DC Superheroes

Can you figure out all of the DC superheroes based on the clues?
Quiz by MEBBAR
Last updated: August 11, 2016
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Secret Identity
Kryptonian physiology gives him invulnerability, super-strength, flight, heat vision, and freezing breath
Clark Kent
No actual super powers, billionaire obsessed with keeping Gotham safe
Bruce Wayne
Demigoddess daughter of Zeus, possesses super-strength, a Lasso of Truth, and invulnerable bracelets
Diana Prince
Wonder Woman
A CSI for Central City Police Department, has the ability to move at supersonic speeds, phase through objects, and even journey through time
Barry Allen
The Flash
A former Air Force pilot, is given an alien ring by a dying extraterrestrial that allows him to fly and create hard-light constructs
Hal Jordan
Green Lantern
Top-notch football player who is severely wounded by a lab accident, fused with advanced technology that essentially turned him into a living supercomputer
Victor Stone
King of Atlantis, has the power to summon and speak to sea creatures and swim at incredible speeds, has an extremely powerful magical trident
Arthur Curry
Last survivor of the planet Mars, has the ability to shape shift and read minds, also possesses telekinesis
John Jones
Martian Manhunter
Developed incredible archery skills after being stranded on an island for five years, protects Star(ling) City
Oliver Queen
Green Arrow
Has the ability to create supersonic screams, often affiliated romantically with the above hero
Dinah "Laurel" Lance
Black Canary
A cyborg created by T.O. Morrow with the ability to create massive cyclones
John Smith
Red Tornado
Has the ability to stretch his limbs to incredible lengths
Ralph Dibny
Elongated Man
A Lord of Order, wears the Helmet of Fate to protect the world from Chaos
Kent Nelson
Doctor Fate
Former American soldier, fused with alien metal, can control nuclear energy and molecular structures
Nathaniel Adam
Captain Atom
Originally became a hero in order to make up for the death of Superman, an iron worker who created a metal suit that allows flight and super-strength, fights with a massive steel hammer
John Henry Irons
Warrior prince who sometimes hails from Thanagar and sometimes from Egypt, has wings and fights crime with a mace, spouse of the below
Carter Hall
Warrior princess who sometimes hails from Thanagar and sometimes from Egypt, has wings and fights crime with a mace, spouse of the above
Shiera Hall
Originally known as Robin, now protects Bludhaven from criminal scum
Dick Grayson
A female member of the Justice League known for her top hat, is able to perform incredible feats of magic
Fuses with Martin Stein to in order to create and control fire and absorb forms of energy
Ronnie Raymond
Transforms into an indestructible superhuman with the powers of flight, super-strength, and lightning manipulation at the shout of a code word, is actually a child
Billy Batson
A brilliant scientist with the ability to shrink to atomic sizes
Ray Palmer
The Atom
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