Statistics for Video games explained very poorly.

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A giant sandbox/survival game, where the map can stretch on for thousands of kilometers. Also cubes.Minecraft
10 year old kids enslave various creatures and force them to fight.Pokemon
Use your gardening skills to defend yourself against the apocalypse.Plants vs. Zombies
The character takes on a questionable job as a night guard for a Chuck E Cheese style restaurant.Five Nights at Freddy's
Squid/Octopus kids play competitive paintball.Splatoon
Just your average day in knock-off California. Also they finally made a real sequel after five years of remasters.Grand Theft Auto
Italian sidekick uses the power of the vacuum cleaner to defeat ghosts.Luigi's Mansion
An average survival game with below average graphics. Also, you can ride the dinosaurs.Ark, Survival Evolved
Kid falls into a vast cave, and has the option to either kill or befriend the enemies they encounter. You can also flirt with a skeleton and get speared in the head by a fish.Undertale
Use your pressurised water to clean things. Also missing cats and an erupting volcano.PowerWash Simulator

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