - Klinkers
272023-03-09Countries of the World in their native language
272023-02-24Countries recognized by Bhutan in 1950
272023-02-21Former Countries Coat of Arms
272023-02-16Countries recognized by Israel
262023-11-22The biggest 100 EVERYTHING
252024-03-01Countries of the world only by their cities
252023-05-22Countries which EEZ is bigger than their actual land area
252023-02-16Countries recognized by North Korea
242023-09-04Flags with the most ...
242023-03-16Biggest Capital Cities
232023-09-13Countries of the World by closest non-bordering country
222023-12-02US presidents by silhouette
222023-12-03US presidents by silhouette (easier)
212023-02-04All countries of the world coastlines
212023-05-18Countries who mention themselves the most on wikipedia
212023-02-10US States Quiz - Consonants
212024-02-12Random Nordic flags of the world
212023-04-17United Kingdom war history
202023-02-14Text on flags
192023-02-04Random countries by proposed flag
182023-11-22USA war history
182023-04-17Anthems of the world
182023-10-03Nederlandse oorlogsgeschiedenis
172023-01-31Landen van Europa - Achterstevoren
162023-12-07All naval ensigns
162023-11-15All national dishes
162023-05-17Countries which highest point is lower then their highest building
152023-03-19Biggest and Smallest Capital Cities (population)
152023-02-16Countries recognized by Taiwan
152023-02-16Countries recognized by Bhutan
152023-02-17Countries recognized by the United States
152023-02-14All flag emojis
152023-12-17Most frequent Capitals
142024-01-23Nordic U.S. State Flags
142023-10-05ALL capitals of the world
142023-10-03ALLE hoofdsteden van de wereld
132023-09-18Officiële namen van de wereld
132023-03-19Countries Recognized by the Vatican
122023-10-18Letters by percentage of continent
122023-05-20All territorial disputes in Asia
122023-01-29Die lange plaatsnaam in Wales
122023-04-04Countries with the biggest militaries (percentage)
122023-02-04Random countries of the world coastlines
112023-07-18Countries of the World Quiz - Backwards
112023-05-06Countries lower than the Burj Khalifa
112024-01-15Languages supported by Minecraft
112023-09-18Countries by their Official name Quiz
112023-05-20Mario characters with the most kart tracks
112023-11-17Mario Kart Wii vehicles (American)
112023-02-16Countries recognized by Nauru
102024-01-24Former Nordic flags
102023-05-16Highest point of all countries
102023-02-16Countries recognized by Russia
102023-03-20Flags of the British Counties
92023-02-01Countries of the World Quiz - Consonants
92023-12-28Nordic Flags of Europe Quiz
92023-02-16Countries recognized by Ukraine
92023-08-27Mario Kart City Tracks
92023-11-17Mario Kart Wii vehicles (British)
82024-01-25Nordic flags of WW1
82023-01-30Landen van Europa - Medeklinkers
82023-06-12All minecraft splash text
82023-01-30That long place name in Wales
72023-05-20All territorial disputes in Africa
72024-02-24All country domains
62023-05-18Search results Wikipedia per letter
62023-04-04Countries that are not outlined on Google Maps
52023-05-20All territorial disputes in the Americas
52024-01-31Masculine or Feminine
52024-01-25Official names of former countries
32023-12-12Short Mario Kart Tracks
32024-03-04Cities in the Netherlands you might know
32023-05-30All Breath of the Wild shrines
22023-05-20All territorial disputes in Oceania
22023-05-20All territorial disputes in Antartica
22023-02-14text on coat of arms
02024-03-04Nederlandse steden die je misschien weet