All Animaniacs Characters (90's and Current)

Enter as many character names as you can remember based on the hint given. Some characters were featured only a few times or in one-off skits, so don't feel bad if there's many you don't know / remember! I also tried to add (reboot) to all of the newer characters, but apologies if I missed any!
Each question asks for the full name, including characters with a "nickname" in them.
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Last updated: December 5, 2021
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Eldest Warner
Yakko Warner
Middle Warner
Wakko Warner
Youngest Warner
Dot Warner
The Warner's Psychiatrist
Dr. Otto von Scratchansniff
90's Owner of the Movie Lot
Thaddeus Plotz
Reboot Movie Lot Owner
Nora Rita Norita
Female Assistant
Hello Nurse
Movie Lot Security Guard
Ralph T. Guard
Mouse Duo Trying for World Domination
Pinky and the Brain
White Racehorse Adored by one of the Mice
Genetically Altered Female Lab Mouse (reboot)
Childhood Friend Turned Rival of one of the Mice
Third Wheel of Mice Duo
Tiny Toons Redheaded Girl
Elmyra Duff
Egotistical Athlete (reboot)
Nils Neidhart
Italian Pigeon Trio (enter group name)
The Goodfeathers
Gray Pigeon
Blue Pigeon
Purple Pigeon
Girlfriend Pigeons (enter group name)
The Girlfeathers
Gray Pigeon's Girlfriend
Blue Pigeon's Girlfriend
Purple Pigeon's Girlfriend
Tiny Great-Horned Owl
Purple Pigeon and Gray Pigeon's GF's Mother
Stepfather to the Above Pigeons
Steven Seagull
Hot-tempered Squirrel
Slappy Squirrel
The Above's Nephew
Skippy Squirrel
Squirrel's Long-Time Nemesis
Walter Wolf
Sidekick Villain 1 to the Above
Beanie the Brain-Dead Bison
Sidekick Villain 2 to the Above
Sid the Squid
A One-Off Foe of the Squirrel
Stinkbomb D.Bassett
Grandson of the Above
Bumpo Bassett
Recycling Chipmunk Neighbor of Squirrel
Candie Chipmunk
One-Off Cartoon Director and Former Child Actor
Baynarts "Charlton" Woodchuck
Parody of Film Critic Roger Ebert
Codger Eggbert
Parody of Film Critic Gene Siskel
Lene Hisskill
One-Off Bulldog Villain
Doug the Dog
Old Actress Friend of Squirrel
Vina Walleen
Self-Proclaimed "Best Frontiersman"
Daniel Boone
School Bully to Nephew
Nephew's Guidance Counselor
Ms. Butley
Chairman of the Federal TV Agency, Foe of Squirrel and Eldest Warner
Reef Blunt
Dog and Cat Duo
Rita and Runt
Female Scientist Spoof of Dr. Frankenstein
Dr. Phrankenstein
The Above's Creation
The Dr.'s Pet Rat
Mr. Squeak
Eccentric Elderly Woman
Mrs. Mumphead
The Above's Pet Parrot
Hot-headed Gorilla
Kiki the Angry Ape
Parody of Politician Ross Perot
Mr. Politician
Elderly Farm Cat
Missy "Ma" McCoy
Dog and Child Girl Duo
Buttons and Mindy
Child's Mother (what she calls her)
Child's Father (what she calls him)
Mr. Man
Hot-headed Teen Girl
Katie Ka-Boom
Teen's Younger Brother
Tinker Ka-Boom
Sultry Mink
Minerva Mink
Obedient Dachshund
Nerdy Werewolf
Wilford B. Wolf
Director Who Shouts the Words "Flamiel, Lady," and "Freunlaven"
Mr. Director
Strict School Teacher of the Warners
Miss Flamiel
Baby Bird Who Thinks Squirrel is his Mother
Baby Bluebird
Farm Animal Who Disguises Himself to be Human
Chicken Boo
Kid Who Tells Tall-Tales of his Friend
The Said Friend of Those Stories
Randy Beaman
A Small Fire at Historical Events
The Flame
The 'Hip Hippos' Couple
Flavio and Marita
Zoologist Who Studies the Hippos
Dr. Gina Embryo
Edward Scissorhands Parody Character
Mr. Skullhead
Nameless Charades Character
The Mime
Female Newsreader with Various Hairstyles, Parody of Mary Hart
Mary Hartless
The Winnie-the-Pooh Sounding Voiceover on Short Segments
The Narrator
Boring, Monotone Storyteller, Friends Call Him Pip
Francis Pumphandle
Alien and Young Child
Starbox and Cindy
Reboot CEO's Teen Daughter
Cora Norita
The Man Who Loves to Eat Everything in the World
The Munch-Man
Former CEO Transformed Into a Gnome That Says What People Really Think
The Incredible Gnome in People's Mouths
Creator of the Show
Steven Spielberg
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