100 Biggest Cities in Canada on a Map

Can you name the 100 biggest cities in Canada? Every time you guess a city it will be filled in on the map!
By population-centre as per Statistics Canada
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Quiz by Jiaozira
Last updated: September 16, 2021
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First submittedFebruary 2, 2019
Times taken10,517
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990 k
712 k
705 k
Quebec City
694 k
470 k
383 k
336 k
318 k
309 k
287 k
245 k
229 k
St. Catharines
215 k
178 k
St. John's
152 k
146 k
140 k
132 k
121 k
118 k
117 k
114 k
109 k
104 k
102 k
99.7 k
Red Deer
98.2 k
94.0 k
Thunder Bay
93.7 k
White Rock
92.0 k
88.1 k
87.6 k
84.7 k
82.1 k
78.0 k
77.1 k
73.2 k
72.1 k
71.2 k
68.6 k
67.7 k
66.6 k
Fort McMurray
66.3 k
Sault Ste. Marie
65.5 k
Prince George
62.9 k
Medicine Hat
62.4 k
62.3 k
Grande Prairie
61.1 k
59.7 k
59.4 k
58.3 k
Saint John
50.8 k
50.4 k
North Bay
50.0 k
48.3 k
48.1 k
45.7 k
45.5 k
45.0 k
44.7 k
44.7 k
43.6 k
42.1 k
41.8 k
St. Thomas
40.4 k
39.4 k
39.0 k
38.2 k
36.9 k
36.1 k
Spruce Grove
36.1 k
35.1 k
Campbell River
35.1 k
Prince Albert
33.6 k
33.3 k
33.0 k
32.7 k
Moose Jaw
32.6 k
31.4 k
31.1 k
31.1 k
30.7 k
29.9 k
29.9 k
29.6 k
29.3 k
28.8 k
26.9 k
26.8 k
Keswick-Elmhurst Beach
26.4 k
25.5 k
25.3 k
24.4 k
24.4 k
24.0 k
# of cities
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Newfoundland and Labrador
Prince Edward Island
Level 70
Oct 12, 2020
Edited to include proportional city dots. I hope this improves the quiz! I plan to update all 100 Cities on the Map Quizzes in this style, so stay tuned! Also fixed the position of a couple cities in Southern Ontario.
Level 76
Feb 2, 2019
Nice! How do you make these maps? Do you put the dots manually or do you convert them from lat/long? I thought of a variation where dots of large cities are shown at the start but as you guess them the dots of smaller cities are revealed
Level 70
Feb 2, 2019
Thanks! I put the dots on manually, and then un-fill them. That's a good idea actually, and you are free to use any of my maps to make that! I cannot do anything much myself since I do each process by hand, just filling in the data takes ages...
Level 76
Feb 4, 2019
Thanks a lot! I just submitted a variation of your 100 Italian cities quiz... I used that one as, being featured, I could quickly copy the quiz and check the 'name' of each dot corresponding to each city. I also added some type-ins. Thanks again!!
Level 70
Feb 4, 2019
Don't mention it!! I am happy to see my maps go to good use. Feel free to use other maps as well, I can always send the link.
Level 33
Mar 6, 2019
Could you put these into a series?
Level 70
Apr 28, 2019
Good idea!
Level 14
Mar 17, 2020
Windsor is on the south side of Lake St Clair
Level 70
Oct 12, 2020
Fixed. Also fixed the position of Welland-Pelham. Thank you.
Level 48
Jan 25, 2021
the proportion of the saint-george dot seems off. (yeah i know who cares haha). Great quizz!
Level 70
Jan 25, 2021
Thanks! And I care - to be fixed soon - although Saint-Georges is a right metropolis in it's own right :)
Level 48
Jan 28, 2021
if you care that much i just realised that val d'or is also too big ^^
Level 70
Jan 28, 2021
Both are fixed now, thank you for the heads up.
Level 22
Feb 17, 2021
Aren't the cities outside of Toronto like Vaughan and Brampton also major cities?
Level 70
Feb 17, 2021
The quiz uses metro population, meaning that cities connected to larger ones such as Vaughan and Brampton are considered a part of Toronto. Milton and Kanata are only seperated from Toronto and Ottawa (respectively) because they have fields between them and their parent city, despite being suburbs.
Level 84
Sep 15, 2021
That's a bizarrely arbitrary rule, and you didn't even mention it in the caveats. It didn't occur to me to try Kanata because it's part of the City of Ottawa. Not even the Ottawa CMA, but part of the city proper! It was amalgamated. By including the community of Kanata, the people of Kanata are counted twice in this quiz. And if you're going to list Kanata because of its separation from the rest of the city by the Greenbelt, then you should also add Orleans, Barrhaven, and Stittsville.

The city of Airdrie is being counted twice since it's part of the Calgary CMA but, unlike Kanata, it is actually a city. Likewise, Milton is counted twice, since it's part of the Toronto CMA. White Rock is in Metro Vancouver. Spruce Grove is in Metro Edmonton. Georgetown is not a city, having been amalgamated into the town of Halton Hills which, in turn, is in Metro Toronto. Quispamsis-Rothesay is not a census agglomeration, and I can't find any reference to those two cities being officially combined.

Level 84
Sep 15, 2021
Also, you're listing the population for just the city of Ottawa, but not including Gatineau as a separate city. Yes, Gatineau is part of the Ottawa-Gatineau population centre, but if you're including it as part of Ottawa, then Ottawa's population should be 1.32 m. Things get messy when you include or exclude cities or communities in your definition of population centres, but don't adjust their populations to match those definitions.
Level 70
Sep 16, 2021
Kanata is not counted in the figures for Ottawa in this quiz, as all populations are consistent as per Statistics Canada. Ottawa's population here does include Gatineau, but since so much of Ottawa Proper is rural/disconnected from the city core then Ottawa looses a lot of her population at the same time. I will include the source in the caveats, though, thanks!
Level 70
Sep 16, 2021
I will continue to use population-centres in future because it goes hand-in-hand with what I'd consider a city's limit. However I will also consider greying out controversial cities like Kanata or maybe even White Rock (depending how I'm feeling). When you get further down the list you have to contend with even more oddities but overall the list is pretty clean for the top 200 or so population-centres.
Level 84
Dec 21, 2021
Stats Canada's list doesn't make any sense. They list Kanata but not Orleans (116,688). Have you ever driven to Orleans on the Queensway? The "rural gap" (Green Belt) between Gloucester and Orleans is WAY bigger than the gap between Bells Corners and Kanata. If Kanata is a population center, Orleans is a population center.

It's impossible that they're only coming up with 989,567 for Ottawa-Gatineau without removing Orleans, Barrhaven, and Stittsville, and yet they aren't listed separately. Whatever arbitrary rules they used for their definition need to be re-evaluated. This list is so laughably awful, it's not worth using.

Level 70
Dec 21, 2021
If it is so awful, I suggest you have a word with Statistics Canada then. Here is what the borders of Ottawa are according to them, and here is the list in full. It's either this or I use city-proper population, and half of the cities here will be suburbs on Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Otherwise, I can use metro figures which groups massive, county-sized areas together. Neither option is particularly attractive.
Level 49
Mar 8, 2022
Personally, I like the way this quiz is done. Yes, there are some oddities in it, but it follows a specific organization's definitions - Stats Canada - so there's no grey areas really, and it's nice that smaller places are included, rather than the list being entirely suburbs, which is really boring.
Level 70
Mar 8, 2022
@CaoMaru I appreciate this comment, I have the same opinions about suburbs too.

I apologise to anyone if I come off as defensive here, it's just there are only three different ways to measure city populations in Canada and so I am forced to make decisions. I am passionate enough that I could go and create my own list, but it would take more time than I currently have and could (at least theoretically) be subject to more scrutiny than I could ever defend.

Level 53
Feb 19, 2021
White Rock is a part of Metro Vancouver and not its own metro area.
Level 70
Feb 19, 2021
I should specify that these are population centres, rather than true metro areas. The Canadian government will divide metro areas when there is rural area inbetween the suburb and the city proper. In the case of White Rock it is seperated from Vancouver by fields.
Level 95
Sep 14, 2021
If that's the case, Richmond and Surrey should not be part of the Vancouver metro, and there is no rural divide between Surrey and White Rock
Level 70
Sep 15, 2021
South Surrey is included in with White Rock, while the majority of the rest of Surrey is attatched to Vancouver's urban sprawl and thus included in Vancouver's total population. See here for more details. Population-centre data isn't perfect but it's probably the best method we have of comparing Canadian cities!
Level 84
Sep 15, 2021
If you should specify it, then you should specify it in the caveats, not the comments. Better yet, just don't do it. Use the official definitions for Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations to avoid having to justify your decisions about what constitutes a "population centre". If you're going to use metro population, as you claim in the caveats, then keep it simple and uncontroversial by using this list.
Level 70
Sep 16, 2021
I don't like the Metropolitan Figures, they are far too encompassing for my likes. For example, my city Lethbridge is ballooned to the population of Lethbridge County (majority of which is rural). I find it far more arbitrary than Population-centres, even if that measurement has its flaws too (the most obvious of which being the inclusion of Kanata, in my opinion).
Level 65
Apr 28, 2021
This is a really awesome quiz and deserves more recognition. The details of the different provinces and how you listed the number of cities in each province really brings everything together!

I am really curious though, how did you make this quiz to only include Canada, separate the Canadian provinces AND how you not only included the US, but also it's separate states?

Level 70
Apr 29, 2021
Thank you! I am glad you think so.

Actually, the original map comes from this Jetpunk quiz but I modified the map, as I saw fit.

Level 65
Sep 14, 2021
Level 67
Sep 14, 2021
I'm assuming it's part of Toronto.
Level 70
Sep 14, 2021
Yes part of Toronto's population-centre. I've taken a train from Mississauga to Toronto and I couldn't tell where one city ended and the other began!
Level 58
Oct 23, 2021
Why does Kanata count but not Gatineau? As someone from Ottawa, Kanata is basically just another part of the city, while Gatineau is a different city. Does the metro area count or not?
Level 70
Oct 24, 2021
It is population-centre figures, so it's somewhere inbetween city proper and metro. As you probably guessed, Gatineau is absorbed into Ottawa. I 100% agree with you though that Kanata should be included in Ottawa's population figures (in fact I'm really tempted to grey that one out and go to 101 instead).

It is the price to pay for using population-centre figures, however, and I have much less issues with this measurement than I do with city-proper or metro area :)

Level 70
Mar 25, 2022
Thank you for the spotlight :)
Level 59
Aug 21, 2022
Some cities are missing, Alma for example.,_Quebec

Level 70
Aug 22, 2022
It's because of the way the population is counted, check here
Level 61
Apr 13, 2023
I think Whitehorse should be included on here. says it has around 30,000 people, and it cites Statistics Canada as its source.
Level 70
Apr 14, 2023
Statistics Canada calculates for different urban measurements at the same time: city proper population, population-centre (which includes all settlements within a built-up urban area regardless of administrative borders) and metro-areas/agglomerations (which includes surrounding administrative divisions, meaning the exact size of the agglomeration depends on the borders of the administrative units themselves).

For this quiz I used population-centre metrics, which actually has the smallest population figure for Whitehorse of any metric, as Whitehorse has large city-limits which encompass surrounding populated rural areas. On the other hand, Whitehorse's agglomeration is even larger, and stretches all the way to the BC border.

It's a good question though.

Level 52
Aug 16, 2023
Thank you for using population centre statistics. It gives me unreasonable amounts of joy to have a quiz where Kawartha Lakes and Prince Edward County are not listed as cities. Honestly imo it's easily the best way to measure population of the three available
Level 70
Aug 16, 2023
I agree! Especially in Ontario I have a big problem with the way that certain county-like regions are given the same status as a city (single-tier municipality), or when Fort McMurray in Alberta becomes 'Wood Buffalo'. There are many administrative reasons why this may be the case, but what matters on Jetpunk is to have the best guessing experience :)
Level 46
Mar 9, 2024
Does Lloydminster count as pat of both Sask and Alberta?
Level 70
Mar 9, 2024
Yes, administratively it is one unified city.