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11,9972023-11-15 Countries at 45 °N Latitude
1912023-11-13Countries at 60°N Latitude
1662023-11-16Countries at 30°S Latitude
1572023-11-16Countries at 50°N Latitude
1172023-11-16Countries at 0° Latitude (Equator)
1102023-11-16Countries at 55°N Latitude
972023-11-16Countries at 40°N Latitude
792023-11-16Countries at 30°N Latitude
772023-11-16Countries at 35°N Latitude
742023-11-19Most Difficult Languages For a Native English Speaker
682023-11-16Countries at 25°N Latitude
672023-11-12Capital Cities with the least daylight on the Winter Solstice
632023-12-24Countries Without 'E'
632023-12-26UK Top 100 baby girls’ names In 1840
602023-11-26Largest Islands In Europe
592023-11-16European Countries By Highest Percentage Of Land
592023-12-24UK Top 100 baby girls’ names In 1880
552023-11-16European Countries By Lowest Percentage Of Land
532023-11-18Countries Ending In AN
482024-04-02Countries Ending In Letter D
472023-11-16Countries at 25°S Latitude
462023-11-16Countries at 10°N Latitude
452024-03-28UK Top 100 baby boys’ names In 1880
452023-11-16Countries at 5°N Latitude
442023-11-16Countries at 15°N Latitude
432023-11-16Countries at 20°N Latitude
422023-11-16Countries at 5°S Latitude
422023-11-16Countries at 15°S Latitude
392023-11-14Countries at 0° Longitude (Prime Meridian)
372023-11-16Countries at 20°S Latitude
372024-03-20England & Wales Top 100 baby girls’ names In 2021
352023-11-13Köppen climate classification - Polar
332023-11-16Countries at 10°S Latitude
332024-04-01Eurovision Grand Final Last Places 2004-2023
322023-11-18Capital Cities with the longest period of no night
312023-11-18Scrambled Weather
312023-11-15Country by Picture - Northern Europe
282023-11-16Asian Countries By Highest Percentage Of Land
272023-12-04Svalbard Quiz
272023-11-13Köppen climate classification - Cold Desert
262023-11-17Most Isolated Islands In The World
252023-11-13Köppen climate classification - Mediterranean
252023-11-13Köppen climate classification - Subarctic
242023-11-15Northernmost Settlements With Over 250,000 People
242023-11-12Countries at 20°E Longitude
242023-12-05Largest Cities And Towns In Iceland
242023-11-16North American Countries By Lowest Percentage Of Land
232023-11-16Countries at 75°W Longitude
232023-11-12Capitals with the Earliest Sunset during Winter Solstice (Northern)
232023-11-16Oceanian Countries By Highest Percentage Of Land
222023-11-16African Countries By Highest Percentage Of Land
222023-11-17Oceanian Countries By Lowest Percentage Of Land
212023-11-18GMT Countries
212023-11-14Countries at 80°E Longitude
212023-11-18GMT +1 Countries
212023-11-13Köppen climate classification - Hot Desert
212023-11-12Countries at 5°E Longitude
202023-11-18GMT +2 Countries
202023-11-17Countries at 130°E Longitude
202023-11-12Countries at 15°E Longitude
202023-11-16South American Countries By Highest Percentage Of Land
192023-11-16African Countries By Lowest Percentage Of Land
192023-11-12Northernmost Settlements With Over 100,000 People
192023-11-11Capital Cities with the most daylight on the Summer Solstice
192023-11-15Countries at 85°E Longitude
192023-11-14Countries at 70°E Longitude
192023-11-12Countries at 10°E Longitude
182023-11-17North American Countries By Highest Percentage Of Land
182023-11-12Countries at 25°E Longitude
182023-11-15Countries at 5°W Longitude
182023-11-15Countries at 10°W Longitude
182023-11-15Countries at 120°E Longitude
182023-11-13Countries at 30°E Longitude
172023-11-16Asian Countries By Lowest Percentage Of Land
172023-11-16Countries at 70°W Longitude
172023-11-16Countries With Land In The Arabian Desert
172023-11-13Köppen climate classification - Humid Subtropical
172023-11-16Countries at 55°W Longitude
172023-11-15Countries at 100°E Longitude
162023-11-13Köppen climate classification - Tropical Rainforest
162023-11-15Countries at 60°W Longitude
162023-11-13Countries at 40°E Longitude
162023-11-12Capitals with the Latest Sunrise during Winter Solstice (Northern)
162023-11-15Countries at 115°E Longitude
152023-11-16South American Countries By Lowest Percentage Of Land
152023-11-14Countries at 55°E Longitude
152023-11-13Köppen climate classification - Tropical Monsoon
152023-11-14Countries at 60°E Longitude
152023-11-14Countries at 45°E Longitude
152023-11-13Countries at 35°E Longitude
142023-11-12Capitals with the Earliest Sunset during Winter Solstice (Southern)
142023-11-18Countries at 80°W Longitude
142023-11-13Köppen climate classification - Oceanic
142023-11-15Countries at 90°E Longitude
142023-11-17Countries at 125°E Longitude
142024-03-20Nearest Countries to the Poles
142023-11-15Countries at 95°E Longitude
142023-11-18GMT +5 Countries
132024-03-29UK Theme Parks
132023-11-15Countries at 15°W Longitude
122023-11-18GMT +4 Countries
122023-11-18GMT +3 Countries
122023-11-15Countries at 110°E Longitude
122023-11-14Countries at 65°E Longitude
122023-11-13Köppen climate classification - Tropical Savanna
122023-11-15Countries at 75°E Longitude
112023-11-17Countries at 135°E Longitude
102023-11-19GMT +9 Countries
102023-11-14Countries at 50°E Longitude
102023-11-15Countries at 105°E Longitude
102023-11-18GMT +7 Countries
92023-11-19GMT +8 Countries
92023-11-18GMT +6 Countries
92023-11-17Capital Cities - Timezones Furthest Ahead of GMT
82024-04-10Countries With The Least Precipitation In June
82023-11-12Northernmost Settlements With Over 10,000 People
82023-11-16Countries at 65°W Longitude
72023-11-12Gases That Create The Colours Of The Aurora
62023-11-18Northern Lights Trivia
52024-04-10Countries With The Most Precipitation In June
52023-11-12Northernmost Settlements With Over 1,000 People
42024-04-12UK Monarchs - Richard III Of England
22024-04-10Countries With The Least Precipitation In December
12024-04-10Countries With The Most Precipitation In December